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    38 Regular Brooks Brothers Sport Jacket

    38 Regular Brooks Brothers Sport Jacket. - Fabric is a pink herringbone, composed of 85% Silk and 15% wool - Jacket is new with tags still in place - Asking $150 shipped in the USA The close up image with no tags represents the color best. More Images (Click to see them on Imgur):
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    womens-fashion Silk Blouse Advice

    This is my first post over on the women's side of the board, so hello everyone :) My girlfriend has really been attempting to make a push into more professional clothing at work. I've been assisting with jackets, pants and coats of natural fibers (mainly wool), but we have been having issues...
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    MTM shirt fit check

    I have bitten the bullet and decided to go for some MTM shirts to see if I can get a shirt that actually fits me correctly. I have tried on the test shirt from Natty and feel that it fits well for the most part. The only area I am worried about is sleeve length. When standing with arms at my...