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    Wear a Turtleneck with Your Sport Jacket!

    This is probably a direction I should go. I've never been a big fan of the open collar/sport coat look, but I think the turtleneck could work. Right now, when I wear a sport coat, it's usually over a crew neck sweater, but I might have to consider a turtleneck in the near future.
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    Da Well Turn-Out Mobster Thread

    Well, it helps that those guys knew how to dress. Today's gangsters aren't very glamorous, that's for sure.
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    A Return to Formal and Semiformal wear

    Maybe, someday, I will be in a place where I could wear an outfit like that. Or even a white dinner jacket. Not so far in my life, though.
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    Dressing Well in the Heat

    Hey! I ride a Triumph!
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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    There was a Ferrari SP2 at an event I was at last weekend, and I have to say that is the most amazing looking modern car I have ever seen! Just fantastic, in my opinion.
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    Nat Sherman cigars and cigarettes

    I don't know anything about Nat Sherman cigars, I guess that's an east coast thing? Anyway, I am partial to La Gloria Cubana cigars, or the occasional Partagas.
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    Jacket length; Are pleated pants coming back in?

    I am very happy to hear that pleated pants are coming back into style, as I have been wearing them all along!
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    A Return to Formal and Semiformal wear

    I'm looking forward to breaking out my tuxedo rig this fall! I think I wore it 3 times in the past year.
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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    I saw a Studebaker President the other day with the most amazing interior. I wish I had taken a picture. It had this vertical striped cloth that looked like the sort of thing some of us on here have pants made of. It was well worn and clearly original, but just incredible to see.
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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    The Healey in the middle picture is from a local Portland dealer, Avant Garde Collection: His photography is spectacular, and I think in many ways this VW Bus is the ultimate...
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    the Sports Coat and Turtleneck Thread

    That wouldn't happen to be Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos infamy, would it? I believe she favored that look.
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    Shirt Questions/Suggestions

    I have to comment on gray shirts. I have a couple of them, and I wear them with either navy blue slacks, or once in a while jeans. I think they look fine, but as mentioned above, they are not particularly versatile. Still, I think they have a place.
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    So Just What Is "Business Casual"?

    Personally, I think your GE colleague had it right. Although I do like a tan suit in the summer. Personally, I'm not a fan of "business casual" but I also recognize that I don't make the rules.
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    So Just What Is "Business Casual"?

    I'd say that works. And I agree-- I like the coat.
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    Dressing Well in the Heat

    I was wearing my tan colored suit, blue striped tie and panama hat the other day, just walking down the sidewalk, and a guy stopped, did a double take, and said "The full Palm Beach!"
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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    I was at my athletic club yesterday (the MAC) and there was a silver XK-E convertible parked in the garage along with all the SUVs. What a contrast! Absolutely the most beautiful car ever made.
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    When Did Men Stop Wearing Suits and Hats?

    On the subject of hats, I have noticed that hats are still quite popular. It's just hats with full brims which are not so popular any more-- I see people wearing baseball caps and trucker hats all the time, all over the place. I mentioned this insight to my son, and he pointed out to me that in...
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    Advice for shorts

    When do those shorts cross the line and become Jorts? Personally, I would never wear denim shorts under any circumstances.
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    "Dressy Casual" for an event at the South Carolina Governor's Mansion

    So what happened? How was the event?
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    "Dressy Casual" for an event at the South Carolina Governor's Mansion

    That seems reasonable to me. So what would be considered "dressy casual?"