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    Khaki Trousers in Civilian Life Between 1898 & 1939

    PART I—OVERVIEW I hope they lived long enough to realize how correct they were. In the September 29, 1898 edition of Vogue magazine (which at that time covered both men’s and women’s fashions), an anonymous writer stated in reference to the just-concluded Spanish-American War: “Still we are...
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    Sean Connery turns 90 years of age

    August 25, 2020 is Sir Thomas Sean Connery’s 90th birthday. That’s a big milestone. Let’s not let the day go by without wishing—if only silently—“Happy Birthday” to the “real” (and, in many fans’ opinions, the best-dressed) James Bond.
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    As Requested, "Brass Buttons"--A Parody of "Brass Monkey" by The Beastie Boys

    By request: BRASS BUTTONS (Sung to the tune of "Brass Monkey" by The Beastie Boys) Brass buttons, disgustin' buttons Brass-button lustin' Disgustin' buttons Brass. They all say that's what to pick "Wear brass buttons and you'll be slick" They insist they're right, I know they're wrong Who's...
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    Howard: Here's a Parody of "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John--"I'm Still Shopping"

    Howard suggested I write a parody of Elton John's 1983 hit "I'm Still Standing," and that I call it "I'm Still Stanley." While I agree that the title Howard proposed is brilliant for a parody, it is not clothing related (unless it refers to the designer Stanley Blacker). Perhaps some day. For...
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    Wednesday Weirdness: "Fifty Ways to Kill the Odor"--A Parody of "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover"

    Yesterday member rhz asked how he could get rid of a persistent odor in a "new" sport coat he obtained via eBay. FIFTY WAYS TO KILL THE ODOR (Sung to the tune of "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover," by Paul Simon) "Your sport coat is not a total loss" they said to me "Odor can fade away (if...
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    Monday Madness: "The Man From Chattanooga"--A Parody of "The Girl From Ipanema"

    Have you ever noticed how JBierly, of Chattanooga, is so consistently patient whenever he is asked to critique clothes? There's never any drama in his responses; just astute, straightforward observations. Each time. Thank goodness for JBierly: he's calm and collected so I don't have to be...
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    O'Connell's Winter Sale Has Begun

    I received a brief e-mail with the news. Details are on the O'Connell's website.
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    Sunday Silliness: As Requested, Here's "Last Pants," a Parody of "Last Dance"

    Howard, here's the song parody you asked for. I hope you like it. Please note that there are several versions of the hit 1978 disco song "Last Dance." The oft-heard radio version doesn't include all of the lyrics. The "extended" version includes all of the lyrics and repeats them. And...
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    Pants Day! Two Song Parodies: "Let's Dance" by D. Bowie and "Could I Have This Dance" by A. Murray

    Recently I wrote a parody of "Modern Love," a song from David Bowie's 1983 album titled "Let's Dance." I figured I might as well do something with the title song from the album. MY PANTS (Sung to the tune of "Let's Dance" by David Bowie--the shorter single version, not the album version) My...
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    Friday Silliness: "Brooks Brothers Suspenders"--A Song Parody

    "Winchester Cathedral" is a short "novelty" song (the lyrics don't make a lot of sense--they're not supposed to--but they have a catchy beat). It was written by Geoff Stephens and by late 1966 was an international hit. I distinctly remember when it was on the radio all the time. Maybe doing a...
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    Every "Critique My MTM Suit" Thread/William Tell Overture

    WARNING: If you do not like long posts and/or my silly song parodies, you'll really want to skip this post **** Ten years ago, the comedienne Anita Renfroe condensed, into song lyrics, the typical things a typical mom would say to her children in a 24-hour period. Her lyrics are...
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    Take a trip to September 1965--These Ivy League students want to tell you about their clothes

    Following are complete transcripts of two newspaper articles that appeared in the September 9, 1965 edition of the Albert Lea Evening Tribune. (Albert Lea is a small city in southern Minnesota.) The first article contains general information about the clothes that were popular on college...
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    1967: Reporter Bob Hallman's first of three articles about the origin of the Ive League Look

    Oops, the thread title should say "Ivy League Look." Anyway: The late Bob Hallman was a reporter for the Gastonia [North Carolina] Gazette. He also loved clothes. In June 1967, he wrote a series of three feature articles about the origin and spread of the Ivy League Look. Here's Part I...
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    Fall 1965: Gant says no more hanger loop and back collar button. Consternation ensues.

    Now and then I like to go back in time and listen to some of the people who lived during the "heyday" of the Ivy League and the decades just prior to it. I get a kick out of hearing their contemporaneous thoughts about the type of clothing we so avidly discuss here in the early 21st Century...
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    Fall 1936. You're a student at Yale. What wardrobe can you assemble for $200?

    A newspaper article from "The Ogden Standard-Examiner" for November 9, 1936: "Yale Campus College Boy Dressing Up "By Seth M. Moseley "NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 9--(AP)--Here in New Haven, the largest city in Connecticut and the seat of Yale University, a small revolution is on tap. The college...
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    O'Connell's Summer Sale Has Begun case you are interested.
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    O'Connell's summer sale has begun

    Now through July 31st.
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    Is it "trad" to wear blue jeans? Or: How I attempt to figure out if a type if clothing is "trad."

    On the "Trad What Are You Wearing" thread, Kendallr88 asked if it was "trad" to wear jeans. Based on the context, he was clearly referring to blue jeans. (I'm replying to that very good question here so as not to derail that thread, which is primarily for daily photos rather than for extended...
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    O'Connell's Winter Sale Has Begun

    Now through February 8, 2016. 20% to 40% off of selected merchandise.
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    PSA: Cyber Monday at Bills Khakis has been extended to Cyber Tuesday

    60% off everything at Bills Khakis again today. If $145.00 for a pair of Bills Khakis doesn't float your boat, perhaps $58.00 will. This is a PSA only; I have no professional or personal connection with Bill Thomas Inc. I just suspect that there are those who have wanted to give Bills a try...