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  1. mrkleen

    Mens Suits Sport Coats in Nuremberg Germany

    Any ideas on decent places for mens clothing in Nuremberg?
  2. mrkleen

    Brooks Cool - Any Experience?

    I am assuming that Brooks Cool, is simple a type of fabric and that the line of available "cuts" (Fitzgerald, Milano, Madison and Regent) are basically the same in terms of sizing - shoulders - arm holes etc. Anyone have any idea if that is correct or any additional insight? Reason I ask is I...
  3. mrkleen

    502 Bad Gateway - Repeated Page Errors Out here

    Anyone else getting page errors when clicking links out here?<br><br>Been happening over the last few days.<br><br><h1 style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Times; text-align: -webkit-center;">502 Bad Gateway</h1>
  4. mrkleen

    Automatic Watch Winder

    Wasnt sure where to put this, so if it needs to be moved....thanks in advance. Anyone have a tip on a good automatic watch winder? Dont really want to spend $400+ dollars - but looking for a simple reliable winder. Thanks in advance.
  5. mrkleen

    This Thursday - 30% off with corporate discount card

    Thursday 3/15 - 30% off = about $699 for an 1818 Would the fathers day sale be better, or do you guys think this is as good as it gets? Thank you.
  6. mrkleen

    Any opinions on Epic Shirtmakers?

    Found a good deal on a coupon for buying custom shirts from Epic Shirtmakers Anyone have any experience with their offerings? Thanks.
  7. mrkleen

    Penn State Student Body - DISGRACE The Penn State Student Body’s Disgrace November 10, 2011 12:12 P.M. By Last night, a large number of Penn State students utterly disgraced...
  8. mrkleen

    Big Progressive Wins in AZ, OH, MS, ME - and the list goes on

    Big night for the left across the country last night, as progressives and moderates delivered knock out wins in a number of states: Ohio -- workers’ rights and defending the middle class - WIN In Ohio, voters stood up their neighbors -- their nurses, teachers, policemen and firefighters -- and...
  9. mrkleen

    Handkerchief - Pocket Square - does it really matter??

    Handkerchief pressed into a square – or a true pocket square. Does it matter? I have a number of silk and cotton decorative pocket squares. I know pocket squares are often smaller and contain less material which can make it easier to place in the breast pocket. But when it comes to wanting...
  10. mrkleen

    Hart Marx at Mens Wearhouse

    Got an email today from Mens Wearhouse and noticed they are now selling Hart Marx Suits. They have a sale this weekend where you buy one suit and...
  11. mrkleen

    Necessity of Tailoring Casual Khaki Pants

    I purchased a pair of relaxed fit Khakis from the new Lands End Canvas collection. They are surprisingly comfortable and priced right for a casual summer option...but they are about 1/2 inch too long. If they were any other style of pants (from dress trousers to jeans), I would have them...
  12. mrkleen

    Last Days In The Back Bay for Louis... Last days in the Back Bay Famed Newbury Street luxury store LouisBoston ready for waterfront move By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff | January 7, 2010 Shoppers began bidding farewell yesterday to Back Bay...
  13. mrkleen

    manners Interviewer Dress?

    The subject of what to wear TO an interview has been discussed a great length out here, but my question has to do with how to dress when you are conducting interviews. I interviewed for two different positions at two different firms on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and both times I...
  14. mrkleen

    Kathy's Scottish Desinger Knitwear on Ebay? Found this ebay store and they claim to have 3 ply Scottish Cashmere sweaters made by Lyle & Scott, Pringle, Murray Allen at good prices. They have some plain, V Neck Cashmere from Lyle and Scott at around $130 US dollars. First off...
  15. mrkleen

    "He has no credibility left"

    "He has no credibility left." -- Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), quoted by the Las Vegas Sun in 1998, urging Bill Clinton to resign after he admitted an extramarital affair. How does that quote about people in glass houses go again?
  16. mrkleen

    In Praise of: Sterlingwear Peacoats

    After reading several positive reviews on the site, I decided to check out Sterlingwear of Boston and their selection of Peacoats. After realizing they were located in East Boston, about block from where I grew up - I decided to call and ask if they took orders in person and if I could come...
  17. mrkleen

    Can a tailor make a french cuff into a barrel cuff?

    Can a tailor make a french cuff into a regular (button) cuff? I have a french cuff shirt, that I never wear - as it just seems too casual to wear as such. Is it possible for my tailor to turn it into a barrel cuff shirt without too much trouble?
  18. mrkleen

    A&E Hillcrest - are they low in the back?

    I recently purchased a pair of A&E Hillcrest and really like everything about them except, they feel much lower in the back than most other pairs of shoes - i.e. it just fees like I am not sinking into them - and they slip around a bit. Is this common with this style or am I just losing my...