1. S

    Three-Piece Vest Length Advice (With Pictures)

    Hi All, I have read numerous guides and forum posts. The consensus is that the vest should cover the waistband completely, but I'm not clear on how much longer the vest should go past the waistband. I've heard the advice of going past the waistband by an inch or so, but I'm uncertain whether...
  2. S

    Vest: Should I Have A Cinch? Tighten It During Fitting?

    Greetings All, I'm looking for some advice on whether or not to have a cinch made on a custom three-piece suit. There is some opinion in this AAAC thread "Suit Vest", but not much. Although I'm not firm, I'm leaning towards having one made with a cinch, as it seems good to have the flexibility...
  3. E

    womens-fashion Black vest/waistcoat

    Hi guys! I've been trying to find this black vest/waistcoat/whatever. I keep seeing them named different things. I have a couple of older ones, but they seem so hard to find these days! I've bought men's ones before, and they're fine, but I'd like a slimmer fit; less boxy. I'll attach two...
  4. I

    Black Tie Waistcoat

    Hi all, long time lingerer here :) I have a black tie event coming up soon, and really want to ditch the cummerbund; (I've never really liked them). However after some extensive searching, there seems to be little in the way of low V-cut black waistcoats around - all those which turn up are a...
  5. Bernie Zack

    Double breasted waistcoats - thinking ahead to the fall

    Thinking about wardrobe possibilities for the fall/winter. I love this look: https://www.davidedward.co.uk/db-pop.html Anyone know of a clothing company that sells classic db waistcoats stateside? Thanks.:icon_headagainstwalv
  6. F

    odd waistcoat with blazer?

    The topic says it in more ways than one. Given a navy blazer with brass (and nickel) buttons and charcoal trousers, what is the convention for wastcoats with blazers, and what colours should the waistcoat match or complement? A charcoal vest would be equivalent to replacing the jacket of...
  7. J

    Semi-Formal Waistcoat

    Next week, if all goes to plan, I will be purchasing a new one-button SB PL dinner jacket in 38L from Ede and Ravenscroft, since my current one has the disadvantages of having a notch lapel and being several sizes too big for me. I am contemplating buying a waistcoat as well and am not quite...
  8. F

    All about black tie

    Hi, this is my first post. I'm getting my first dinner jacket done, and needless to say, I've got some questions about the whole thing. I'm hoping that some of you more sartorially inclined folks might answer them.. There will be quite a number of questions, so even if a few are answered by...
  9. A

    Ivory Dress & Shirt Conundrum

    First off, please forgive me for starting a new thread if this has already discussed been discussed elsewhere. I searched and couldn't find this topic. I am getting married this year and am in the process of choosing formal wear for my future husband (he has left this up to me and...
  10. AlanC

    Ebay Trad Spoilers: Clothes, Shoes & Accoutrements

    I'm starting this thread as an ongoing way to alert one another to ebay items that we might turn up but not be interested in personally. There are a couple of such threads on Style Forum, but many of the things I come across would appeal more to folks here than there. One ground rule: This is...