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  1. orange fury

    Jacket Fit Check

    Wanted to get some fit opinions, posting this in a couple different places. This is the burgundy velvet dinner jacket I picked up from J Crew recently during the sale. I’m typically a 38R in most brands, but ordered a 39R and 40R in this, since it’s their Ludlow fit. 39R: 40R: 39R fits a...
  2. orange fury

    Mobile pop ups?

    Is anyone else having issues with spam pop ups on mobile? It seems like I’ve been getting redirected to an “Amazon Rewards Center” a lot recently when I try to open threads- wasn’t sure if it was just me. Edit: just happened again- I’ve closed and reopened the page repeatedly, but it keeps...
  3. orange fury

    Brooks Brothers: 200 Years of American Style

    Picked up the new coffee table book from Brooks Brothers today: I’ve just skimmed it today, but initial impression is that it’s a pretty neat book. I’ll post some pics and more in depth thoughts tomorrow. One thing I did find entertaining- the foreword is written by Lisa Birnbach, who is...
  4. orange fury

    Andover Shop being sold

    Repost from Ivy Style- Charlie Davidson is selling the Andover Shop, if anyone has $2 million laying around:
  5. orange fury

    Timex Marlin Reissue

    thought this might be of interest- Timex has re-released the 1960’s Marlin, available for $200 through They kept surprisingly true to the original- 34mm size, domed crystal, and a hacking, hand wound movement (a Chinese Seagull, but still). I’m probably not in at retail, but if the...
  6. orange fury

    October Acquisitions

    Kicking off this thread- now that it’s autumn, I’m hoping to see some sweet cold weather pickups (tattersall, Shetlands, etc). Knowing full well I’m going to be the only one that likes these, I got a great deal on some NIB Stubbs and Wootton “Nitenday” slippers on eBay: They’re slightly short...
  7. orange fury

    Cruise formal attire

    I'm going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise in late October (on Carnival). The last cruise I went on was Royal Caribbean 10 years ago, where all I had for the formal dinners was a crappy black suit (I had just graduated high school). I really want to do black tie this time around, but was thinking...
  8. orange fury

    Duck Head returns (again)?

    Noticed a link in facebook yesterday to the new site- no products yet, but they're doing a t-shirt giveaway prior to their supposed fall launch. Might be something worth watching.
  9. orange fury

    Interview attire

    So this is becoming somewhat of an annual posting for me lol. I have an interview tomorrow- this is the back story: i interviewed for a position with a company back in 2013 that I was ultimately the second choice for. This was a dream role for me, and since I wasn't chosen for it, I've spent...
  10. orange fury

    Blucher Moc vs Camp Moc

    I'm just curious as to people's opinions/preferences on both styles- I've been very happy with my Rancourt penny loafers and was looking at a second pair of shoes from them. Also, interested in any opinions on red brick soles vs brown soles.
  11. orange fury

    Rancourts cracking?

    These are my new Rancourts in CXL I bought a couple weeks ago. I've worn them maybe 3-4 times, but I just noticed this this morning: does this look like cracking, and something I should contact Rancourt about an exchange on?
  12. orange fury

    June Acquisitions

    Been a while since I started one of these threads. Received my LL Bean chinos today: these are the same ones I wore all through college- wrinkle free, plain front, classic fit (but 4 waist sizes smaller). After grad school, I've spent the last 4 years trying to find chinos that were like...
  13. orange fury

    Barbour Sizing

    I've wanted a Barbour Beaufort ever since joining here, and think I'm going to pull the trigger on one pretty soon. I'm debating sizing though- I have a 37.5" chest and typically wear a 38R-40R jacket (depending on brand - 20"-20.5" chest measured flat is my sweet spot). Going by this, the 38...
  14. orange fury

    August Acquisitions

    Figured I'd start this month off. Not hugely trad (unless you consider Lange-style timepieces trad), but it is what it is. I received a Mido Belluna II from Jomashop in the mail yesterday- absolutely beautiful watch, IMHO: Swiss made, ETA auto movement, deployment clasp, the works. It's...
  15. orange fury

    AE's- keep or return?

    I received these AE McTavishes off eBay last week. To preface, I won't buy used shoes, but I don't mind shoes that have been tried on. The seller listed these as NIB, but when I received these, they seemed to have a fairly ridiculous amount of creasing on the right shoe (in addition to scuffing...
  16. orange fury

    June Acquisitions

    FedEx dropped these on my doorstep this morning, Persol 3028-S: Folded: Very excited about these. I've wanted 714's ever since I first saw them, but unfortunately the roundness of the frames just didn't work for me at all (regardless of frame size). These are essentially the 714 with a more...
  17. orange fury

    Cheap Chinos (the never-ending quest for the perfect chino)

    Recently, I've been pretty unhappy with the chinos I purchased a while back at a J Crew Factory store. First and most importantly, they've all shrank inconsistently- some pairs still fit fine, and some shrank in the waist to the point of being unwearable (I hang dry pants and wash cold on gentle...
  18. orange fury

    Belt strap sources

    A while back, I purchased two NOS Anson belt buckles on eBay- one sterling silver: And one brass: ive never worn them because the Beltmaster straps I use with my Tiffany buckle are too thick and make the buckle stick out awkwardly. I've been looking for a strap that is basically just a...
  19. orange fury

    Belt Lengths

    I need advice on belt sizing. Some background: I have a 32" waist, and generally wear either size 31 or 32 pants. For belts, though many manufacturers suggest sizing up (so in my case, 34"), I usually find that buying my actual waist size lands me around the middle hole (which I think is...
  20. orange fury

    Casual Interview Attire

    Yeah, I know, another interview attire thread. I have an interview Wednesday morning with a potential employer (he's a VP at the organization). The thing is, we're meeting at a Starbucks for coffee so he can "meet me and get to know me a bit"- i.e., not really a traditional interview (pretty...