1. H

    Brooks brothers outerwear, vintage?

    I've looked at a few threads trying to find the answer before posting a new thread. A lot of info but no answer yet. The question. I was at a goodwill in Ohio, found a Brooks Brothers jacket/coat, chest pockets and lower pockets too. Tag says Brooks Brothers outerwear, with a hunting dog and a...
  2. A

    Brooks Brothers Red Fleece University Stripe OCBD - 15 x 32/33

    Additional pictures in the link. Happy to bundle with other items I have listed. Buyer covers shipping. Small - 15x32/3 Brooks Brothers Red Fleece New University Stripe OCBD Blue $33
  3. A

    Brooks Brothers Milano Fit University Stripe OCBD - 14.5 x 33

    Additional pictures are in the link. I've got a few other OCBDs listed. Happy to do a bundle deal. Buyer pays shipping. 14.5x33 Brooks Brothers New Made in USA Milano Fit University Stripe OCBD Blue $60
  4. D

    Style Check-in: Am I Brooks Brothers Dependent

    I would like to challenge my current conception of my clothing and determine if it is appropriate. I previously remade myself after graduate school. In doing so I put research into what I should wear professionally and in my personal affairs. My current style in both categories is Brooks...
  5. A

    Brooks Brothers MTM Suiting Options

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the extent of and general consensus regarding the Brooks Brothers MTM suit offering. I have been considering booking an appointment with BB at their nearest location (Lenox Square - Atlanta) to ask about the cost of a suit with the options I desired, but...
  6. C

    Brooks Brothers "Imported" 100% American Supima Cotton?

    I can think of no better inaugural post than to ask a question that has been nagging me since I picked up my first of the "new" BB Made in USA Original Polo shirts. The image below is of a more recent generation than my first purchase (the only noticeable difference to me being the removal of...
  7. S

    Brooks Brothers Double Breasted polo coat

    I've been offered a Brooks Brothers camel hair Polo coat in 42 short made in Italy. I am generally a 40 regular in suits, I'm wondering if it is worth purchasing this coat which is in mint condition for $200. I am 5 foot 7. Will this coat work at this size
  8. G

    Regarding Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt fit

    Recently started revamping my closet with Brooks Brothers button up shirts. Seems the dress shirts in Regent fit fit really well (16.5 32 or 33). My problem lies with their sport shirts. Seems that the sleeves are very long and thus lead to bunching and pillowing of material down around the...
  9. W

    problems with Epaulet and Bill's - where next for chinos?

    I work in aerospace, where chinos are plenty stylish for regular use. Therefore, I'm always needing a supplier of high-quality, good-looking chinos. Based on my reading here, I've tried Epaulet, Bill's, and Brooks Brothers. I bought several pairs of chinos as well as some shorts from Bills...
  10. A

    Brooks Brothers OCBD Must Iron 15x32

    Brooks Brothers Pink OCBD Must iron 100% US Supima cotton Tagged 15x33 but sleeve is closer to 32 after shrinkage Extra Slim Fit barely worn so in excellent shape This is the style that BB no longer sells $45 shipped CONUS
  11. M

    Brooks Brothers Washington DC - site for tailoring?

    Group, Anyone familiar with the BB stores in the DC area? I have one, probably two, BB MTM suits I'd like to have altered (relatively significantly), and wasn't sure if one branch was a better choice than others. I originally had them measured (with subsequent alterations) in Chicago at the...
  12. Omonpee W Petcoff

    womens-fashion Quality of Brooks Brothers Outlet Clothing for Women

    Hi! I know much has been posted and discussed in the Men's forum about the quality of Brooks Brothers Outlet suits versus 1818. However, I wanted to know if any women have bought women's clothing from both places and can give insight as to how the quality of clothing from both compare. Also, I...
  13. M

    Brooks Fits

    I’m a several year Brooks customer, love the clothes. When I was able to do cardio regularly, I could confidently fit into a Milano or Regent sport shirt. After having our first kid, the bike rides or RPM classes are scarce. I would normally just buy a Madison fit. However a few years back I...
  14. S

    Need Help! Finding a Tie to Match Shirt

    I just purchased this shirt on eBay and I need some help finding a necktie or bow tie to go with it. I'd prefer to stick with Brooks Brothers, Drakes, and Fort Belvedere, and it needs to be a tie that I can purchase from their websites directly. For the record, I do not like knits or paisleys...
  15. L

    sold Brooks Brothers Size Small All-Cotton Sport Shirts -- 2nd Group

    Brooks Brothers has always been known for its impeccable traditional style. Those of us who are a size small know how hard it is to find any decent selection. Without breaking the bank, here's your chance to build a wardrobe of their all-cotton, long-sleeve sport shirts in Brooks Brothers...
  16. L

    sold Brooks Brothers Size Small All-Cotton Sport Shirts -- 1st Group

    Brooks Brothers has always been known for its impeccable traditional style. Those of us who are a size small know how hard it is to find any decent selection. Without breaking the bank, here's your chance to build a wardrobe of their all-cotton, long-sleeve sport shirts in Brooks Brothers...
  17. P

    Is there something wrong with these shoes (BB AE Strand)?

    I received my Brooks Brothers/Allen Edmonds Walnut Strands, and after polishing noticed some strange things that I have not noticed on my other Allen Edmonds. There is some discoloration, one of the eyelets has a small loose piece of leather, and one of the shoes has some visible holes on the...
  18. P

    Are these Brooks Brothers shoes made by AE?

    Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone can tell me whether the Brooks Brothers shoes on sale here (https://www.brooksbrothers.com/Medallion-Perforated-Captoes/MH00025,default,pd.html) are made by Allen Edmonds, as I suspect. They look exactly like pictures of the AE Strand I have seen, and the...
  19. Mattdeckard

    Golden Fleece Shoes: Brooks Brothers

    Just a little bit on some of the newer offerings out there before I go into talking about Brooks Brothers' new shoes... I tried the J. Crew Ludlow and found them to be very much like the BuzzRickson Officer shoes. They just end up being excruciating on the ball and heel of my foot as the...
  20. T

    Brooks Original Polo Oxford: Worth it on Sale?

    I know the general consensus on the BB "original polo" obcd seemed to be that it was a good shirt, but not a $140 shirt. Well, with the semi-annual sale on at the moment, including today's extra-fifteen-percent-off, they seem to clock in at $71.40 (if you buy four), if I've done my math...