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    What do you think of my suit?

    If you've got square shoulders, you've got square shoulders. It's not uncommon. If you want more of a natural look, then your tailor's suggestion to either remove some padding or to narrow the shoulders a bit is perfectly reasonable.
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    Leather soles wear out . . .

    Most people who have to walk around a lot do not wear leather soled shoes. If you're tough on leather, the simplest solution is to have rubber sole protectors or sole sheets put on. Should cost about $25-35, doesn't affect the integrity of the shoe, and when they wear out, you can have new ones...
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    Is it possible to make a comfortable living doing tailoring?

    The figures from US BLS are not encouraging. Perhaps in the UK, or Australia, where there are mandated state award schedules and national health insurance, the outlook might be better. In the US, I would think that, like being an artist, one would have to be both exceptionally skilled and...
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    Looking for advice on daily college attire

    Sounds good. Some here will try to dress you up so that you will get beat up. What you've listed is a step up average, but "normal" enough that you won't look out of place. Penny loafers are fine, and not too far from boat shoes so that they will look too dressy. Pea coats and car coats are...
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    I was asked if my Ike Behar dress shirt was Van Heusen!!

    This is like complaining someone thought your Mazda was a Hyundai. BTW, Van Heusen makes Ike Behar ties, so you might want to throw those away if you have any...:icon_smile:
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    Blue Jeans: the Devil's Attire

    +1. I'm used to frequent AA, but rarely read or post these days, largely because of threads like these. Having pretty much made the migration to SF, I can say it's a much more fun and tolerant place (both politically and satorially), and just as well informed.
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    $1240 tuxedo for $129--too good to be true??

    Yes, the supposedly $1000+ suit selling for less than $300. It's quite a typical ebay ploy; not surprised it's being used by 3rd-party sellers on Amazon. Regardless of the price, that is not a handsome tux. It's a 2B, but the top button stance is almost as high as the top button on a 3B suit...
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    BB 25% Corporate Discount Applies to ALL MTM

    How does one take advantage of this? Is there a coupon, code, or email? I'm on the BB email list and have a corporate card, but haven't gotten anything about this.
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    Facial Hair

    Not that I have anything against racist assholes, but I'd rather not be mistaken for one. You sir, are an embarrassment to Christians and Americans. And a world-class schmuck.
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    Canvas, half-canvas, etc. explained

    Thank you Jeffery for the clear explanations, diagrams, and photos. You've done a great service to the forum w/ this post, and in particular I think you cleared up a big grey area of confusion for many of us regarding both the hows and whys of half-canvas construction.
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    How Do You Hang Your Suit Jackets?

    Yes, container store has nice heavy natural canvas ones exactly like you describe. Good stuff. Pretty sure BB&B does too. Or google canvas shoulder cover.
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    Canvas, half-canvas, etc. explained

    Jeffrey, this is starting to make sense. So the chest-piece is not redundant in half-canvassed, but rather does the same work as in full and allows a layer of fusing light enough so that it only has to do the job of supporting the front quarters, rather than the chest. Yes? Since a...
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    Canvas, half-canvas, etc. explained

    Thanks, great stuff. Question, though. I wasn't aware that 1/2-canvassed jackets had fusing in the chest as well as below. (On mine, I can feel the fusing under the garment front in the front quarters, but not in the chest area.) I now understand tailor's previous comments about having never...
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    The Beatles - A blast from the past

    Nice. But what are those strange strips of cloth all those gents in the crowd are wearing tied about their necks?
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    AE Linen Brown and Tan Spectators

    As of now, STP has AE Ramsey in your desired size.
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    New briefcase - The Bridge? (Filson Field Satchel Review)

    Great review. Thanks for the effort, particularly showing the empty/stuffed permutations.
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    I did it: I bought a Baroni

    The few Baronis I've seen were NOT fully canvassed. And as hockeyinsider suggested, the button stance on the 2B was quite high, w/ the top button almost near the position of the top button on a 3B suit. Baroni may be ok for the price, but it is not a $1195 suit.
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    Hartmarx suits Obama - From the Chicago Sun-Times

    Who knew HSM had such slim-cut offerings? If they offered something similar OTR I'd be a customer.
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    most common jacket alterations

    Thanks a tailor, that was excellent. Anything that helps one have a better vocabulary for speaking w/ their tailor is much appreciated. Any chance you could do a similar visual on the lowering the collar/squaring the shoulder/other solutions for the fabric bunching at the neck some of us...
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    Shoes for wide feet

    AE makes many different lasts, some of which fit quite differently. (5 runs narrowest in forefoot, new 0 seems to run widest.) It might be worth finding a store w/ a wider selection or ordering a pair or two from one of the low-risk online sources before you give up.