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    English American Tailors: Bought a Mask - They threw in a matching Suit!

    I recently picked up a mask from English American Tailors and they threw in a new suit. Or was it the other way around. The suit is a 3 roll new in a dark brown flannel (even though in the photo it looks looks gray on my monitor. It's as 130's fabric in the 12 oz. range. Also recently...
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    Current status of

    I tried placing an order for a shirt today and their website indicated they're not processing orders right now. I tried calling and got an answering machine. Does anybody have any insights on what is going on, i.e. when will they begin processing orders? Will they contact clients who have...
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    Anyone have experience stretching a fur felt hat

    I have a couple of fedoras that seem to have gotten smaller. I've heard a hat jack can be used to make the hat a little larger. Is a 1/4 " increase a reasonable expectation? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Is it just me?

    Over the past week, I've been experiencing an increasing number of ads when visiting AAAC. It seems I'm spending more time trying to get rid of unwanted ads than I'm spending actually reading posts. Not only is the number of ads multiplying (faster than rabbits) it seems all of them are...
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    Rolling up sleeves

    I've noticed that all men I've seen with sleeves rolled up fold the cuff up over the sleeve. I once worked for a man who always folded the cuff under the sleeve. This, IMHO, provides a much neater presentation. I'm curious what other men do: when rolling up sleeves, do you fold the sleeve up...
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    Opinion on wearing a flat cap with an overcoat

    In the past, I've only worn a tweed flat cap with my rain and shine coat and worn a trilby or fedora with an overcoat. What are your thoughts on wearing a solid color wool flat cap with an overcoat.
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    What the ???

    Okay, I just clicked on the shop now for what I believe is a new Ask Andy advertiser; W H Taylor Luxury bespoke shirts. Their website menu shows a page for size charts. Bespoke = Size charts? This company must be owned by a descendant of the late P T Barnum.
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    Any rule of thumb - how much can trouser waist be taken in?

    Does any one have any experience with taking in the waist on a pair of dress trousers? What is the maximum the waist can be taken in without any negative impact in terms of appearance? Your input would be appreciated
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    Help needed - error posting pics

    I'm trying to post some pictures and keep getting an "undefined" error message. Any thoughts on addressing this issue. I also seem to have a limit on the number of picures I can post at one time, is there any solution to this problem? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    My bespoke adventure - final visit

    Final adjustments were made and the suit was ready for me to pick up in one week.
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    My bespoke adventure - second try on

    Adjustment were made and the suit was ready in one week. We decided to wait until after this try on to complete the working cuffs.
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    My bespoke adventure - fisrt try on

    Just the basic shell of the suit was ready in roughly 5 weeks, I happened to visit at the tail end of a big surge in demand. Adjustments made at this stage would be made and another try -on was ready in roughly two weeks.
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    My bespoke adventure - 1st visit

    I recently enbarked on a journey to achieve one of my sartorial bucket list items. I've been purchasing MTM clothing since the mid 1980's but have always wanted to experience the bespoke process. This fall, I decided to replace my summer weight solid navy suit with a true custom suit. I chose...
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    Input on tattersall and twed tie options part 2

    Any thoughts on these?
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    input tattersall and tweed tie options part 1

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on these combinations in terms of colors and scale. any,
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    Brooks Brothers 346

    Does anyone have a way to determine if a BB "346" SC is vintage or if it was made for the outlets?Thanks in advance.
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    Seersucker / pincord - which shoes to wear

    I recently acquired a couple of cotton suits, a blue pincord and a gray pincord suit. I'm curious what shoes other members would pair with each of these suits.
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    Sewell pincord suits

    Does anyone have any recent experience with this brand? Are they fairly well made? How much shoulder padding do they have? Thanks for any help.
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    Bespoke tailors and house style

    I'm interested in the concept of "house style" and American bespoke tailors. I know the tailors on Savile Row have very specific house styles but I'm curious about American bespoke tailors. In his book, Eminently Suitable, Bruce Boyer cites a number of American tailors that are more...
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    Am I hopelessly out of touch?

    I've avoided wearing clothes with logos for years, clinging to the belief that I'm not paid enough to be a walking billboard for any given brand. I've been searching for polos in traditional colors, hunter green and burgundy / maroon, but I haven't had much luck finding these colors without a...