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    grooming Proraso under "Bigelow brand"

    I noticed that Bigelow sells Proraso shaving cream branded as their own. Can anybody confirm/deny it it is the exact same product?
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    Frost/Nixon (movie) and clothing

    Besides from the movie shoving some interesting clothing from the period, the shoes play an important role in some of the scenes. At one time Nixon even uses the shoes Frost wears as an intimidation technique. I am not going to go into much details, due to the fact that I may spoil the movie...
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    Sockless shell cordovan - opinions

    BB does not make (their unlined version of) LHS in my size, so I have no temptation there. I have two Alden versions, but they are both lined, and there is always an issue of wearing shoes in that price range sockless, as well as my issue that they are not a common size, and that they may not...
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    Climacool experiences/opinions

    I had my first experience with Climacool. It is a polyester fabric with (advertised) superior wicking attributes. (I think it may be Adidas brand, but probably most makers have their own version). I have always worn a cotton shirt while playing sports, but this new (for me) fabric seems to...
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    Rolex submariner with green bezel

    I wanted to replace a quartz watch that I used for sport activities, and I settled on the Rolex - due in large part to all those lengthy discussions on this forum (gentlemen, you know who you are). I purchased a submariner with green bezel and black dial - it seems that it was a limited edition...
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    Sweat marks on leather watch band

    I have a slight aesthetic issue with a watch and on one of my dress watches. There are sweat stains on the edges of the strap. Is there anything that can be done to fix this - the strap is genuine alligator, medium brown in color.
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    EG sale at Polo RL

    Several models at approximately 60% off. (at the mansion in NYC)
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    Shoemart sale

    Web coupon JUN07 for 10% off.
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    Belts on sale at Shoemart

    50% off, selected colors and sizes, some nice Alden and AE.
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    Patek Philippe - can anybody recommend an AD?

    Can anybody point me to a Patek Philippe authorized dealer that discounts their watches (moderately, or even better heavily). Thanks in advance. Asking a question like this on Timezone would not be accepted warmly.
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    Watch winders

    I purchased a manual wind watch as my daily wearer, so my automatic (that I used daily previously) will be relegated to weekend wear. I would like to keep it running - ready and loaded for use. So the question of about a watch winder comes up? There are plenty of options in sub $100 range...
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    grooming Straight razor brands

    I am in process of getting a good straight razor. Can somebody list brands/models I should consider? How a about a strop?
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    Shoemart on Ebay I did not know that Shoemart is clearing some of their stock through Ebay. I stumbled upon it and just wanted to share - some AEs, but no Aldens.
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    AE/Redenbach sole question

    AE/Rendenbach sole question On a request of one of my coworkers, who wanted to see various shell cordovan shoes in action, I am wearing one each of my shell corovan shoes for this week and the next. My lone AE in shell, MacNeils were called upon for Friday duty. Since my shoes got more...
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    AE Alligator Taunton boots

    Not my cup of tea (or size), but this is a great deal.
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    Bicycle toed shoes - opinions

    I just gor a pair of AE Concords mainly because of the price ($40, first quality). I like the monk strap part, but not the bicycle toe part. I am afraid that these would be quite expensive on per wear basis. What are other members opinions on bycicle toed shoes? (not necessarily the ones...
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    AE makes good on botched recrafting

    Just wanted to report a satisfactory resolotion (not that anything else was expected) of an issue I posted in previous thread(s): AE made a mistake by recrafting a pair of shoes on a smaller last. As expected, they agreed to...
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    Soles on Bass Weejuns

    I just had a sole on one of my Weejuns die. Well, it separated at the toe area, all the way to the ball (widest part) of the foot. It's weird since heels are the area of the shoe that goes first on most of my shoes (sometimes two or three times), before any issues with the sole. Is this...
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    Bass Weejuns - country of mfg change

    No, it's not back to USA, but it moved from Dominican Republic to El Salvador. I was wearing an old pair in the store so I compared the old and the new shoe, and they are practically identical (FWIW).
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    AE recrafting - shoes fit differently

    As I reported in a previous thread: I sent these shoes for AE factory recrafting (Fairfax #5 last). The shoes came back, the new heels, soles, all looking great. The uppers (tan chestnut) were darkened during wear and are...