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  1. Flairball

    J. Press pop up store in Boston

    I just found out about this. Not sure if it’s been posted already, but it can’t hurt to post it again.
  2. Flairball

    Scored on this Harris Tweed Vest

    Found this on eBay and thought it was a great deal. fits perfectly, and I have a feeling it will become a regular feature.
  3. Flairball

    My routine; Unusual, or not?

    Sometimes it is the little things in life that make it interesting. In my case, less boring. Of course, those here that know me know my life is far from boring, but it has it's boring moments. Ironing is one of them.I learned to iron courtesy Uncle Sam, and don't mind doing it, but it is indeed...
  4. Flairball

    For the tweed lovers out there

    I don't know anything about this Vic Reeves fellow, but he sure loves tweed, so he must be okay.
  5. Flairball

    February acquisitions

    Wow. Never thought I'd be starting this thread, but you know how it goes sometimes. Bought a new pair of shoes; LLB Allagash Oxfords. Comfortable right out of the box, and light.
  6. Flairball

    What to wear? Driven bird shooting.

    As many of you know I'm an avid sportsman who frequently grouse hunts. Well, I'm off to England for a driven bird day, soon. The syndicate I'll be shooting with is a small operation, and it's a walk one-shoot one day. We will shoot 6 drives, of which I will beat 3, and shoot 3. It's not a formal...
  7. Flairball

    Sorry, another funeral question.

    Guys, sorry to be asking this, as I'm sure it's been kicked around before, but my brain is in a tailspin. Have not worn civilian wear to a funeral is a very long time, usually in uniform. Now I have to bury someone very close and important to me, and I'm limited in my options. So, dark blue...
  8. Flairball

    Brooks Traverner Question.

    This has probably been bounced around here before, but I'll be the guy that drops it again. I'm considering a tweed SC from BT. What do I need to know about their fit, or any other peculiar BT things should I know before ordering? There are two SCs on sale right now that I am interested in, and...
  9. Flairball

    Packing & Travelling

    I'm heading off to Japan again on Saturday. I've begun getting things ready to pack, and found myself suddenly wondering how much to bring. Usually I travel to Japan in the spring, and pack very casual clothing. Being it's the fall I am planning to wear much of the same stuff I wear here, but...
  10. Flairball

    Can I Wear This Shirt with This Suit?

    Looking for opinions, and a little help. I'm not a regular suit wearer, but I've got an event which will require I wear a suit. So I bought a couple of shirts. Can I wear this shirt with this suit? The suit is actually a deep navy color. I believe there is enough difference in the size of the...
  11. Flairball

    Farlows promotion.

    I found out this morning that Farlows is offering a £20 discount for anyone who signs up for their news letter.
  12. Flairball

    Missing the Mark

    This forum has been quite an eye opener, and has greatly helped me to dress more appropriately. I don't always hit the nail squarely on the head like so many other posters, but I am sure enjoying getting dressed more these days. As an avid wingshooter, I learned a long time ago that shooting...
  13. Flairball

    Blue chinos......???

    I've found a pair of blue chinos in the closet that I'd forgotten about. I seldom wear blue when I'm not working, but I'd like to swing these chinos into action. Problem is, I have no idea what to wear with them. They are pretty dark, but not navy. Most of you all have seen how I tend to...
  14. Flairball

    Language learning tech????

    I started studying French this week. I'm an absolute beginner, with no real reason to study the language other than I decided it was time to start another foreign language. Being a high tech world, I was hoping to find an iPhone app that might help me with my language studies. Can anyone...
  15. Flairball

    Sleeve length question

    I have found a tweed jacket on eBay that I am very interested in. The measurements all indicate that it should be a decent fit, but the sleeves are about 1 1/2"-2" too short. Is there generally enough material in the sleeve to have them let out? I contacted the seller with this question, but...
  16. Flairball

    Blizzard of 2013

    I hope our members in the northeast US are holding up well. We got a pretty good coating of snow yesterday, and through the night. I'm well snowed in, and will be spending quite a bit of time pushing my snowblower after breakfast. I lost power for about an hour last night, which makes me lucky...
  17. Flairball

    Anybody else have this problem?

    I fail to understand it, but then again I rarely understand her at all; the wife. She has made it clear that she does not appreciate my efforts over the last several weeks to dress better, and improve my over all appearance. I have always tried to look decent, but didn't fully understand , and...
  18. Flairball

    manners Wait time/call back question

    The wife I recently decided to order some take out, and elected to have it delivered rather than pick it up. We were told that the delivery would take "about" 40 minutes. Fair enough. What constitutes "about"? At the 60 minute mark we were still waiting, so I called to check on my order. Is 20...
  19. Flairball

    Sweater repair?

    I just discovered a small hole in a Barbour sweater my wife gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It's a really neat navy crew neck, and I'd hate to lose it. Can this be repaired?is that something a tailor would do? Or do I need to fins a specialist? Are there specialists? Help.
  20. Flairball

    Bow tie help.

    Can I wear this tie, with this shirt? Yes or no?