1. ThomGault

    List of custom options for bespoke suit

    I searched but couldn't find a comprehensive list of customizable options for a bespoke suit. I think this would be beneficial for anyone creating a suit so that they can be sure to get all the details that they want. I'm not including very basic options (e.g., single v. double breasted), as...
  2. K

    updates, please, on PrinceHenry/OnlineSuits, or recommendations for alternative...

    I am aware that people have had both positive and negative experiences with PrinceHenry.biz/OnlineSuits.com in the past. However, when I search for information online, almost all reviews are from 7-10 years ago. If anyone has had more recent experience with PrinceHenry/OnlineSuits, please post...
  3. rockstar57

    Any review about a British fabric brand called Chelsea?

    Went to a top bespoke tailor in Toronto today, this guy is probably the best. I was initially looking for a Canali 19000 slim fit suit which usually costs about 2k. After I told him about my budget he offered me a bespoke deal at $2500 if I go with this S120 fabric made by a British mill called...
  4. T

    Recent experience with Cleverley?

    Are there other members that have recent experiences with Cleverley (bespoke, not MTO or RTW)? I saw there was quite a bit of forum activity a few years back, but none recently. I am a bespoke customer of theirs, and have been for a number of years. I'm looking to connect with other recent...
  5. rwaldron

    Bespoke Blazer

    I just met with a tailor and but it my order for a prototypical Trad Navy Blazer. 3-2 Roll, no darts, stitched seams, patch pockets. The only thing he is not certain of (though he is going to try) is the Hook Vent. I won't be heartbroken if that is the lone detail I am missing. I'm excited!
  6. J

    Unknown Bespoke Shoe

    Hello all, First off, this is my first post so let me know if I’ve done anything wrong. Second, the other day I was browsing the shoe selection at one of my local Goodwills. A pair of black brogued cap toe oxfords caught my eye. Inside, there is no size marking or ‘made in...’ statement. On...
  7. mitsein

    Unusual Bespoke Requests

    I came across this interesting short piece from MoMA, How to make a Savile Row Suit - with Anderson & Sheppard. On bespoke requests, one staff member recalls a client requesting a pocket on the top back of the suit jacket. Do you have a story of an unusual bespoke request to share? :)
  8. U

    Strange Strap in Brioni Jacket?

    In my time running a thrift store, I handled numerous suits, blazers, and sport coats; I own a Brioni suit... And despite all that, I've never seen this particular feature before. It's a strap that runs between the sides of the jacket, underneath the back, where it's vented. I suppose it's to...
  9. MyCustomTailor

    artisans Ravis Tailor's master tailor will be in AUSTRALIA in April / May 2013

    We are delighted to let you know that our tailor will be visiting AUSTRALIA in April / May 2013 for personal one on one consultation. You can meet our tailor for No Obligation Free consultation, get measurements done or place an order for new custom clothing. So, don't miss the opportunity...
  10. David Reeves

    artisans DAVID REEVES Modern English Tailoring Returns to LONDON MARCH 4th-7th

    After 4 years in New York I will be back in England to see old and new clients from the 4th-7th of March. I will be seeing clients at the Scabal showroom at 12 Savile Row. I can be contacted me via email to book an appointment. [email protected] I anticipate doing trips like this...
  11. E

    First time getting a suit tailored: what to do and bring?

    So I recently made my first suit purchase. It fit pretty well off the rack, but I still want a bit taken out of the back and have the sleeves shortened. I made a reservation with a tailor in the area which several people recommended. Seeing as that this is my first time getting a suit...
  12. D

    Good tailor in Mexico City?

    I have recently moved to Mexico City and am looking for a good tailor to both make alterations to some nice off-the-rack pieces, as well as perhaps make me some items. Any suggestions? DressPRMex, do you still hang out around here? I found a thread you wrote about this issue back in 2006, but...
  13. T

    womens-fashion Tweed lady's jacket - bespoke in London

    I would like to have a tweed jacket made, something classic that will go on for years and, if possible, get even better with age. Can anybody recommend a tailor based in London or a shop offering a bespoke service? Many thanks.
  14. S

    Enlgish vs Italian Suit Cuts

    I have always believed that English suits cuts simply cannot be beaten. I get my suits from Savile Row and have done since I left school a long, long time ago! But why is it that the Italian suit has taken the mainsteam popularity over the traditional English suit. To me, the English suit cut...
  15. A


    Hiya, I am new to the forum so hope this is the right place to ask...I have 3 yards of Vicuna, black and very beautiful, that I am wanting to put on eBay. * How much is the going rate for such a piece? And where is the best way to sell it? * Thanks in advance.
  16. T

    New York Bespoke Suit - Advice for first time buyer

    I'm looking to get a suit to use as the new core of my office wardrobe and am considering bespoke options in NYC around $2000+/-. From reading old topics Franco Ercole seems like the tailor I'll be going with, but I'm open to suggestions still. As for the suit, I'll be going with a solid navy...
  17. W

    MTM versus Custom versus Bespoke NYC

    Hello all, This is my first post, and have found these forums great to read and get familiar with the qualities of a finely made suit. I'm researching what to get, and where to get it and am somewhat torn a bit between the various "custom" offerings by shops in the NYC area. I find that...
  18. wrwhiteknight

    Second hand Alexander Kabbaz shirt - gorgeous

    Hi All - I suppose I'm like most of you, in that I have often dreamed about owning a set of Kabbaz shirts. I think things like: "when I win $100K in the lottery, $10K will go to shirts!". Yeah right. Well, when I had a chance to get a genuine Alexander Kabbaz shirt in my size, I jumped on...
  19. B

    For the man who doesn't care

    Greetings, Internet. I've read through several pages of threads and haven't found my question asked before, but have found that this seems to be a very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly community, so here goes: I don't know a thing about fashion, and for the most part don't care. But...
  20. J

    Caraceni - a tailor of many houses

    The sub title here should be Chiantishire – channelling Agnelli - yet another Englishman thinking he can be European! Following my previous posts it would seem Caraceni is the Italian tailor of choice. Alas there seem to be quite a few of them! My research has turned up these fascinating...