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  1. Corcovado

    Interesting article on Breton fishermen, tanning of sailcloth, the rise of fall of the machismo of pink, and Nantucket reds Today I ordered a sweater from Guernsey Woolens — more on that later — and in looking over their many tempting offerings I noted one sweater or “jumper” in “Breton red.” I ended up googling that color out of idle curiosity...
  2. Corcovado

    HBO "Succession"

    I did a search and didn't see any threads devoted to this series on HBO. This scene in particular made me think of you lot.
  3. Corcovado

    video of resoling of Alden loafers

    I subscribe to this channel on YouTube called Brian the Bootmaker which is pretty interesting in general, and recently he uploaded this video of him resoling a pair of Alden loafers, so naturally I thought of you guys. Enjoy.
  4. Corcovado

    Take Ivy revisited

    This may be a re-post. If so, I apologize.* It's an interview with a subject in the Take Ivy book. In 1965, a Japanese magazine publisher sent photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida to Ivy League schools in the United States where he took a...
  5. Corcovado

    My experience with JC Cole shoes from The ShoeMart

    Last year or so I bought a pair of light brown log wings from The ShoeMart from their in house brand JC Cole. Typically these are priced high enough that I would rather spend a little more and get Alden seconds, but these were on sale at the time. I don’t recall exactly what I paid at this point...
  6. Corcovado

    Natural chromexcel dress shoes?

    Came across these on eBay and I wonder if these look better in person. Seems like an odd combination of a dressier style with a more weathered looking leather. I'm trying to imagine what sort of pants and overall look these would go well with.
  7. Corcovado

    what sort of tie would you wear to go with a shirt from this fabric?

    Thinking of treating myself to a shirt from Mercer & Sons. I have a habit of buying plaid shirts because I like the plaid, only to discover that I am not very good at matching a necktie to the shirt. So this time I'm seeking out guidance/suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  8. Corcovado

    Division patches of U.S. Army

    I hope this isn't considered too off-topic. It is related to clothing in a tangential way, and it appeals to the same part of my brain that likes a nice tie. Anyway, I am fascinated by the many shoulder patches worn by U.S. Army soldiers, especially from WWII, that identified their units. They...
  9. Corcovado

    August Acquisitions

    I had a lucky morning finding new ties on sale today at really amazing prices from a men's clothier who is not an internet retailer.
  10. Corcovado

    Source for custom needlepoint belts?

    Long time no see, AAAC gang. I am hoping to find a place that will let the customer submit a design for and order a custom needlepoint belt such as the kind offered by Smathers & Branson. An alternative would be info on how to make one yourself. I haven't a clue. Thanks in advance.
  11. Corcovado

    got a nice deal on some Alden shoes

    in Lexington, KY has a 50% off sale on all merchandise in stock, including Alden Shoes, Pantherella socks, and all other manner of tradly goodness. They are not an internet retailer but if you're in the vicinity it's worth a visit.
  12. Corcovado

    PSA: good price on pink stripe oxford cloth button down shirts

    Lands End Canvas has pink stripe OCBD shirts on sale for $12.99, down from $49.50. (The pic above is just for reference and is not from the LE Canvas site.) Note that they have two different shades of pink, and only one of the two shades is on sale. "Sandy Pink" is full price; "pink stripe" is...
  13. Corcovado

    What tie would you wear with this shirt?

    I like university stripe shirts in general, and LLB now offers one in this color, which they call "orange coral." I like it but I don't think any of my ties would go with it. Just looking for suggestions.
  14. Corcovado

    50% off sale at Graves Cox

    I realize that posts in this forum are generally for deals from internet retailers, and that has only a primitive online retail set up. They are mainly a walk-in store in Lexington, KY, but they are having a 50% off sale starting today and ending Dec 31. The ad says "Entire store inventory 50%...
  15. Corcovado

    did I get the shaft?

    I ordered a college stripe Robert Talbott tie from on sale for $39. I paid via PayPal. Three or four days later I get an email notifying me that the tie was actually out of stock. They refunded my payment at PayPal. I went back to Hansen's to see if there was another tie I'd like to get...
  16. Corcovado

    "The Jazz Loft" story at

    I think a lot of people here might enjoy this story at The intro from the article explains it best: "In the late '50s and early '60s, photographer W. Eugene Smith made approximately 4,000 hours of reel-to-reel tape recordings, and took nearly 40,000 photos, in his lower Manhattan loft...
  17. Corcovado

    interesting article in NYT on trends in men's clothing styles

    This isn't exactly Ivy League style that they are writing about -- it's more Victorian -- but I think this article will be of interest to readers here: [excerpt]
  18. Corcovado

    can anyone tell me the name/model of this shoe from Clarks?

    I've been looking for this particular style of Clarks for a long time. I guess it is a retired model because I have been unable to unearth a pair anywhere. Does anyone know the name of it or the model designation? Does anybody still carry them? Thanks.
  19. Corcovado

    Alden's 20% off -- should I get Indy Boots or another pair of LWB?

    A local clothier had a trunk show (that I missed) in which Aldens were 20% off MSRP including special orders. I learned today that they will honor the sale price for me and am torn between getting a pair of Indy Boots vs burgundy cordovan long wing bluchers. I have the LWB in black and love...
  20. Corcovado

    need some good socks... educate me

    I think it's time I coughed up the dough to buy some decent socks. I'm not sure where to begin or how much I should expect to spend, but I want to get some socks that are dressy, machine-washable, and don't make my feet feel so sweaty. For example, I have a nice pair of Allen Edmunds shoes, but...