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  1. gamma68

    Reversible cotton/corduroy Harrington-style jacket

    REVERSIBLE G-9 COTTON/CORDUROY HARRINGTON-STYLE JACKET Tagged size medium (see measurements for best fit) Here's a unique item that's the proper weight to cut down a fall breeze while looking very Trad. It's a quality item and very comfortable to wear. This unbranded jacket is in the...
  2. gamma68

    Thane v-neck cashmere sweater, size 44, excellent condition

    Thane v-neck cashmere sweater Tagged size 44 This vintage sweater is made from high-quality imported cashmere. Although the label does not indicate country of origin, the hand is every bit the equal of my vintage Scottish-made cashmere sweaters. I would not be surprised at all to learn it was...
  3. gamma68

    sold NEW WITHOUT TAGS, L.L. Bean chamois shirt, red, size medium

    L.L. BEAN CHAMOIS SHIRT New without tags Classic red color Marked size medium No flaws ASKING $35, includes CONUS shipping This shirt has been a classic Trad and Ivy Style fall staple for decades. Appears to have never been worn and maintains its original garment folds. L.L. Bean sells this...
  4. gamma68

    sold NEW W/TAGS - vintage Pendleton red/black wool "Outdoors Man" shirt, small

    PENDLETON "OUTDOORS MAN" SHIRT New with tags, made in the USA Marked size small No flaws, as-new condition ASKING $40, includes CONUS shipping Measurements Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 33"
  5. gamma68

    sold Harry Ballot of Princeton 3/2 roll Harris Tweed jacket

    HARRY BALLOT OF PRINCETON 3/2 ROLL HARRIS TWEED SACK JACKET ASKING $45 $35 CONUS Harry Ballot of Princeton was one of the major Ivy League clothiers from the Trad heyday. This 3/2 USA-made sack jacket is made of a light smoke gray Harris Tweed with vertical striping of russet and sky blue. The...
  6. gamma68

    SAMUELSOHN Loro Piana 100% Italian cashmere navy blazer 40L

    Samuelsohn soft men's navy blazer 100% Italian Loro Piana cashmere Tagged size 40L (please see measurements for best fit) Loro Piana makes finest cashmere in the world, and this is likely the must luxurious cashmere you'll find in a classic men's blazer. Made in Canada, this blazer features...
  7. gamma68

    Caring for oiled suede blucher mocs

    A while ago, I thrifted a really nice pair of Minnetonka oiled suede "Frisco" blucher mocs. They were discontinued around 1995, so my pair is quite old but they appeared to have never been worn. Super comfy and great for informal fall wearing. The napp isn't so oiled is a lot of areas after 20+...
  8. gamma68

    Components of the Trad office

    When thinking of the Trad or Ivy Style home office, what components would you include? This is not a "how to" exercise, because these things are best accumulated over years, not purchased en masse. Here's a short list that comes to mind for me: An oak desk with a leather top An antique oak...
  9. gamma68

    Loafers and orthotics -- completely incompatible?

    I've been saving up for the and Rancourt Beefroll loafers for some time. My piggy bank allows me to buy one pair of each. The problem is, I now need to wear orthotics, and I'm not sure if that makes wearing loafers impossible. At my local AE store (which does not carry the Kenwood), the sales...
  10. gamma68

    Pant cuffs

    I'm considering purchasing some Brooks Brothers Advantage Chinos, but they aren't offered with cuffs. How much longer should the inseam be in order to have cuffs made? In other words, if my inseam is normally 30", should I order 34"? And do the in-house BB tailors generally do good work at a...
  11. gamma68

    October acquisitions

    From time to time, I find real good stuff at Nordstrom (C)Rack. Snagged this at 54% off the retail price:
  12. gamma68

    Shoes, before & after...

    This might be a good thread to showcase what members have achieved with shoe rescue or revival projects. I recently e-thrifted these Whitehouse & Hardy shell cordovan longwings. This is my first pair of shell and I read as much as I could find about how to maintain them and achieve the best...
  13. gamma68

    Material needed for pant cuffs

    A question for those knowledgeable about tailoring: How much material is needed under a pant hem to create standard cuffs? Thanks in advance.
  14. gamma68

    Brooks Brothers Flat Iron stores

    When I received my re-ordered back-ordered pink OCBD from BB, it happened to come from the Flat Iron store in Ann Arbor. The receipt was inserted in the little envelope pictured below. I like the graphics and the little tale on the back about how the sack suit came to be. I've not been to a BB...
  15. gamma68

    What is the name of this type of jacket?

    What is the name of the type of jacket worn by the man with the smoking gun in this vintage magazine illustration? Where can one find such a jacket?
  16. gamma68

    The Freshman "Dink" or beanie cap

    I came across an interesting film from 1950 titled "My First Week at Dartmouth" and learned about the freshman "dink" cap. I was vaguely aware of these caps but didn't realize they had such a widespread presence on college campuses at the time (not just at Dartmouth, either). They seem to...
  17. gamma68

    The Trad Wheat Jeans thread

    Looking to start a new thread with posts related to wheat / white denim. I think members would particularly enjoy seeing examples, past and present, of wheat denim incorporated in a Trad ensemble. To start, here is an Ivy League image: I'm looking forward to seeing other examples.
  18. gamma68

    LLB Chamois pajamas fit

    For Christmas, I received a pair of LLB Scotch plaid flannel pajamas in size M: The fit is ridiculously oversized, like a size L. Extra long sleeves, huge chest, pant legs dragging at my...
  19. gamma68

    Fair Isle wool or cashmere socks

    I'm seeking some wool or cashmere Fair Isle socks (no cotton). What are some of the better ones to consider that present good value? Links are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. gamma68

    L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel beef

    I want to love the L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel shirts. But I'm having trouble finding a good fit and feeling a bit frustrated. In the past, I had tried size M and size L, Traditional Fit. My recollection is that the size M was a little tight, or seemed so after an initial washing. I...