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  1. Danny

    Question about Barbour Thornproof Dressing

    Trying to decide if I want to rewax my Barbour myself instead of sending it in this year. Can any of you tell me how many coats you can wax from one $30 jar of the Barbour dressing?
  2. Danny

    J. Press MTO shirt sale

    They are running a 3 shirts for $125 each sale, seems like quite a good value for MTO shirts! There are a fair number of fabric choices. I had been waiting for them to run that light blue hairline stripe again for years [one of my favs], I had one many years ago that I needed to replace...
  3. Danny

    J Press Fall 2019

    Am I missing something, they sent out an email about the fall blazers and here is the worsted wool one which claims '3 button sack model' and there's a photo of a blazer with darts. ...
  4. Danny

    English American Tailoring suits 36R

    Two suits that were custom made for someone about a 36R but see the measurements because they were MTM not off the rack. They do have darts. $50 each shipped to CONUS. Two suits pictured here and I have 3 others that each have a couple tiny moth holes that you could deal with or wear as-is...
  5. Danny

    Kennedy's vintage Harris Tweed 3/2 sport coat

    Vintage from 1960s I'd guess. From a shop called Kennedy's according to the label. There is lining in the shoulder sleeves and jacket flaps but not down the inside of the back [is this half or quarter lined?] There are a couple very small pinholes in the fabric in the back, I did not ever see...
  6. Danny

    Brook Brothers striped Shetland sweater M

    Nice autumn striped Shetland, size M. VG used condition. $35 shipped to CONUS.
  7. Danny

    Brooks Brothers M blue striped cotton sweater

    Size M, VG used condition. $20 shipped to CONUS.
  8. Danny

    Brooks Brothers summer buttondowns M

    A few BB shirts [and one PRL shirt] all in VG used condition. All size M. $20 each shipped to CONUS. 2 are Country Club line [nicer fabric] the other 2 are non-iron gingham. Also 1 PRL gingham at $20 as well. The PRL runs a little larger than the BB ones. All are sized M though. Thanks.
  9. Danny

    Aetna Shirt

    I assume this shop is kept alive by some mandate that the military buy its shirts from a domestic maker and they happen to be close to DC, but anyway...I was intrigued that there was a shirtmaker still operating right here a few miles from where I live...
  10. Danny

    Abercrombie...the old days

    I opened a trunk in my basement and found a pair of beat up chinos that look to be almost certainly from the late 80s or early 90s, just before Abercrombie transformed to teen-wear. Anyway, just thought it was neat to see the old label. These would likely have been purchased at the shop on the...
  11. Danny

    Columbiaknit Rugby Shirt

    I just got one of these and it's great! How often do you order something and it shows up and it's 100% exactly what you want, maybe even better? Not all that often. A USA made rugby for $56, and it's not wonky...can't beat that. Danny
  12. Danny

    Bass Casson

    I have been thinking about a rubber soled Weejun penny loafer and noticed Bass does in fact have one…the Casson. Does anyone have this one? It's listed as made in China…is this extra wonky…even more than the El Salvador ones? The leather doesn't look so promising on the photos...
  13. Danny

    J Press article

    Maybe someone already posted this[?] not sure…
  14. Danny

    Vintage[?] Brannock Device

    I bought this Brannock device at an auction and am wondering if the sizing on this is not the same as current Brannocks? The width in particular seemed different than what I was used to. Can anyone tell from looking at the logo if this will have older sizing that is different from the current...
  15. Danny

    Interesting Cordings video

    I thought this was a nice piece…
  16. Danny

    When did the idea of distressed/broken-in clothing start?

    I was just curious because it seems so normal now, but I imagine if you offered something that was 'pre-worn' to a clothing buyer 100 years ago they would look at you like you were crazy. Did it start sometime in the 70s/80s when the idea of fashion made its way into the mainstream?
  17. Danny

    10 years….

    I am amazed that I have been reading this forum for 10 years and I still find it interesting and stimulating almost every day. What a treat! Who knew you could discuss this stuff in such depth?! Thanks everyone for keeping this such a fine repository of discourse! Danny
  18. Danny

    Plain Point/Straight Collar Oxford Shirt?

    Does anyone make a plain point shirt out of regular oxford cloth, not pinpoint? It seems like the standard oxford cloth is used only for button downs…? Danny
  19. Danny

    Video of LL Bean warehouse It seems pretty much as vast as I assumed, and since this is a few years old I bet it's even larger now…nevertheless it is interesting to see. Danny
  20. Danny

    Lisbon shops / Teba

    Hi all, Anyone know a place to get a Teba jacket in Lisbon? I will be there in a couple of weeks and thought I'd check them out if they might be sold anywhere there. Thanks! Danny