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    BB Madison Fit, pleated flannel trousers: old man pants?

    What gives is that you are listening to a fashionista who could not be more wrong. The fact that someone who passes as an "expert" could say something so categorically false explains why I have lost all patience with, or interest in, that industry.
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    Let's get back down to earth, gentlemen.

    Ben Silver is about it. BB ruined the cut of their pleated trousers, dropping the rise and slimming the leg. Paul Stuart is similarly useless to me, used to be a favorite.
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    Let's get back down to earth, gentlemen.

    Ha! It's insanely homogeneous.
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    Let's get back down to earth, gentlemen.

    Sorry, can't get on board with your pitch, Jovan. The fact is that I haven't really bought any clothes the last 2 years, and only in part because of the expense of private school for my daughter! When I walk into most clothing stores, there is simply nothing that I'm interested in. The...
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    Shoe color with green flannels

    Walnut/dark tan. Chocolate brown.
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    Ths Guy Likes Shoes.

    Neat! I've never seen that before. The short-sleeve cardigan worn with ascot and striped trousers... that is strong. Too strong for today's [email protected]$$ sensibilities. Further evidence, though, that any per se convention against wearing suit elements as "orphans" is of late derivation.
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    Ths Guy Likes Shoes.

    Yep, been otherwise occupied. Nice to be missed, I guess!
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    Ths Guy Likes Shoes.

    I second the motion.
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    What do you wearing with a black leather jacket?

    You know who should wear black leather jackets? Guys from the NY-Philly area who run "legitimate" businesses, comment on what a shame it would be if something happened to your nice house/car/family/face, and transact a lot of business in cash.
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    Suit fit advice: Sid Mashburn

    If you're looking for a good source for MTM/near-bespoke in Atlanta, I can point you to a good source that is much better, IMO, than you generally can get in a retail shop.
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    Suit fit advice: Sid Mashburn

    WARNING: I'M NOT A TAILOR, and the following is just observation/conjecture, not real expertise. I think there are a couple of things going on. One clue is that the views of the front and the back of the jacket are radically different. From the back, the jacket waist is already...
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    Wearing pant at your natural waist.

    Well said, Mike. Braces were "underwear" in the time when it was considered indecent and bordering on obscene for a man to allow the top of his trousers to be seen. In a world where men wore jackets (and usually vests/waistcoats) at ALL times in public, then braces/suspenders were literally...
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    wearing a link-closed DJ open

    IIRC, linked fronts are still common on morning wear (to the extent anything related to morning wear could be called "common" these days). And they're nearly always worn open.
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    Wearing pant at your natural waist.

    The pics make this very easy. They look far better at the waist. It's not even close.
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    Wearing pant at your natural waist.

    If you're mainly used to wearing jeans, it will feel (and look) very strange for a little while. Keep at it, and learn to live with the extra comfort, lack of hiking up your britches 40 times a day, the cleaner fall of creases, etc.
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    When will Robert Graham shirts go the way of Nicole Miller ties?

    Just stopped by to say that this thread is excellent.
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    Is there a lawyer in the house?

    Very few lawyers will offer free advice over the internet! We get in trouble if we start doing attorney-client communications in public, giving advice without having all of the facts, etc. PM sent.
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    Pocket squares in overcoat breast pockets?

    It's not without historical precedent:
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    Should you iron creases on a shirt sleeve?

    Classically speaking, your shirt sleeves are supposed to be covered when you're fully dressed, so there's no historical "right" answer. Practically speaking, it's a lot faster to iron a crease. Unless the shirt is non-iron or soaked with starch, the sleeves will have wrinkles by mid-day...
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    The 9 Knots we are supposed to be using

    One complaint. In American usage, "supposed" is usually used to indicate some normative concept - i.e., what one should be doing. Here, though, the OP is using it in a manner more common in British usage, as a rough synonym for "conjectured" or "imagined." Since literally no human being on...