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  1. Danny

    Barbour Bedale or Beaufort for the vertically challenged?

    I like the Bedale myself [Beaufort seems like overkill on me]. And I agree that they shouldn't be too snug, but that is personal preference. A looser coat can fit over sweaters, gives you room to move and be active. I dislike the feeling of tight clothing, but that's me.
  2. Danny

    Original list price of the 1982 Trad Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth Shirt?

    Equivalent of about $77 today, interesting. Can definitely have a nice OCBD for that, but not a USA made one. You could up until a few years ago during the BB half yearly sales though.
  3. Danny

    Question about Barbour Thornproof Dressing

    Yes I think the reproofing comes down to...the coat being more weatherproof when waxed. You could certainly just let it turn into a cotton coat...but it would have fewer performance qualities.
  4. Danny

    Question about Barbour Thornproof Dressing

    Thanks for the info guys. I will likely send mine in to be done as usual, but was just trying to get a sense of it. If you got only 1 jacket out of 1 tin of wax, that would be a definite no-brainer. At 2 jackets...more to consider, but probably still a no brainer. If someone had said you can...
  5. Danny

    Question about Barbour Thornproof Dressing

    Trying to decide if I want to rewax my Barbour myself instead of sending it in this year. Can any of you tell me how many coats you can wax from one $30 jar of the Barbour dressing?
  6. Danny

    J. Press MTO shirt sale

    I got my 3 MTO shirts from Press today, they are pretty nice! Not exactly a surprise, but it was exciting to be able to get some fabrics that are not often seen in the stores/ready made shirts. As makers are forced to appeal to younger customers...I feel like these larger/standard size collars...
  7. Danny

    Is it trad to wear a black face mask?

    Black mask is also ninja trad.
  8. Danny

    Who makes the best polo shirt?

    What is it exactly that happened in the last 2-3 years with 'stretch' fabric? I feel like some manufacturer in Asia invented a technique to make cotton fabric with elastic materials integrated in and marketed it to 100% of clothing retailers. Overnight it seemed like all cotton trousers were...
  9. Danny

    Anyone want to talk about Trad in the 1990s?

    If this was mentioned earlier in the thread I may have missed it, I tried to read through fairly quickly. Anyway, Britches and Britches Great Outdoors could be said to have had their heyday in the early 1990s. There are certain shades of purple and green that made their way into clothing in...
  10. Danny

    Aging and condensing

    I do think the skill of purging things you don't wear is an important one. A wardrobe is always in flux to some has to serve you in the present tense. The act of getting rid of stuff does not get much attention, but it can sharpen the focus of your tastes and make room for MORE new...
  11. Danny

    J. Press MTO shirt sale

    They are running a 3 shirts for $125 each sale, seems like quite a good value for MTO shirts! There are a fair number of fabric choices. I had been waiting for them to run that light blue hairline stripe again for years [one of my favs], I had one many years ago that I needed to replace...
  12. Danny

    Who makes the best polo shirt?

    My favorite polo is still the BB one, although I have not bought any for a couple years, so not sure what they are like now. I also like the LL Bean ones. That about covers things for me. I prefer no logo, but if you have to have a logo...the Brooks logo is nice.
  13. Danny

    Clothing Sizing As of Late -- Significantly Smaller

    I do notice that many clothing brands tend toward slim fit these days, that may just be the default cut that people in their 20s/30s expect. Perhaps PRL and Brooks are just trying to adjust over to this expectation. I wonder what the history of vanity sizing has been though, because with...
  14. Danny

    Brooks Brothers 'University Shop'

    Seems sorta humorous that they would come up with 'Brooksgate' exactly at the moment Watergate was going on.
  15. Danny

    What happened to the must iron BB pinpoint Oxford button down dress shirts?

    The pinpoints [regular finish and non-iron] have been imported for a long time, as long as I can recall. It's just the oxfords that were/are USA made. I have one from about 20 years ago that is imported. A BB salesman once told me it's because Malaysia has some patent on a manufacturing...
  16. Danny

    Is Southwick Made-to-Measure Clothes Closing?

    I am sure the NYC and DC shops are unusual compared to the bulk of the other stores. Those are way, way larger with much deeper stock.
  17. Danny

    J Press Summer Catalogue

    I thought it was a very nice catalog/collection as well.
  18. Danny

    Is Southwick Made-to-Measure Clothes Closing?

    So what is the best information we have, Southwick truly is ceasing to make all MTM clothing?
  19. Danny

    J.Press NYC Store Visit

    I agree it's a nice shop with a more appealing vibe than the last location. Shaggy Dogs are beautiful for sure...but you have to be ready for a very warm sweater.
  20. Danny

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    ^ The Barbours look good new, they look good old. They look good 40 years ago, they look good now. The look good.