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  1. katon

    Thoughts on Swatch?

    There was a thread on them 15 years ago in the other forum, but it didn't get much traction. To me, they seem like de-militarized versions of the disposable field watch. So they are made of plastic, repairs other than replacing the battery are a hassle, and they are fairly inexpensive (but...
  2. katon

    Brooks Brothers face masks. Which are better?

    As the Trad forum has a long tradition of quibbling over the little differences, this might be a good fit. :) I'm not sure if these were different phases of production or if it depends on which factory the mask was made in, but I noticed there are two separate styles of Brooks masks: one with...
  3. katon

    Trad and Tartanry?

    Where can you buy tartan trousers, tam-o-shanters, wingtip brogues with kiltie tongues and tassels on the laces, stag-handled carving sets made of Scottish red deer antlers, Fair Isle sweaters, Argyll socks, hairy Harris tweeds, and multi panel tartan flat caps with a button top? If you...
  4. katon

    Lands' End Fall 1979 catalog

    Someone over on adoucett's forum was nice enough to provide scans of the Lands' End Fall 1979 catalog: I'm always amazed at how infrequently Lands' End catalogs show up online compared to L.L. Bean; sometimes it...
  5. katon

    Velcro wallets?

    (1980) Any fans? Nylon cordura for rotproof resistance to constantly being wet, secure Velcro closures to prevent anything from suddenly flying open, and high-vis, easy-to-spot colors. A cousin to the G10 watch strap, in that all its features are mostly pointless away from water. :) I...
  6. katon

    Bonded Bourbon

    Any fans? While some people like to point out that bottled-in-bond isn't a guarantee of quality, I find that it lays down a good floor for building quality, in the same way that being called cheese instead of "cheese food" or orange juice instead of "orange drink" is no guarantee of quality...
  7. katon

    british Letts of London made in Mexico?

    I liked their 30NU "pocket diary" day-planners -- still made in the UK, in navy, a good value compared to Graphic Image and without a big brand on the front like the new Brooks Brothers ones. Unfortunately, for 2015 they seem to have shipped their production to Mexico... according to their...
  8. katon

    Anyone want to talk about Trad in the 1990s?

    Tried once before but the thread derailed, so I thought I'd try again, now that it's been 25 years since the 90s started. Who were the taste makers? What new items entered the look? A few thoughts:
  9. katon

    U.S. made khakis with tunnel belt loops

    (1990) One of those L.L. Bean staples. Dickies released an American-made, Cramerton Cloth version of their old full cut with the tunnel belt loops back in 2010 for the princely sum of $200/pair, but it seems like 4 years later they have enough stock left that they've lowered the price to...
  10. katon

    As American as Filofax

    From an old New York Times article: What other American products have taken a trip to England, increasing their appeal at home? Parker Pens spring to mind... any others?
  11. katon

    A loafer in the making...

    Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. :)
  12. katon

    Portuguese flannel?

    (1967) (1989) (1990) A part of the look? Kind of reminds me of chambray, in that it started firmly in department store territory, but somehow ended up the darling of L.L. Bean, Lands' End, Patagonia, etc. by the 90s. (Lands' End devoted a catalog essay to it, for instance.) When did the...
  13. katon

    The Brooks Brothers Desk "Diary"

    Any fans out there? (1962) The ancestor to the Brooks Brothers Desk Diary, The Economist Diary, still available today, although at £87, it might be best to wait for the exchange rate to go down... :biggrin2: Perhaps the British origin will help explain the "diary" designation for what is...
  14. katon

    J. Crew heading upmarket?

    I guess I stopped paying attention to them for a bit, but they're really doing some interesting things, supporting some classic brands... maybe introducing them to a younger audience? Recent J. Crew offerings: Aldens for J. Crew Italian-made desert boots Welsh-made Corgi socks Drakes...
  15. katon

    Brooks Brothers oddities

    Inspired by the thread on Brooks Brothers mermaid t-shirts. :icon_smile: Brooks Brothers has put out a lot of funky things over the years, so I thought I'd start a thread for cataloging them. If you have ads or photos of the original articles, post them here! :icon_smile_big: I'll start...
  16. katon

    Clarks Chupplee?

    (1955) (1959) (Nathan Clark, the inventor at 90) Supposedly based off a Pashtun sandal Mr. Clark saw while in the British Army. It reminds me a bit of the cross strap sandal that folks like Brooks Brothers, Bass, and L.L. Bean have thrown out there on occasion. Any fans, or is this too...
  17. katon

    Clarks Desert Khan?

    (1960) (1961) Any fans? :icon_smile_big: Also, is anyone still manufacturing this style of shoe in England? (On a related note, any idea why they switched the name from "Khan" to "Kahn"?)
  18. katon

    Straw hats?

    What are the right options? :) (1958) Panamas? (Anyone know a good source for folders with narrow brims?) (1943) (1981) Coconut straw seems to be a Brooks Bros. favorite... (Traditionally from the Bahamas, I think. Does the country of origin still matter?) (1979) L.L. Bean has sold...
  19. katon

    Location, location...

    Important? Not so much? In my mind, the best Ivy League stuff (with certain exceptions) is made in the U.S. of U.K. materials, or made in the U.K. for a U.S. company to their specifications. A U.S.-made sack suit of West of England flannel. English shoes made on chunky American lasts, etc...
  20. katon

    Bean's Camp Belt?

    (1952) Anyone in the States still making these? I imagine it was originally based off of some form of WWI or WWII army surplus, but it doesn't seem to match any of the usual suspects. :biggrin2: Cotton with leather trim, narrow width, rectangular slide bar buckle? *Edit: Possibly made out of...