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    C&J 375 last

    Thinking of ordering a pair of Selby's. Any thoughts on this last? Thanks in advance.
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    BB unlined collar OCBD

    There are very few sizes/colors left on line to buy. The 17.5/33 pocket version Madison ones I bought last summer were actually 1" shorter in the arm than my prior traditional cut 17.5/33. I don't really want, and probably no longer can, return these Madison ones, and aside from the too short...
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    Belt question

    Back in 1990 or 1991, I bought a very nice, very thin (thickness 2.5 mm) belt from Brooksfield, an Italian company that had a store in Vancouver. The width of the belt is just a hair more than 1 1/8" in width. The belt is more of a casual belt than a dress belt, but I have found it very dressy...
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    A. Hume vs. House of Bruar tweed jacket

    One costs 415 GBP, the other 225 GBP. They look similar to me in terms of cut and appearance; one is a 2 button, the other a 3. Anyone know where they are made? Anyone know anything about fit, quality, etc.? Both look very nice to me.
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    Another Burberrys trench coat thread

    Found this on ebay for about $98.00. Navy Burberrys trench. Labels look legit. Marked size is 44R. Wool zip out lining. Navy Burberrys composition tag on the lining says 100% wool. Two "howevers" however: 1) the coat is 53 inches long, measured from the top of the collar to the...
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    Peter Christian burgundy loafers

    Just received a pair. Top recommendation. I usually wear a US 10D. Some reviews said these fit large, so I order a 9.5. PC wisely sent a 9 (no indication on box if it was a UK 9 or US 9 or whatever) BUT these look wonderful and fit wonderfully. No heel slippage! May end up getting a tan...
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    Lord & Taylor in NYC closing

    Beyond belief and very sad. I know it was most likely not a destination for folks here, but my wife and her mom loved it and I bought a very nice PRL blue silk/wool sportcoat there in 2016 that I am now going to cherish the rest of my life.
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    Crockett & Jones Thierry

    So, I finally acquired one of my holy grail shoes: The Crockett & Jones Thierry. Black. 9 1/2 E. Very gently used. From their handgrade line. Shoe went out of production in about 2006, I believe. I know C&J can still make it up for you (I asked), but I am not consistent in C&J sizing (UK...
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    Rebel in the Rye jacket

    Discovered this movie about the life of J.D. Salinger last night. Watched the last half or so. I enjoyed it and recommend it. Towards the end of the movie, when J.D. is talking to Whit Burnett in the woods near his (J.D.'s home), J.D. is wearing a nice tan short waisted wind-breaker. If...
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    Smalto RTW Suit

    Hello: I will be Paris this summer. I like the look of SMALTO suits. I will only be there a week, so RTW is my only option. Does anyone here know the price of a RTW from SMALTO? Their web-site is silent on pricing. Many thanks in advance.
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    Hawes & Curtis

    I am thinking about some H&C white shirts. However, the site does NOT say if these are "non iron." I dislike non iron shirts, so thought I'd ask here. The shirt in question is $79, 4 for $199.00. Next question: When wearing an H&C shirt, do the sleeves ride up one's arms when one extends...
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    Tim Hardy Belts

    I recently ordered a belt from Tim Hardy in the UK. It is absolutely magnificent. Highest recommendation.
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    C&J Norwich sizing

    I have decided to get a pair, but am uncertain about sizing. I have 7 pair of C&J shoes, as follows: Connaught - U.S. Barneys branded 10D; Chelsea 3 - U.K. 9.5E; Westfield - U.K. 9E; Portman - U.K. 9E; Weybridge - U.K. 9.5E; Cranford 3 - U.K. 9.5E; and Selbourne - U.K. 9.5E. Both the...
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    Fillis belt in burgundy just arrived today. The quality of this belt is simply unbelievable. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.
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    Mullholland Leather Goods

    Has this company gone out of business? They previously repaired my J. Peterman American made Messenger Bag and now the bag needs more repair as the boning at one location has split. Thoughts, anyone?
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    Small, 1.5 inch collar stays

    If anyone knows where I can some of these, I would appreciate knowing. I have tried Amazon and Google without success.
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    Chester Barrie at Saks

    Just picked up a nice sportcoat on ebay. Chester Barrie, made in England with a Saks label. The label is the newish label, but the Made in England makes me think that this was made pre 2000, when RLPL was made by CB. Thoughts, anyone? Also, since when did Saks EVER carry CB? Certainly not...
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    Polo Ralph Lauren dress Chino's NOS

    Well, I cannot express how happy I am to have found, for the grand price of $17.00, including shipping, a pair of never worn, NOS, with the tags attached, USA made, Polo Ralph Lauren forward pleated dress chinos, with a front watch pocket and tab and a left rear pocket flap. This is the exact...
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    Observation on sizing

    So, I have long been a critic of the so-called "slim fitting" that has stricken men's fashion in recent years. Equally, I have fondly reminisced about the years (1983-2002) when suits and sport-coats fit me properly. In those years, I went from a 36R to a 44R, but at every size, most suits fit...
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    Men's Clothing in 1968 Sinatra film "The Detective"

    I saw this film once many years ago. I re-watched it recently, and enjoyed the men's attire in it. Specifically, the film confirms my notion of how monolithic men's tailored clothing has become. In this film, the men wear jackets that are center vented, side vented and non vented. In an...