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    The Mechanical Smile by Caroline Evans

    Just acquired: A 2013 volume titled The Mechanical Smile: Modernism and the First Fashion Shows in France and America, 1900-1929 by Caroline Evans, Yale University Press. The book appears to be a scholarly inquiry into the early years of fashion shows and runways, especially during a period when...
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    Ben Silver Warehouse Sale

    Just received an email for the Ben Silver Warehouse Sale -- the email featured a herringbone tweed sports jacket for a reduction of almost $300:
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    Trimalchio in Nantucket? The Embezzlement at Alden

    I just learned that Richard Hajjar, the CFO at Alden has pled guilty to embezzling around $30 Million from the company, over a period of a decade or so. Alden is beloved to many in this forum, and a manufacturer with a great tradition and reputation. I am deeply saddened by this horrific...
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    The Cary Grant Microcheck Cloth from Fox

    Fox Mills are announcing a new cloth created in honour of the actor Cary Grant. It is a 100% Superfine Merino wool in a brown microcheck. It is described here: The description as you see it below is incorrect (blue wool and linen cloth), but click the link and you will get the correct image and...
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    High Quality Japanese and Chinese Shoes

    I have long felt that if companies in the west selected fine craftsmen in Eastern countries like Japan, China or India, and paid them well, they would produce high quality clothes and shoes that would equal manufacture anywhere else in the world. That trend is beginning to be seen and is...
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    The Transformations of Ivy Style

    The following post from Permanent Style by a guest writer captures some of the transformations of American Ivy Style in other countries. The Japanese version is well-known -- I had read David Marx's Ametora which the writer refers to, and which is about the development of Japanese Ivy style. The...
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    Boyer on the grey flannel suit

    A nice, short piece on the essential information about a classic and timeless suit:
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    A Specially Commissioned Harris Tweed

    In this article in Permanent Style, Simon Crompton discusses a Harris Tweed he commissioned specially for the PS shop. It is a lovely brown, flecked with blue, yellow and orange, and it has the springiness that is characteristic of classic handwoven tweed from those fabled Scottish isles. It is...
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    The Detritus Left by Brooks Brothers

    After Brooks Brothers went bankrupt and was picked up by another business group, a couple who rented them space in a warehouse in Enfield, CT, was confronted with the task of removing a mountain of materials left behind from various factory closings -- mannequins, decorations, even Christmas...
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    PBS Documentary on Ernest Hemingway

    Last night I watched the first part -- two hours of a three-part, six-hour documentary -- on Ernest Hemingway by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. No matter what your opinion of Hemingway might be as a writer (and opinions can differ), it is undeniable that he was a major American writer, and a...
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    Shoes from Indonesia

    The Shoegazing blog from Sweden, run by Jesper Ingevaldsson, has an interesting post on quality shoes at very reasonable prices from Indonesia. The piece describes a couple of the major factories and has several nice photos of shoes made in that country. Apparently Indonesia has a long history...
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    O'Connell's Flannels

    O'Connell's sent me a reminder that their sale was on, so I decided to order a pair of stone blue flannels I had had my eye on for a while. It is usually $295, but was on sale for $236 plus $10 for shipping. Plain front, on-seam pockets, brace buttons, coin pocket and eighteen inch bottoms...
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    John Simons and The Ivy Style in London

    I found this piece in Permanent Style quite fascinating, especially with the discussion we have been having here on the Evolution of Trad and related matters. I had no idea a shop like John Simon's existed, or that the American look was so popular in England. But then, I thought of the early...
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    How good clothes age well

    I loved this piece in Permanent Style, especially because I love old things, and have a number of old items in my own wardrobe. Also because I am a long-time admirer of Bruce Boyer's writing and his approach to clothes. The owner of the blog, Simon Crompton, is planning to make the aging of...
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    John le Carré Passes Away

    John le Carré has passed away in Cornwall at the age of 89. A great writer who transcended the spy fiction genre, and wrote deeply-researched, nuanced literary novels about human relationships and betrayal, he continued writing well into his late eighties. I grew up reading his novels starting...
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    Thoughts on Clothes and Quality

    I found the following defense of approach appealing. It is by Simon Crompton, whose blog Permanent Style is one I find congenial, and supportive of the attitudes expressed by many in AAAC forums. Here it is:
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    A short history of Madras

    Not the city, where I have spent time, but the cloth, the one that bleeds. Gentleman's Gazette has posted a nice piece, which you can read here: Given that Madras was (is?) one of the pillars of prepdom, or...
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    Intentional Shrinking of Clothes

    I am not sure if this is OK for this forum, but I have a question about shirts and slacks, 100% cotton, that are one or two sizes too large for me (XL or XXL for shirts, a couple of inches too wide at the waist or in length for slacks). Can I put such items through a hot water wash and a high...
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    End of an era: Sean Connery has passed away

    Sir Sean Connery has passed away at the age of 90. He had a fairly long career in films, acquiring world-wide renown as Fleming's secret agent James Bond. To many, including myself, he remains the James Bond, in spite of many other fine actors who filled the role. Connery himself became tired of...
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    On hemming trousers

    I found this tutorial interesting. I would probably not have the confidence to do this myself, but I believe there are many on our forums who are professional and amateur tailors who might find this of some interest...