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  1. mhj

    official Chipp Neckwear Thread

    It's like a white whale.
  2. mhj

    Harrington jacket on JPress for $395...seriously?

    I'm very happy with the under $200 version from Orvis. Only readers of Ask Andy and the like are going know what I'm wearing.
  3. mhj

    Tailor recommendations in the Great Lakes area.

    In Cleveland:
  4. mhj

    Boxers redux

    I can't recommend the Brooks Brothers boxers any long. I bought 10 pairs a little while back and in the period after the guarantee was over seems began to frazzle and they would not replace them. The guarantee was 30 days, not enough time for something to happen. Soon after, I received an e-mail...
  5. mhj

    Pre-hemmed pants

    Lands End and LL Bean will custom hem for you free of charge but it probably won't help you for this Sunday.
  6. mhj

    thyroid meds and gut

    Sorry I breezed through the article the first time. My issue is with Prednisone. Same problem though.
  7. mhj

    thyroid meds and gut

    That's a lot of miles.
  8. mhj

    thyroid meds and gut

    Yep. I haven't found a solution yet. I don't eat much but my exercise activity is low. That may help.
  9. mhj

    Testing Interstitial Ads

    I don't mind unobtrusive ads. Sometimes I find something interesting or useful.
  10. mhj

    Thrift store blues & brags

    I seems that a thrifting trip to Wisconsin could be worthwhile.
  11. mhj

    sold SOLD - Rare BB OCDB in Peach Color - Size 16.5/34

    Complete your BB OCDB wardrobe with this rare color, unlined collar and cuffs. Excellent condition, no issues. Asking $40, free shipping to CONUS. Message me for pictures.
  12. mhj

    A summer suit

    As I had mentioned in another thread, a navy poplin can work in a business situation too. Also, I bought a solid navy seersucker at the end last summer that I like a lot.
  13. mhj

    Eggplant ideas?

    An excellent Persian eggplant and meat stew:
  14. mhj

    Songs Featuring Clothing

    Delaware Song by Perry Como and The Ray Charles Singers Lyrics Oh what did del-a-ware boy, what did delaware What did del-a-ware boy, what did delaware She wore a brand new jersey, She wore a brand new jersey, She wore a brand new jersey, That's what she did wear One, two, three, four Oh, why...
  15. mhj

    April purchases.

    Alden 984 burgundy calfskin LHS for $175 on Poshmark. Beautiful shoes in excellent condition.
  16. mhj

    Gokey shoe update

    I love my pair, even though they are on the snug side. I got them on eBay about two years ago at an amazing price NWT, thinking they may have fallen off the truck. Now that I see the company was sold and they were redesigned at that time they were probably trying to clear out inventory for the...
  17. mhj

    American Trad men (photos)...

    I'm also class of '69. That would have been my guess if I had read this earlier, looks like it's straight out of my yearbook.
  18. mhj

    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    Also check out Uniqlo.
  19. mhj

    Something new for J. Press

    I agree with most of your points. What I get irritated about is fake news that was going around that Trump had mailboxes taken off the streets so Democrats couldn't vote by mail.
  20. mhj

    Something new for J. Press

    If I may turn this into a pollical issue, when is the last time anyone here put a stamp on a letter? That's what I would attribute no overtime and fewer staff to.