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    Suit help please.,default,pd.html?dwvar_XK00001_Color=GREY&contentpos=7&cgid=0600 I need a suit. I would love one of the 3 button city suits from Cordings. The problem is the largest they offer is 50R. I am a perfect 52L sadly. I...
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    Tan Barbour for Sale 18k.

    Current bid 18k.
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    US Open Announcers.

    Brad Faxon's 3 piece suit today couldn't have been more perfect. It was the highlight so far but almost everyone looks great. The architect fellow was in a great sports coat and slacks yesterday with a pair of bit loafers. Oh, and Holly Sanders has never had a bad day.
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    AE Thousand Oaks Care.

    I just bought a pair of AE Thousand Oaks. I really like them, the brogue look is something I have really wanted. I want to make sure I treat them right. They are Chamois leather. Should I waterproof Them? How do I clean them? Thanks for the help.
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    AE Eagle River Care

    Hello. I bought a pair of these last winter and wore them a little. I love them but I'm concerned about the raw unfinished leather. I have saddle soaped them and they look great. However I have not worn them in mud or heavy rain. Snow? Seems like we don't get snow any more In Vancouver. I...
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    Filson's Latest

    I actually would like a new oyster knife and would maybe go 30 bucks for a nice one. There is now special clothes for shellfish? What about mollusks? Is there a separate collection? Im not even going to ask about salmon.
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    Schott Waxed Cotton Toggle Jacket

    Is this jacket available anywhere? It made a brief appearace in the Orvis catalog.
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    Pebble Beach

    We spent a few hours driving the 17 Mile Drive and eating at Stillwater in the Lodge on the weekend. Now we think we want to spend three days in the area and play a couple of the courses. Anyone have any advice in wehter there are deals to be had during the off season? If there is one. We would...
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    San Francisco Shopping

    Any advice on places to shop in downtown SF? I'd love to find a tweed jacket for the fall/winter (50 Tall) some great Khakis and maybe some shoes and polos.
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    Golf Clothing

    My wife and I are joining a local golf course. Although it isn't Augusta National, it does have a dress code, which I naturally clear. What do people here wear when they golf? I usually wear a pair of khakis, a Polo polo, BB sweater and some Foot Joys. I've ordered a pair of BB St Andrews golf...
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    New York Observations

    My wife and I just returned from a week in mid town Manhattan and found some things quite interesting. The service at the Brooks Brothers flag ship store is very poor. The clothes at Orvis seem to be for older folks. Although I did buy a couple of nice tattershall shirts. The business crowd...
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    Cuffs Yes or No?

    I just recieved a pair of these pants and I'm thinking about finishing them with a cuff. What do members think? If yes how big? I plan to wear them with...
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    Brooks Brothers Vancouver.

    I have to wonder how they will survive in Vancouver because of their Canadian pricing and lack of sales savy. I saw quite a few flannel pants on their website at the sale price of $99.00. I noted them and went into the store to see if I could get the pants within even a hundred dollars of that...
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    New York in November?

    My wife and I will be visiting New York in November and are wondering how we should dress in the USA's best dressed city. While we wonder around I think it's likely I'll wear my Bean field jacket, khakis, OCBDs and a sweater. It's the lunches and dinners in nicer joints I wonder about. Also I...
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    Loafer Style Boat Shoe

    Saturday I saw an older gentleman in a great looking pair of deck shoes. They looked like non beefroll pennies but with boat shoe soles. I asked where he purchased them, turns out he was French and he bought them in Paris. Any thoughts on where I could purchase such shoes? I also think the...
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    L.L. Bean XXL Tall?

    I just recieved my Bean XXL tall Field Jacket. I carefully measured myself. I wear a 50 jacket and 32 sleeve and have a 18.5 to 19 neck. Overall I'm 6'4" and 268lbs. I get my jacket and it dwarfs me. The sleeves are too long, I could gain 30 lbs easily and the fit would still be "roomy". Who...
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    Great Service from Brooks Brothers!

    I've started to dip my toe into the ocean of internet buying. I've had nice experiences with L L Bean, Eddie Bauer and Restoration Hardware, so I thought I would give Brooks Brothers a try. They have a great store in Vancouver where I've bought quite a few things. I've also shopped at stores...
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    Filson Loafers

    I would be very interested in what people think about these loafers. I think they are new. I like to walk and need some loafers I can put a few miles on. I'm tired of looking like an old dude in sneakers (cool looking Acis joggers). The upside for me is I can day trip to Filson to try them on...
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    William Fraking Newton Ignore the commercial and then Chris Rose and William Giles Jr's babbling and check out this man's style. I was cheering for the Giants before this. You have to love a team with a bunch of waiver wire and...
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    OCBD and Shorts??

    After a prolonged winter here in Vancouver we now seem to be into summer. I have a monthly lunch tomorrow at a decent Vancouver restaurant and was thinking of wearing a blue and white gingham OCBD and a pair of off white golf shorts from BB. It's not hot that much in Vancouver and I thought...