3-Ply Surgical Face Masks for Sale


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For sale & immediate shipping
50pcs per box
$65/box (shipping to US addresses included)
  • Tested for quality
  • 3-Layer Protection (non-woven outer layer)
  • Fluid resistant
  • 95% or greater bacterial filtration capacity
  • Easy To Breathe Through
Note: I'm posting this for my good friend, and can help facilitate the purchase.

PM me for details or to purchase.


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Wish we can afford and it can be delivered here in our location, we are running out of those. Haist, just a face mask but still the cost like a high end clothes for us, it remains a wish lol!
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And to be clear, I think you and your friend are price gouging.
Well, i appreciate you taking the time to share that with me.

I am not selling them. I just posted what he is asking. The reason I am not selling them personally is because I generally agree that the prices are too high.