1. O

    Wool/poly/cashmere blend coat. Should I keep it?

    I bought a coat that has 60% wool, 10% cashmere kai 30% polyester and i was wondering if I should keep it or not. I read many different things about the wool/poly blends but the majority of people stated that it is better to have a wool/nylon blend than wool/polyester blend. The cost of the...
  2. M

    How to tell if polyester or rayon lining?

    I just bought a linen Pronto Uomo Platinum suit from Men's Wearhouse online, for $119, marked down from $500. According to the label, the exterior is pure linen, but the label says nothing about the lining. I've had the misfortune of buying linen suits before that turned out to have polyester...
  3. carbon

    Brooks Brothers summer sport coat: didn't realize it had man-made fibers

    So, first off, hello! First post. A bit about me: I am a graphic designer that's ignored clothes for most of my life, and am now starting to pay attention. A clothing n00b regarding myself, but am sensitive to how others appear. I would somehow rather we were all nudists (perhaps oddly, not a...
  4. ThomGault

    Travel trouser recommendation?

    This has been asked/answered before, but not within the past few years. I'd like to find a decent pair of trousers for travel. Based on wearing wool trousers during normal life, it seems like a good choice for travel...however, literally every single pair of 'travel pants' are nylon or...
  5. E

    Polyester knit ties?

    Are polyester knit ties any good? What about wearing them in an informal outfit (i.e. under a cardigan or v-neck sweater)? I've read here that cotton and wool knit ties are difficult to tie properly, and I'm already clumsy at tying ties, thus my choice would be restricted to silk. However...
  6. The Louche

    Migrating Polyester Linings

    As much as I love them, some of the very first suits I got from English American Clothiers are suffering from migrating linings (two plus years ago I didn't know that Bemberg performed best). Is there anything that can be done to cure this short of expensive lining replacement?
  7. Rossini

    The return and rise of polyester

    I've seen a few threads on the forum over the last month or two regarding blends of polyester and synthetic fabrics from mytailor.com as well as Barba and Marinella, both allegedly. Many top-end socks use synthetics to strengthen and provide durability. The FT has looked at the use of Polyester...