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    winners-picked Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    Trek Aluminum Carry on size - gunmetal.
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    Espresso Machines

    Any opinions on manual (lever) espresso machines?
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    Which one is more comfortable without socks? Alden or BB LHS?

    Besides from comfort, there is a longevity issue with going sock less - and lining will we worn out much quicker in that case. I do not fit well in BB LHS - so I got a bargain priced pair of AE full strap shell loafers for sockless wear - and it shows on the lining.
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    Just how much can a Barbour be repired?

    Yes. The fix will be fairly visible, but waterproof.
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    Altering Barbour Coats

    Or if you were referring to Barbour itself: Barbour Inc 55 Meadowbrook Drive Milford New Hampshire 03055-4613 USA Tel 603.673.1313 Tel 800.338.3474 (Toll Free) Fax 603.673.6510 Email [email protected] Is New England Reproofers associated in any way?
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    Affordable alternative to this shoe?

    AE discontinued a bunch of their driving shoes last year. Call an outlet and se if they still have your size - they should be less that $100 per pair.
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    Blazer Length Critique

    My first guess was that it is a bit too short - definitely do not shorten it. It is good as is.
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    Anyone know where Bill Maher gets his suits?

    This thread is taking a turn towards interchange... Let me try to steer it back ... I remember seeing "Arnold Brant" few years ago during the credits at the end of the show. I have not seen it recently, but normally clothes maker is specified in the credits. If somebody has HBO on demand ...
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    What do you think of this burberry trench?

    I prefer that length of a rain coat - on a woman. For it's intended use it is too short.
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    money clips and image

    I recently switched to basically a large silver paper clip. Nice and functional. One disadvantage of money clips is they do set off the detectors at airport security.
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    Purchasing Watches off EBay

    I purchased watches off ebay from proworth. Reputable gray market dealer. You will get genuine articles, without manufacturers warranty. Great value. I am sure that there are others (jptime, for example). If you want a warranty, AD is your best bet. These days they do discount a lot. I...
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    Photos of Alden Color 8 shell cordovan over time

    I think that Alden adds some dye to #8 during the finishing process. I think that re-crafting will reverse the fading process (if one so desires). There is nothing wrong with faded #8 color.
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    I don't quite understand the roll to two.

    Roll is a characteristic of a coat that can not be easily altered. So your coat has to be made to roll to 2. Feasibly one can add a button to a 2 buttin jacket and have "3 roll to 2" coat. So there is nothing much to "achieving" this look, besides getting a proper garment.
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    Watch Band

    Alligator/crocodile is acceptable with a dress watch (I would even say preferred). Black would work well with that watch. If you want the look, get the embossed calf, but if you want the real deal, try As far a s black tie goes... One does not wear a...
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    AE 360 welt vs alden welt

    "360" is not the key word - the key word is "welt". Any welted shoe enables efficient replacement of cork bed in the sole. Breast to breast or 360 - the only difference is aesthetics (and some price), both methods are equal as far as quality goes.
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    help with bucks|model|keywords|sku|misc3|misc10|misc4|misc9|misc13&query=joseph They do not make white bucks, but these are excellent quality. A bit pricey, but they are...
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    AE Grayson

    Yes it is. Even after a shoe/color gets discontinued by AE, it can be found in the retail channels a few years later (in "select" sizes). This one, btw, is current production.
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    Who uses automobile driving gloves ?

    I use these Primarily because size 12 is hard to find, but there are many other good options. I use beige because it contrasts with both exterior/interior of my car (a plus for driving events). I do have a darker pair (for dressier situations) but they get rarely used.
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    grooming Proraso under "Bigelow brand"

    I noticed that Bigelow sells Proraso shaving cream branded as their own. Can anybody confirm/deny it it is the exact same product?
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    Cordovan/ Alden/ Allen Edmonds

    Alden makes full strap and tassel loafers on Aberdeen last (which is sleek by Alden standards), and also uses breast to breast welting - resulting in smaller heel. That's why these shoes are as sleek as shell gets. AE uses a clunkier last and their 360 welt adds more bulk to the shoe. In...