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    The long night is over

    Hello again everyone. 2015 and most of 2016 was a long tedious mission, which I really hated by the end. But that's in the past now. A few weeks ago I started a new and very different job, which I really like. Also, it's my birthday today, double nickels! And so when I got the e-mail this...
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    military & police coats

    What have you got? (note: not uniform tunics, bomber jackets or uniform jackets, just uniform top coats) I've got: 1970s Green German field coat, with detachable lining like this: 1950s London Metropolitan Police db great coat (black buttons) 1970s London Metropolitan Police db car coat...
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    watches in the field

    Hello chaps, I've been MIA for a very looong time I know. Partly due to my job, partly personal, partly travelling. Anyway, I'm now back in the field (occasionally - with the Swedish National Guard on an Infantry Insert Company) and I was wondering what kind of field watches (those of you who...
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    :) :)
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    I refuse to accept that I am alone on this forum in....

    ...simply grabbing a 3-pack of black socks in my sports store or supermarket for about 10 euros, as and when I need them..and that might be when I am buying the makings for chicken fajitas on a Friday evening...or when I'm buying new trainers for one of my sons....but not often as I probably...
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    british Your help please.

    As research for one of my papers, possibly a book later, I am in need of official or reliable websites detailing certain first World War statistics e.g . Ratio of officers to men BEF land forces only, gallantry medals (i.e not Campaign gongs ) awarded per capita to a, officers b, enlisted men...
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    car marque Picture emblems

    Going by emblem alone, Citroen should be called Chevron, Vauxhall should be called Wyvern (they had a model in the 50s called Wyvern), Saab should be called Grip (which is Swedish for Griffin, there was a Saab car trim/engine mod called Griffin, as well as a Saab fighter jet), Renault should be...
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    car marque emblems

    Duplicate deleted
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    Not many car companies that own everything.

    I'm not including heavy goods vehicles, buses, plant, off road machines, mortorbikes etc. Only street legal cars, pickups and vans GM Vauxhall Alpheon Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Holden Opel Baojun JieFang Wuling UzDaewoo VW Group (V.A.G was only slang it was never called V.A.G) VW Audi...
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    trivia, Popes names

    Without googling, how many Popes do you think used their given name as their Papal name? Your answer should only be a number.
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    trivia, Popes names

    Deleted duplicate
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    Your top 3 all time favourite footwear

    All categories, your top 3: 1. Brown brogued oxford toecap boot 2. Black plain oxford toecap boot 3. Heavy brown country "dimpled leather" brogued shoe
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    Odd request, shrinking a plastic jacket

    I've got a 1980s Oakland A's baseball jacket, the all green plasticy (nylon? polyester? I dunno) distressed look bomber jacket version, as opposed to the satiny official ones for the team. Now, the thing is this, the jacket is huge on me because I was huge back then. Is there anyway of...
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    27 suit rules

    Some sound advice here. I only disagree with two: #5 and #27.
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    What is beyond very tiresome...

    ....On the fashion forum is the Endless stream of threads complaning about the lack of hats,ties, 3 piece suits, heavy woollen overcoats and umbrellas, and the same old tradders complaining about jeans, trainers, shorts, short sleeved shirts, black suits and so on...the clue is in the title...
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    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all. Today everyone is Irish
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    You & your children

    My 15 y.o. son and I last June when he graduated from 10 year compulsory school. I'm 6'0" so he's about 6"3 in this photo He is now 16½ and pushing 6'5"
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    Trying the car thread again

    Not about excitement or exhiliration at speed. This is about fun or boredom from everyday use: Most fun: 1. Vauxhalls/Opels 2. Fiats (500, X19, Panda, 600 - London, Maderia, Sweden, Italy - fun wherever I've driven them ) 3. Small Korean/Japanese cars 4. Jaguars (especially my friend's C Type...
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    1115 or 2015? Here come the Cavalry!

    Doesn't matter, il Papa has given his blessing to a Crusade to stop IS, so saddle up those warhorses, we're Middle Eastern bound!
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    1115 or 2015...? Ohly

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