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  1. Natty Beau

    Lands' End Hyde Park Being Discontinued?

    Lands' End has been a great gateway for many items for me, as I'm sure it has for many of you. As of yesterday the must iron Hyde Park oxford shirt has all but disappeared from their site. I haven't been a customer that long so I ask, this normal? Do they go in and out of stock? If not, I'm...
  2. Natty Beau

    Interview Coming Soon -- Which Pair of Shoes?

    I've got a job interview coming in a week to 10 days, and I can't decided which pair of shoes to wear. I've got two pairs of black cap toe oxfords, each with difference shortfalls. Pair A has some cracks from too many commutes in bad weather, but is otherwise in good condition. When I polish...
  3. Natty Beau

    Tweed Suits for Work

    Looking ahead at the kind of companies I will likely be working for, I'm trying to soften my professional look which I think is too "DC" now (I'm going for less Wall Street, more Main Street) and I think some conservative two-piece tweed suits could be just the way to do it. I already have a...
  4. Natty Beau

    Is "Sage" an Appropriate Color for Summer Business Clothes?

    I'm expanding my summer business wardrobe for next year and I found a nice 100% cotton shell, 3/2 sack suit in "sage." I'm actually color blind so it looks a bit like taupe to me, but my main concern is: is this color appropriate for conservative business dress? In my current job (creative...
  5. Natty Beau

    This Just in: Jeans Are on the Way Out!

    But not in the way you might wish... Why people aren't buying jeans anymore By Bernice Napach 4 hours ago...
  6. Natty Beau

    Can You Identify this Fabric?

    The first jacket I ever bought with my own money --for $4, which still barely fits me -- looks just like the one in this 1942 Esquire ad, down to the 2-button cuff--does anybody know the name of this pattern? It's mere idle curiosity but I feel ashamed not knowing.