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    Independence day.

    Happy fourth. In recognition of a date set aside to celebrate an historic event in history.
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    Walker Slater

    Does any anyone have experience ordering from Walker Slater in the U.K. I recently ordered a tweed jacket and matching waistcoat from them. Received an automated confirmation of same and since then nothing. Order placed on 1/4 of this month. Two email requesting order status have so far gone...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all who celebrate the day, And not just for the sales, Happy Thanksgiving.
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    New member.

    Greetings to all, Long time lurker. First post. Decided to finally join the forum. Recently retired at age 74 but still very active. I'll be brief. Like all of you I too share your interest in most things clothing related and dressing well. As my moniker implies I am not rigid in my approach to...