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    Affordable classic cufflinks?

    Like most I own several pairs of silver cufflinks, however i haven't been able to find gold cufflinks and i would like to order some nice conservative ones, it should not be fake or plated but something within the low ct range should do just fine, my budget is £210, can you help? I would be most...
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    Looking for a good conservative suit on a tight budget...

    Here we go, my current budget is £210 and I'mlooking for a decent very conservative suit free of any man made fabrics, had a look at BaronBoutique but wasn't quite certain... I shall be in Paris very soon, any chance one might find something there? Or is there a good alternative to BaronBoutique...
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    Cheap but good MTM shoes, do they even exist?

    It's all been said, if you want suits go to BaronBoutique, if you want a Shirt go to Jantzen but what if you want MTM shoes that will last and cost you less than £300?
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    How many of each should a man own?

    For: Shirts... Underwear... Suits... Ties... Chinos... Jeans... Socks... Shoes... Sunglasses... Spectacles (If needed!)... Belts... Cufflinks... Silk Handkerchiefs... Scarf cravats... Blazers... Flannel Trousers... Polo Shirts... I'm just curious to hear why some men say they need 3 ties...
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    Ready to order my first Jantzen Shirt but...

    Hello! So i was about to order my first Jantzen Shirt when some things I have heard people say came to my mind, that even though Jantzen's shirts were really good quality and all they would take months to deliver! Since I am moving out in June I would like some advice on what to do and maybe...
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    Best classic & elegant watch for under $600?

    As the title says I am looking for a new watch for less than $600. I need something elegant preferably in gold or silver tones, black for the leather band and roman numerals. The watch should be suitable for any occasion but mainly formal. I don't want a modern or too contemporary "business"...
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    Help! What's his shirt size?

    I have someone's MTM shirt measurements and I'm trying to figure out what his OTR size would be, for me these measures are pretty much like chinese... If you can help I'll give you a hug :icon_smile_wink: Weight: 62kg Height: 171,5cm Chest & Stomach: Average, slightly rounded Shirt...
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    Should i fall for this Hermes Handkerchief?

    Here's the story, I need a new white handkerchief because the one which I currenty use is a bit too small. I was hesitating between a Turnbull & Asser one which retails for £40 and a Hermes one which retails at £90. In my extravagance I would choose Hermes since they are reputated for their...
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    Can a jacket with fake cuffs be adjusted into having working cuffs?

    And what would the cost of the operation be? :icon_smile:
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    Are Polo Ralph Lauren Sport Jackets semi-canvassed?

    And how does one recognize whether something is canvassed or semi canvassed?
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    List your favorite OTR brands!

    Mine are; Clothes - Casual: - Polo by Ralph Lauren (Jeans, Swimming Trunks, I also use the fragrance "Ralph Lauren Blue") - Brooks Brothers (I love their Polo shirts, which i think are the best in the world. I also love their chinos.) Clothes - Formal: - Polo by Ralph Lauren (I don't...
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    Member introduction & salutations!

    Hello everyone, This is my first post, I am not quite sure whether it is the appropriate section for this to be posted in, if it isn't then I do so appologize! So, I am a new member on AAAC; I usually try to dress as chic as I can even when I wear casual clothes (I don't own a single t-shirt and...