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  1. sbdivemaster

    sold Genuine Ace® Hard Rubber Combs 7", Half Fine - Half Medium Teeth

    Recently came across a new lot and thought some of the members might be interested. They are NOS, but show some kind of shelf/rub wear and odd lines on the back side. I tried to capture in the pics but just couldn't get the camera to really pick it up... so, they are unused but not pristine...
  2. sbdivemaster

    sold Genuine Ace® Hard Rubber Combs 5", Fine Teeth, UPDATED

    Genuine Ace® Hard Rubber Combs After 150+ years, Ace® stopped making their signature Hard Rubber combs sometime in the early 2000's. Now they are just like any other cheap plastic comb made in China. :mad: I came across these recently, and thought some of the members might be interested. The...
  3. sbdivemaster

    Rancourt & Co. Weltline Penny Loafer

    Prices include US/APO shipping. International buyers contact me for shipping rates. Price $120 (Shoe trees not included) ********************************************* Rancourt & Co. (Made for Rider Boot) Loafers Weltline Penny Loafer, Brown Calf Skin Click pics for larger view. Very...
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    Want To Look Like a Rugged Working Man, But Don't Want To Work Or Get Dirty...? The price is even more astounding!
  5. sbdivemaster

    PSA: LE Seersucker Pants - $22

    Waist sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40 Inseams: 30 and 32 $21.97 Good deal on some good looking summer pants!
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    25 Years Ago at Brooks Brothers...

    Photocopied this out of a 1992 EW magazine...
  7. sbdivemaster

    New Yorkers: Where to buy Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

    I'm in NYC and I am looking to buy some Venetian Imperial Leather Balm... Anyone know where I can get some? Maybe in the Wall Street area or Brooklyn Heights...?
  8. sbdivemaster

    HELP! Need Recommendation for NYC Cleaner...

    that knows what they are doing when it comes to pressing a 3/2 sack blazer. Don't want to get into minute detail, but got my 3/2 sack blazer cleaned; I explained carefully to the man how I wanted the lapels hand pressed and that the jacket style had the lapel roll over the top button, he...
  9. sbdivemaster

    NYC Thrift Recommendations?

    I'm making one of those very rare trips out of Shangri-La in a few weeks; even more rare, I'm heading back to my old stomping grounds of NYC. There's a big event at the Heights Casino, so it has to be done. It's been so long, I have no idea about any of the thrift stores in NYC these days. I...
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    $470 Boxer Shorts?!?

    They better be fur lined...
  11. sbdivemaster

    sales Aquascutum 44R(?) Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

    Price includes US/APO shipping. International buyers contact me for shipping rates. Aquascutum Suit Charcoal w/Blue & Tan Pin Stripes The fabric is a nice darker charcoal with blue pin stripe and even thinner tan stripe (almost dotted line); Very nice fabric! T. Madden & Co. was a...
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    For those embarrassing moments when you've had one chili dog too many... Trad or not Trad?
  13. sbdivemaster

    Seeking Sassafras

    I am experimenting with making cola and root beer again... I need some sassafras root, but it doesn't grow out here on the left coast. Any Easterners willing to dig up some sapling roots and send them to me? Maybe we can work out a trade...
  14. sbdivemaster

    Is It Available in a 3/2 Sack?
  15. sbdivemaster

    Real Deal or Cheap Knock-off?

    I have no particular reason to doubt the authenticity, but I don't recall ever seeing this label... Yay or nay?
  16. sbdivemaster

    Brooks Brothers Milano pants fit...?

    Recently came across some BB Milano fit chinos at a thrift. The hems had been let out, like they were going to be taken up, but that obviously didn't happen. They are tagged in my waist size, but the inseam is long (no biggie to hem them); when I went to try them on for measuring the hem, I...
  17. sbdivemaster

    Single Malt Birthday Gift Recommendations...?

    Need to get a B-Day gift for a friend. He's not an expert, but does know his scotch. He prefers Islay's (i.e. peaty), but I purchased some more sherry-ish species for him in the past that he liked. Anyway, looking for suggestions from those more versed than I; this year's budget is in the...
  18. sbdivemaster

    Where are Tucker Blair Needlepoint Belts Made?

    Before you answer, take a look at the two links below: :icon_scratch:
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    Buy A Suit For a Veteran

    If you might be planning a suit purchase in the immediate future, please consider getting a 3-for-1 deal at Jos. A Bank: I know they're not the highest quality, but might be good for some travel suits, a young trad just starting out, or something to get you through some tough economic...
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    From JW Anderson...

    Fashions for men...? :icon_scratch: