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    April purchases.

    I have purchased two items in April. Excited about both. These, below, purchase number one, were waiting for me as I returned home from purchase number two, of which there will be no pictures. The one on the left. Allen Edmonds Strands, woven, in olive. For summer wear. Purchase two was a...
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    Illustrators and their illustrations

    J. C. Leyendecker, from WWI... By his younger brother, Francis Leyendecker, same period (with a VanGogh sky)...
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    What do you think of this jacket worn in Gunsmoke?

    What do you think of the jacket shown below? Minus the gun. Very unique, to me; maybe not if you lived in Dodge in 1870. Can't figure out the collar thing, when up, how far does it reach? I think I need me one of these. Minus the gun. The picture is Jim Arness, star of the longest running (20...
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    Covid impressionism

    Were I at my creaky old PC with the snaily slow dial-up still and not confined to this smart phone's stamp-size photos I would have whipped out my unsupported black market Picasa and gone to work on this. As it is, straight from today's Bangor Daily News. on the beach at Ogunquit in the hell...
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    Wilfred Brimley, at 112 or something. Brimley was very good at playing roles that called for uncompromising, grumpy old a-holes. Unfortunately there aren't that many so most of the time he came across as thoroughly unpleasant. Unless you needed diabetic supplies, which he hocked on tee vee...
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    July purchases

    July 1. Sitting in a rocker on the porch in moonlight, cell in hand, pressing a button or two, parting with a twenty plus a fiver for shipping. the screen talks back, says watch out for Lori the mail lady who'll jam these into the rusty mailbox with a real bad lean... ...Chuck Taylors in...
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    A long, long time from May to December.*

    Few outfits wear well through the ages, your ages. This thread contains pictures of some that do. At least in the imagination of those who choose to post here. Picture your found picture of an older gent with his head given in trade for a twenty year-old's. If it works, post and comment. Twisted...
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    Saw this last night at Universal Studios Orlando. Nominated for Best Picture. It should win.
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    Where's Flanderian?

    That's it. Not seen for a week and a half. Has a clock on the mantle, chimes out the time to post, quarter-hourly I think. Must not have wound it.
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    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Opening day today. Saw it this afternoon, the first forty -five minutes of it.
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    Questions about the forum upgrade

    On a multi page thread you are taken to the first page when not logged in; to the last page when logged in. I had enjoyed the freedom of choosing where I wanted to be. And of choosing a square avatar, not a round one. Experiences may be different when not viewed on a Betty Crocker brand cell phone.
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    Late launch.

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    Video ads on AAAC

    Recently, maybe beginning two weeks ago, video ads for prescription drugs and other non-clothing related crap have begun appearing here, and only here and whether or not I log in and only on my spiffy Samsung J7 Skypro refurb, not on my laptop (used only at freebie hot spots). Am I alone here...
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    Sleigh coat

    Over the river and through the woods To grandmother's house we go. Except grandma sold out. She's now a Dollar Tree. No more home-made pumpkin' pie. But a whole tube of Pringles for just a buck? You can't beat that with a stick.
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    Debate dress

    That's not a command. Besides, that's all we do here anyway. Nay, this is about the Big Debate tonight in Cleveland. Disclaimer: This is not a thread about politics. It's a thread about how politicians dress. It's also somewhat longer than I like to do, which is get in and out quick-like, of...
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    Baseball caps. Register your disdain. Or not.

    There was a time when everybody wore hats. 'Real' hats with ribbon bands and brims and they did that up until the mid '50s. Then nobody wore hats. Like when I was a kid. James Dean. JFK. Me. No hats. But from the late '70s thru to right now, baseball caps, seemingly springing from nowhere...
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    Summer jacket /WAYGBWAAWFN

    WAYGBWAAWFN: Whadda You Gonna Be Wearing About A Week From Now
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    Pirate shoes

    In a thread currently running, this question was posed: Followed by... Blasphemy. Who doesn't like little pom-poms swaying from their shoes (besides those two)? No one, that's who. (The question was rhetorical. Haters must finish their peas before responding and even then I'm not sure I'm...