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    Is Southwick Made-to-Measure Clothes Closing?

    I read a posting yesterday in another forum citing a current rumor that Southwick was going out of the made-to-measure tailoring business. This would impact a number of the natural shoulder specialty shops still remaining, if true. It also could be misinformation or confusion with another...
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    Allen-Edmunds revamps company direction

    According to menswear industry journal MR in this piece today: the company is undergoing a complete makeover of products and marketing.
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    sales Crocodile 1" belt, dark brown, size 36, for use with slide buckle

    For sale: POLO /Ralph Lauren genuine crocodile size 36 belt for use with a slide buckle (holes can easily be added). This belt is lightly used, but it excellent condition with a beautiful chocolate brown color and the distinctive large scales of real crocodile. These belts currently retail at...
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    Jean jackets: Post and then duck!

    I'm feeling brave, so I'll post this question: Where can I source a denim jean jacket that fits a grown man? I was around a lot of PRL in my working years and I will mix denim and chino or corduroy without any hesitation. The Levi jacket that I tried recently was way too slim cut. There are...
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    NOS 1975 Robert Talbott necktie

    I received a gift from a friend's widow today that has a special meaning for me. Her husband and I worked in a traditional specialty store in Hinsdale, IL; The Squire Shop, in the early 70's. We were Polo's first account in Chicago, but the tie that she gave me was a Robert Talbott regimental...
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    sales Swaine Adeney Brigg --Churchill attache

    Swaine AdeneyBrigg ---Churchill 4.5" classic lid-over attache case. Made in 1990's, but used only for about three years. London Tan bridle hide with dark green Skiver leather interior as shown in photos. This case has wonderful patina that comes only with time and good care. Has no initials or...
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    sales Wanted to buy - Vintage Canterbury wool surcingle belt

    The Canterbury belt company produced a series of belts in the 1960-75 period that were made in England from equestrian tack-related materials. I am looking for a SIZE 38 in any of the wool surcingle (web material) versions. I am also investigating perhaps reproducing these belts for sale. I...
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    Drake's - makers, purveyors, haberdashers

    I'm sure this maker has been discussed at length here, but I can't find any references to them. The collection looks fantastic to me. I would call it traditional that looks forward. Can anyone help?
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    This guy used to have a great store in Indianapolis--Now it's virtual

    I received this post in my email today. I remember Dennis Dann's store in Indy when I went to school at Butler. His selection of stuff is impressive.