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    Quality of ALLEN EDMUNDS, please help

    Gentlemen I did a post yesterday, not here today. I have to ask your opinion of allen edmunds. The shoes I got at AAFES were 200 bcuks. They were nice, but did not scream out at me. I have bought the same kind of shoe from Brooks, Bostonian, Bass. They were not a wow feeling at all. I got...
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    Allen Edmunds NOT SHOES but other

    Gentlemen I just went from Aldens primarily to AE. I got the strand at a great price at AAFES. I bought a belt on allen edmunds site. And after I paid, found out there was a lot of discourse with the belt quality in most. I paid 98 bucks, nothng big. Probably should have done a british...
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    AAFES Military questions

    Gentlemen It seems that Hickey Freeman is back on AAFES. There is a link to other partners that work with military. I remember about 7 -10 years ago Hickey off the top had 20 percent , that we could use even on sales. Not like that anymore. Another question, any one here know when the...
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    Question bout Hickey from Nordstrum help

    Gentlemen I am looking at a Hickey ( Model not known on label not there ) Am told fully canvassed. The numbers etc are there, no model. I know the Addison model is at Norstrum, and is a canvas and part of the Mahogoney. Sounds iffy but model name not on tag. Suit is nordstrum. Can you...
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    My ACC fans

    Thought I forgot! Sorry to mu UNC friends, looks like Duke on a roll. I know you all are sicke of me. Since I have been here, Duke has won 10 ACC tournaments, and 3 nationals ( FUI). My Big East Fans, Pac 10 fans and Big Ten and so on. Wait till the tourney starts. Member Kansas got...
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    need expert Hickey help!

    Gentlemen, For you all Hickey must be awful to figure out. My first Hickey was early 1970 time frame. Have owned many slacks, sport coats. Here is my dilemma. The know Hickey FReeman I have liked has been the mainline suits, the better suit. Now we have Sterling, Mahogoney ( which is...
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    William Lockie camel in finally

    gentleman I posted about a 4 ply William Lockie sweater I got from Westaway in England . This Lockie is a darker brown, softer than cashmere. it ran me 200 bucks, postage paid . Of note a delay of a couple months and well worth it Xmas not a time to get one I guess The advantage buying England...
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    Norman Hilton!!

    Gentlemen I think my first suit was a Norman Hilton in the mid to late 1960 time frame. There was an older man on this forum who loved the very same suits. Ken Pollock are you still here? He was a lawyer in Louisanna I think. Anyway, Norman Hilton has a web site up with very attractice...
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    Leonard Logsdail Hunting attire

    Gentlemen When I was in Europe years ago, while with the service. I got a great love for scottish sweaters, Hardy bamboo fly rods. And British and German outdoor clothing. I am a fan of Lasken, Chrysalis, Schoeffel especially. Rascher is the best kept secret of them all. Anyway, I see...
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    Questions Hickey Freeman 150 weight wool

    Gentlemen Since my retirement, have been looking for a suit. Not for work anymore. I need one last suit. I am a big Hickey Freeman fan. They have a Loro Piana Super 150 wool. Which looks very nice. I have been a 120 all along. Is this too light weight a suit. I will need for...
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    What is Bracken ( color)

    Gentlemen, for the life of me, it appears to be a dark, brownish color. When you google this, it says a plant, green in color. What is bracken, this I have seen with C&J shoes and others. Thank you Jimmy
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    Brooks brothers boat shoe

    Yea, you heard it here. I decided to go with this. It cost me 59 bucks. I am giving up on the cordovan deck shoe How is this shoe. I know there are a thousand topsider types here, many LL bean types, Timberland. I have worn all. How the Brooks one. I know it is imported. Also, Brooks...
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    cordovan boat shoes

    Hi my friends, Yea, sound stupid. Now that I am in my retirement. I want something disgusting. I am looking for a cordovan boat shoe. Just to wear. Not to boat in. I know Ralph Lauren did a set a couple years ago, made out of Maine I believe. Anybody seen any . I know Oak Street and Quoddy...
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    Makr Wallets

    Gentlemen I have since had no need to a large wallet. I have owned Hartman, Aspinal ( which was poor) and probaly all others. I just got a Makr walnut cordovan wallet. The flap, slim wallet. It looks like what my dad used in the 1950 time period. I was so impressed with this wallet, they...
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    Sweaters, Ben Silver, Made in scotland

    Gentlemen Since I am home now with this altzheimers flu, I call it. I have been searching for a camel hair sweater, 4 ply. And one made in Scotland. Now made in Scotland means, the camel hair, or cashemer are made there. William Lockie is one of several that meet this criteria. With all of...
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    Oscar Udesshi shirts

    Gentlemen Years ago I had seen one of his shirts I believe out of an australian web site. I mentioned this collar bak then. And also his ties were what I wanted in a simple light blue, elegant design. I was looking for a blue pindot to replace some old one. Anyway, have just seen he will...
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    Do it here Good Bye

    Gentlemen I have come to the conclusion, it is time to say good bye to you all. I have enjoyed the forum, and have had nothing but fun, and damn great fights, which I have enjoyed. I have become ill and am not able to practice medicine anymore. Thus I will spend all my time on the trout...
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    Quaran burning?

    Gentlemen What do you all think about this minister in Florida want to have a burn festival of the Quaran. Doing this Sept 11. In memory of what happened in NY. Gen Petraeus appears concerned. My feeling, when reading this gentlemans reasons. I am all for it. I did not think it would...
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    Gentlemen I ordered a credit card wallet from Aspinal, and a refill from Hartman. For a planner that I cherish. I got the most elegant wallet just now from Aspinal, beautiful piece of work. The best I have owned! 4-5 days mail maybe. Hartman where is my refill? Later
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    Gentlemen Anyone in the know regarding the grand opening of their store? I have so many of their ties and shirts from years ago, that still wear great, and look it. I am hoping Charvet does their ties. God, the ones I have are beautiful. Anyway, nice day my friends