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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    The Seiko 5 sold. Thanks!
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Seiko Sportsmatic 5, waterproof, Diashock, 21 jewels, serial number 5000472. Recently cleaned and serviced and with a brand new crystal installed. I'll include the navy/yellow NATO strap. This watch runs beautifully. Old style: No battery to replace, rewinds automatically with motion. Whale...
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    I thought I'd put this relatively traditional Seiko waterproof Sportsmatic 5 here first. Please let me know if I should move it to the Sales Forum. Includes Navy blue and gold NATO watchband. Works beautifully, has been cleaned, had a new crystal installed and given the once-over by a pro. Its...
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    Ratio Clothing OCBD... anyone tried?

    I'm officially disappointed in the price creeping up...New chambray and drafting shirts are 125, as are the tattersalls. That's too much for me. Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy the only Ratio shirt I'll ever buy!
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    Having trouble reaching Kyle Rancourt

    I don't take it personally; it's a purely practical matter. I own two pair of Quoddys and know exactly how they fit. I wrote to ask if the Rancourt fit is comparable to Quoddy or if there were any idiosyncrasies in the Rancourt fit that I needed to know about before I ordered a pair. I have not...
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    Quoddy Camp Moccasins

    You're not going to hear them from me. My 2 pair of 2 year-old Quoddys, both made of Chromexcel, have the same break-in and patina of my nicest, oldest shoes. The chromexcel, being a more durable, thicker leather, molds more tightly to my bare foot than the pleather of other boat shoes like...
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    Having trouble reaching Kyle Rancourt

    He never answered an email from me, either...and for that very reason I'm leaning towards the Quoddy camp moc instead of the Rancourt.
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    Ratio Clothing OCBD... anyone tried?

    Got my Classic Fit Ratio shirt. Excellent quality. Wonderful fabric. Appears to be very well-made. The cuffs are, to my eye, absurdly large. My wrists float in them, literally. I measured the cuffs edge-to-edge on, respectively, shirts by Mercer, BB, Gitman, Ledbury, and Bill's: none of them...
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Brooks Brothers vintage poplin sack, 3/2 roll, two patch pockets, khaki color...Listed as 44R and that feels about right to this 42/43R guy. Perfect condition and I'm truly bummed it does not fit. PM me for photos and measurements. Will try to get some up later. $40. A perfect Spring/Summer...
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    Um... Belgian Shoes?

    I'm with TBS...If I had the scratch I'd pony up tomorrow. A friend's dad is about the coolest 80 year-old I've ever met. Was not at all surprised when he showed up at one of his grandson's lacrosse games wearing Belgians. Not sure how the wife would react if I did buy a pair...For a three...
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    looking for GTH socks, striped

    Corgi's got some great ones. We've got two COrgi dealers in Baltimore so they're easy to come by round these parts...Don't know about Charleston. Ofcourse they do have a website:
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    Ebay Trad Spoilers: Clothes, Shoes & Accoutrements

    Good morning gents. A listing for a pair of O'Connell's bleeding madras trou, my listing:
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    Alternatives to Bean Boots

    My go-to roustabout boot is the Blundstone 550. Was wearing them just yesterday in this nasty inch-plus of ice slash snow we got here in Baltimore. They're fine. Good soles in the ice, mostly waterproof, and I'll slip them on in the summer if it's rainy and muddy. Not insulated and versatile...
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Have benefited greatly from Hockey Insider's recent Bookster purge. He shipped immediately and they're wonderful trousers! The cords fit me as if tailored. Recommended seller.
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    Ebay Trad Spoilers: Clothes, Shoes & Accoutrements

    I just put my Oak Street blue penny loafers on eBay. They've been recently resoled (I think I've worn them once with the new soles): Additionally, for the outdoorsy traditionalist, you can't get much more traditional than these old school Vasque mountaineering boots: Thanks for looking.
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    Indy boot repair

    I'd let your local guy take a peek. The separation is annoying but does not look too bad. Or, write Nick at BNelson...Do that before sending back to Alden.
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    Oak Street Bootmakers

    George, sent you an email through the 'info' address on your site. I'd love to learn more about the chromexcel and olive tassels!
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    Michael at Yoicks in Baltimore just got a metric heap-load of shetlands in. He had them made in Scutlind. I bought an 'asparagus' color on Friday; a brownish green. he also has...I can't recall, three or four more colors, in addition to some smashing Fair Isle sweaters as well. The shetlands are...
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    Alden all-weather walkers - need owner's opinions/reviews

    I've got a pair of the Leffot/Alden AWW's and love them. Fantastically comfortable. That said, I'm with the above posters who claim the shoe is heavy. It is. It's a big boat of a shoe, at least the Leffot Aldens are, and hard to imagine wearing them in the dry heat of Israel. Mine are Horween...
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    What makes expensive ties expensive?

    I just bought a fancy tie from Ben Silver in Charleston through their sale page. It was $150 (or something...anyhow, way more than I'd ever pay for a tie) marked down to 48. I would happily pay another 50 bucks for another Ben Silver tie, and I may yet...Luxurious fabric, British-made...