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    With Southwick no longer in business, my local mens' shop suggested Empire as a replacement. I've generally had my suits made by H. Freeman, and I've been reasonably happy with them. Empire had some very nice fabrics and beautiful linings, and so I went ahead. I just picked it up, and so far...
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    Will COVID-19 Kill the Tie?

    Over the last few months, as I've done far too many Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, etc calls, I have noticed that I am the only one who wears a jacket and tie... even in groups where previously this was the standard. In fact, I have even been frequently (and only somewhat jokingly) called out for...
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    I'm very sorry to report that Tony Spear, the longtime owner of Este's Men's Shop in Portland, passed away last night after a very brief illness. Tony was a real gentleman, and an ace with a measuring tape. He was also way too young to pass away... I bought numerous MTM suits from him (have one...
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    Best Dressed City in America?

    We all had a good laugh at the GQ list of "Worst Dressed Cities in America"-- now, what is the Best Dressed City in America?