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    Brooks Brothers and Duende: Lost Forever?

    I wasn't sure whether to post this rather contemplative essay in the trad or timeless style section but here goes:
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    H. Stockton Sale (some real bargains)
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    Time for Corduroys!

    I have added in inch or two in the waist this year so need some new corduroys. I've long been a Bill's fan, but the pair I just ordered had a much lower rise that I prefer or am used to. My traditional fit Lands End chinos fit great, but my effort to navigate their website offered me no...
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    H. Stockton -- Atlanta

    Disclosure: I do not work at Stockton and receive no benefit from posting this. I am a pleased customer, however, who thought other AA members might appreciate viewing this brief video advert:
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    Question for shoe guys -- why v-cleats?

    I own two vintage Florsheim Imperials wingtips in mint condition. One pair is shell, both pairs are gorgeous. Both also have suicide v-cleats, and I've almost taken a spill more than once on tile or the like. Can anyone tell me what was the purpose of v-cleats? They do seem a bit dangerous...
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    What kind of tweed is this?

    I see it all the time on sport coats in classic films from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, but seldom see it today. Can anyone help?
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    Tuxedo for young boy

    With daughter's wedding coming up, I've been asked to locate an inexpensive tuxedo for the size 4T ring bearer. I've located the following on eBay, but solicit thoughts from others as to both these options and other options. Thanks and cheers, Mike
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    White dinner jacket just after Labor Day?

    My daughter is entering into Holy Matrimony in Atlanta on September 8. As is typical, the groom is receiving most of his attire advice from his lovely bride, her friends and the bridal party, the wedding consultants (sigh), MWH, and other similar wedding attire "experts." Not good at all, but...
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    What jacket to wear with glen plaid trousers

    Gents, I own a nice pair of traditional black and white glen plaid odd trousers. As they essentially appear gray to the eye I wear them with a navy sport coat or blazer. I realize that they would also pair nicely with a black sport coat or blazer, but a black jacket is not high on my...
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    seersucker jacket sought

    Would like to acquire a gray and white seersucker sport coat. Three or two button fine, but 3/2 with minimal or no shoulder padding would be ideal. Must have single vent and no darts. In other words a trad seersucker jacket. Cheaper the better of course. My brief Internet searches reveal...
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    seersucker for wedding?

    It is a Saturday evening wedding in Memphis on August 1. I have always attended evening functions with safe dark suit based on concern that some folks would view seersucker as not quite right for evening. But recently I attended an evening dinner in a gent's honor and several high profile...
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    formal bow tie with smaller bow

    I prefer my bow to be on the smaller side, rather than the 2.5 inch that seems standard today. Perhaps 2.25 or 2.00 inches -- not sure -- I'd have to try it on. I cannot find such a bow that is not pre-tied. Any ideas?
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    Dead stock Regal Shoes, vintage

    Just purchased via eBay attractive looking longwings -- "Imperial Grade." Anyone know anything about Regal? Seems that they were a US manufacturer at some point. Were they comparable to old time Florsheim or J&M?
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    Button suggestions for navy linen sport coat

    I scored and just received a J Crew 100% linen navy sport coat via eBay for $16. Fits great. I hesitate to call it a blazer since it doesn't have metal buttons. I'm not sure what the buttons are made of but they can fairly be described as non-descript brown. Since the jacket will be worn...
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    News from Cruiser

    Just spoke with Cruiser. Believe it or not, he's sworn off blue jeans. Said from now on he'll wear them only when working in the garden. He said that people are taking so many ill-advised liberties with fashion rules and conventions that even he is tired of it, and going forward he plans on...
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    Black Tie / Black & White Optional

    I frequently attend black tie affairs, but this invitation befuddled me. What does "black & white optional" mean? Or put another way, what is "black & white"? Anyone know? On a related matter, this Atlanta affair will be held the first weekend in May. Assuming it is a warm evening...
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    Brooks Brothers shirts -- Malaysia vs. USA

    I notice from the BB online site that the supima OCBD (the heavier cloth I believe) are made in the USA while the pinpoints are made in Malaysia. I'm in the market for a few pinpoints. Are the fit and quality of the Malaysia made shirts comparable to the American made (which I love)? Many thanks.
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    question regarding chocoate brown wingtip bucks

    Gentlemen: I very recently purchased a handsome pair of Church's real cape buck wingtips in chocoate brown -- very nice eBay acquistion. Two questions: 1. Is a brown leather belt appropriate as long as not too dressy? 2. Am I correct that surcingle belts would work well? 3. Can they be...
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    What belts to wear with dirty bucks?

    Gentlemen: I very recently purchased a handsome pair of Church's real cape buck wingtips -- very nice eBay acquistiion. I imagine surcingle belts work nicely, but what else? Will most casual brown (or perhaps burgundy) belts work well? Braided? Outside of ribbon or surcingle belts, I...
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    In Defense of JAB

    Yet another shot directed at JAB (on another thread) has caused me to finally offer a bit of a defense. First, what I'm not saying. I do not argue with the proposition that JAB is less than what it used to be, even much less. What I am saying is there is a place for JAB, perhaps even an...