1. A

    Brooks Brothers Red Fleece University Stripe OCBD - 15 x 32/33

    Additional pictures in the link. Happy to bundle with other items I have listed. Buyer covers shipping. Small - 15x32/3 Brooks Brothers Red Fleece New University Stripe OCBD Blue $33
  2. A

    Freemans Sporting Club White OCBD - 14.5 x 32

    Additional pictures in the link. Happy to bundle with other items I have listed. Buyer covers shipping. 14.5x32 Freemans Sporting Club New - Made in USA OCBD White $55
  3. A

    Kamakura Red University Stripe OCBD - 15 x 32

    Additional pictures in the link. Happy to bundle with other items I have listed. Buyer covers shipping. 15 x 32 Kamakura University Stripe OCBD Red $45
  4. A

    Brooks Brothers Milano Fit University Stripe OCBD - 14.5 x 33

    Additional pictures are in the link. I've got a few other OCBDs listed. Happy to do a bundle deal. Buyer pays shipping. 14.5x33 Brooks Brothers New Made in USA Milano Fit University Stripe OCBD Blue $60
  5. G

    Regarding Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt fit

    Recently started revamping my closet with Brooks Brothers button up shirts. Seems the dress shirts in Regent fit fit really well (16.5 32 or 33). My problem lies with their sport shirts. Seems that the sleeves are very long and thus lead to bunching and pillowing of material down around the...
  6. A

    Brooks Brothers OCBD Must Iron 15x32

    Brooks Brothers Pink OCBD Must iron 100% US Supima cotton Tagged 15x33 but sleeve is closer to 32 after shrinkage Extra Slim Fit barely worn so in excellent shape This is the style that BB no longer sells $45 shipped CONUS
  7. cellochris

    Throwback Thursday

    Hi Gents, I thought it'd be fun to start a Throwback Thursday! Here's my contribution to kick things off: I think I was about 7 or 8 in this picture. Cheers! -Chris
  8. A

    Tear in OCBD

    Greetings. First Post, though I've been reading for quite some time. On my way to class today, the right shirtsleeve of my BB OCBD was caught on a wall-mounted fire extinguisher and took a nasty gash. The shirt is only a few months old, so I'm wondering if I could repair or repurpose it. The...
  9. HL Poling and Sons

    Who Makes J. Press' OCBDs?

    Just a quick question that the search function wasn't able to answer: Does anyone know who is the most-current maker of Press' OCBDs? Thanks! HL
  10. Doctor Damage

    BB OCBD vs BB Black Fleece OCBD

    Recently I sold my unworn must-iron BB OCBDs to a guy in Europe since I never wore them and they were taking up space. Great shirts and I still have a couple that I did wear, but they are a bit too billowy and I have found with the traditional fit that the collars are too small and the torsos...
  11. statboy

    Brooks OCBD in CA stores

    Hi guys, I'm going to be in LA and San Diego for about a week and was wondering if any of you know if any of the BB stores in SoCal sell the classic OCBD must-iron (made in USA) off the rack. The Phoenix store where I live does not. I've bought 2 online in the past and of course, love them...
  12. H

    Trad Donations for a High School Satorial Novice.

    Hello fellow forumites. You probably have seen my thread about my dilemma, but here's the link. https://askandyaboutclothes.com/community/showthread.php?108324-How-does-one-dress-Trad-in-High-school&p=1150079#post1150079 Many have suggested to post something about the clothing I needed to...
  13. H

    How does one dress Trad in High school?

    A bit of background. I just turned 17 and I'm a junior in high school. That being said, obviously there is no dress code for our school as in uniforms or even a dress code on casual clothes. Because of that T shirts and cargo's have taken the place of any enforced uniform. I personally think...
  14. C

    Finally--Photos of Mercer Shirts

    For years, there were only two ways to get an idea of what Mercer and Sons shirts really looked like: order them for yourself or ask somebody to post a photograph of their own Mercer shirt on a forum like this. That's because, rather disappointingly, the Mercer and Sons web site did not have...
  15. T

    Black Fleece OCBD's fit

    I'm looking at the Black Fleece Oxford cloth button linked here. How does its fit compare to Brooks Brothers' Slim Fit? I am very slim, and do not want a boxy fit at all. Also, can it be worn untucked, or are the shirt-tails too long for that? Thanks
  16. C

    Land's End OCBD's: New Tailored Fit

    Here's some news for slim trads: Land's End has changed their tailored fit on some of their men's dress shirts, including OCBDs. I spoke with a customer service rep via live chat, and she told me that the changes are: 1. slimmer through the body 2. broader shoulder 3. wider arm hole The...
  17. nerdykarim

    Brooks Brothers "Classic Cotton"

    Looks like Brooks Brothers has started to offer quite a few more shirts in a non-non-iron fabric: some pinpoint oxford cloth button-downs in solids and pencil stripes, an end-on-end button-down, and a pinpoint shirt with a forward-point collar. From the website, it looks like they're made in...
  18. tew

    University Stripe OCBD and Striped Repp Tie?

    Can this combination work? I tried it this morning, and maybe I was just under-caffeinated, but the stripes running in different directions made my eyes hurt. Does anyone have a picture of this looking good?