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    The long night is over

    Thanks all.
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    The long night is over

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    The long night is over

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    The long night is over

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    Gonna buy me a huge Dominican later, and sit on my stoop and enjoy it with a few shots of Irish whiskey and Thin Lizzy!
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    What Watch are you wearing today? Show us your Wrist Watch!

    A Kronen & Söhne, date automatic, black face, gold case, white hands, black leather strap of which I can't find a photo.
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    The long night is over

    Hello again everyone. 2015 and most of 2016 was a long tedious mission, which I really hated by the end. But that's in the past now. A few weeks ago I started a new and very different job, which I really like. Also, it's my birthday today, double nickels! And so when I got the e-mail this...
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    Ways to wear a scarf

    Over the shoulders and crossed once on the chest inside your coat. Wearing a scarf, hat and gloves with just a sweater or a suit looks awful imo. I might be too old fashioned, but if it's cold enough to wear scarf, hat and gloves, then you should also be wearing some sort of outer jacket or...
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    What kind of gloves pair well with a Barbour jacket?

    Anything in leather really, tan, brown or black all work. A Barbour as a "working" / casual jacket is one thing, a wool dress/formal overcoat is something else entirely, for example I would never wear black gloves with my brown herringbone overcoat or with my navy Crombie.
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    Ireland and the All Blacks in Chicago.

    We mullered them, and it is the first time we have EVER won a match against the All Blacks. BTW, is it just me or does anyone else think the Haka looks ridiculous, and that opposing teams should be allowed to respond with jeering and laughter? OR is the manlier, respectful thing to do, exactly...
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    The royal we

    More and more people in public sector jobs at all levels have started doing this, as an indication that they are speaking not as a private individual but as the public sector representative/civil servant they are employed as at their authority, agency, council, or local, regional or national...
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    What's the most interesting place you've ever been to?

    For me it's a toss up between the Mitchelstown Caves in Co. Tipperary and the ancient ruins, ancient parks, ancient old towns and ancient chapels and churches of Sicily.
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    military & police coats

    Back in the early 80s, shortly after leaving the RAF, I had a genuine dark blue M65 and a genuine tiger stripe M65. I grew out of them and gave them away.
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    military & police coats

    I like those too, but I can never find one big enough for me; and I check in the secondhand shop in the Infantry Brigade Museum regularly. I also regualrly check there for the short green padded, heavyweight canvas Swedish Army MC jacket, again never find one big enough.
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    military & police coats

    What have you got? (note: not uniform tunics, bomber jackets or uniform jackets, just uniform top coats) I've got: 1970s Green German field coat, with detachable lining like this: 1950s London Metropolitan Police db great coat (black buttons) 1970s London Metropolitan Police db car coat...
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    Sick of political Correctness!

    That which annoys me the most is reverse racism. It seems perfectly okay for there to be black movie awards, black music awards, black sports associations etc. It seemed perfectly ok for Malcolm X to spout his isolated black society nonsense, to keep the black people to themselves, to not...
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    The official boot porn thread

    "The official boot porn thread" ? oh, okay then.....