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    It's TWEED Season! Is Stricker wearing a tweed jacket? Too bad he buttoned the top button but what a great look compared to the usual team wear.
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    Who makes the best men's briefs?

    Saxx are great but the design feature that makes them so comfortable doesn’t allow for a fly.
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    Stews, Curries, Gumbos and Deep-Fries Thead

    The rice is cooked in the Jambalaya. The sausage, chicken and trinity is browned then the rice and stock go in and it is covered and simmered until the rice is cooked. Fried okra can be added at the end. Gumbo is a roux based stew with white rice served on the side or on top. Ettoufe is a dish...
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    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    I made the Fish Parmantier last night. It was delicious but overall a bit loose. I made the veloute fairly thick, then placed the fish chunks and blanched veg in the sauce. I immediately put the mashed potatoes on top and broiled them. This insured the fish didn’t overcook.
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    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    I have dipped my toe into the Japanese knife pool but have not dove into the deep end. I have a single bevel knife I use for sashimi and a small santoku made from basic steel. I use my entry level Shuns a lot. They are easy to sharpen and hold an edge very well.
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    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    I am obsessed with food and wine. For around a decade I cooked for a living when I was young. Now I just do it for fun. I rarely use recipes. I learnt the basics at a trade school in my 20s. I wake up in the morning and start thinking about what I will make us for lunch and dinner. Like most...
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    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    The beginning of Amatriciana. Pancetta and onions living together in semi harmony.
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    It's TWEED Season!

    Go ahead and start it. I will happily contribute.
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    Light weight, smoother fabric chinos with 98% cotton/2% stretch?

    I recently purchased a pair of the Clarks. They seem to be the same pants I bought over the last 3 or 4 years and the price was $25 less.
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    The Music Performance Thread

    Your father must have been quite the vocalist. I like that this fellow isn’t all about the power and volume. Do you know what his native language is? Thanks for sharing.
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    The Chunky Winter Sweater Thread

    I just received my Woolover Shawl Collar Cardigan. It is very nice but not at all chunky. I have one of the new Ragg Wool versions from Bean on the way, I will post a photo when it arrives.
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    Do casual chinos even go with sneakers?

    The top one says “I’m here to pick up your package”.
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    Boat shoe v. canoe shoe If you look in the pit or foredeck of any race boat in Vancouver most people wear Harkens. The Sperry 2 eyelets are for Sailpast or Bayliner owners.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Thanks so much Vecchio. I was mellow and hadn’t touched the wine yet.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Thank you very much Eagle and it is actually a suit but only the jacket is visible.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Thank you very much FF. My Mrs managed to make me look less scary then the selfies I take.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Cordings Linen Jacket CT Egyptian cotton shirt Brooks Brothers Tie At my 65th Birthday dinner.
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    Most Tradly-Attired Television Character

    We have been watching a series called the Chair with Sandra Oh. The other characters are older tenured University types both male and female. Worth a look for their clothes. I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.
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    Time for a more recent trouser thread.

    I went to buy a pair of Orvis Ultimate Khakis today, but the shipping date is October 22nd.
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    Blaming the Internet seems like an excuse for people’s lack of common sense. It is the source of the misinformation that is to blame. The www isn’t going anywhere. I receive a few scam phone calls every week, is it the phone and the comm infrastructure that is to blame? I took the first...