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  1. dpihl

    Register your own tartan

    Suppose you had a name like Wang. Or Pihl. Or Yamazaki. You're probably guessing there is no scottish clan associated with your family. Welp, if you wanna you kin register a tartan for your family. In fact, since the Tartan Registry started in 2008, there have been a lot of real clans that...
  2. dpihl

    Bespoke Gatsby Caps

    Hey gang! I've been searching for days to find my old post about the firm that makes bespoke Ivy Caps, Flat Caps, Gatsby Caps, Newsboy Caps, or whatever you like to call them. As far as I can tell the thread was deleted. So I spent a couple of hours scanning my email in box, and finally found...
  3. dpihl

    Anybody tried the Stauer Buttonwood

    Years ago, I checked out a boat load of books from the public library about horology. I concluded that the Traddest wristwatch would have Roman Numerals, a white, round dial, a gold (or gold tone) case, and black hands. It would pretty much look like the classic pocket watch, except smaller and...
  4. dpihl

    Trad Eyeglasses Revisited

    I probably should have posted this several years ago, but I can tell you without equivocation that this is a really simple, cheap way to get yourself a pair of Trad eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses. Years ago, I went to Wal Mart to get some eyeglass lenses made for me. I had been told by...
  5. dpihl

    New club collar style at

    Hey gang! I just noticed a new club collar style at Maldonado's web site. Thought some of you might be interested. Anybody ever use their services before?
  6. dpihl

    Tennis Hats (apparently they're called "Aussie Hats"! Who knew?
  7. dpihl

    Hiroshi Watatani Part II

    Hey guys, just found a few more pictures by Hiroshi Watatani. The web pages in question are probably familiar to some of you. I haven't checked in for several years, so I'm sorry if these links are redundant. Enjoy. Just went through a very messy divorce. I've been fighting tooth and nail for...
  8. dpihl

    Willis & Geiger (good news, bad news)

    Willis and Geiger at Land's End
  9. dpihl

    Confusing price structure...

    Men's Gullwing Nylite Canvas Price: $59.99 Men's Gullwing Nylite Leather Price: $48.99
  10. dpihl

    Costume Boots

    Don't know if any of you have noticed, or even if any of you care. But the days of wearing red galoshes as part of a Mighty Mouse Halloween costume are about to become a faded and distant memory. Not that I got frost bitten toes that night back in 1974 or anything...
  11. dpihl

    Wool Cavalry Twill Riding Breeches

    Not exactly something you see every day. In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this offered for sale as newly manufactured merchandise. Not that I have any use for them, I'm just interested to know they are available somewhere in the universe.
  12. dpihl

    Which Motorcar?

  13. dpihl

    Is This Trad?

  14. dpihl

    Thread fixer

    Need help posting Tradlier looking photos on this Forum? Then try the Edo photo generator. Here's a fairly straightforward explanation on how it works. If you're borrowing a photo from an online source, note that you only need to past the URL into the bar where the roman letters URL appear.
  15. dpihl

    Anybody Have 200MB of HD space to spare for these screen caps?

    The movie was nowhere near as wonderful as I'd remembered. However, the costumes, lighting, and cinematography were quite good. Alas, I'd also misremembered about seeing the Andover Shop. So anyway, without further ado, here is the temporary download link:
  16. dpihl

    Anybody read the Trad in America Blog? Apparently the author is in high school. I couldn't read it, so I used the old trick of typing control+A to select (and therefore highlight) all the text on the page. Copying it and pasting it into a text...
  17. dpihl

    Anybody know where to find this sweater?

    Gentlemen: I have an urgent need for a college striped sweater for men, that looks roughly like this photo I found at Baby Gap's web site. Anybody seen one lately? It will be worn a lot, so good quality is more important than price.
  18. dpihl

    Herringbone or Tweed?

  19. dpihl

    If not a Squire, why not a Laird?
  20. dpihl

    Cement Shoes

    The ever ubiquitous Clark's Desert Boots are now made in canvas. What would you guys call this color-- stone? cement? British khaki?