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BUMP. Try to find an as-new, Scottish-made, saddle-shouldered Shetland at a better price. I dare ya.

Lands' End Direct Merchants
Lambswool sweater, tagged size L (42-44)
Made in Scotland

From the days when Lands' End sold goods made in Scotland. Features saddle shoulders and a handsome heathered green colorway.

Excellent condition with no holes, stains or other flaws. Clean and ready to wear.

Measures 24.5" chest, 34.25" sleeve (with cuff rolled), 28" length.


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Size: 50R


Chest: 25 1/4

Sleeve: 26 3/4
Shoulder: 21 1/2
Length: 32 1/2

Weighing in at a lovely warm 5 1/2lbs this beautiful US Navy peacoat is in absolutely excellent condition--it has clearly been worn either very sparingly or not at all.

This is (of course!) cut as a traditional modern peacoat with a six-button double-breasted front, slash handwarmer pockets, a rear hook vent, and an oversized collar designed to stay up against Atlantic winds. The pockets are lined in heavy duck, and, like the rest of the coat, are in unmarked excellent condition--the right-side pocket even has its original change pocket present and intact!

This coat is fully lined; the top with a satin-like material, the bottom in what seems to be a wool-blend lining. This is an extremely comfortable and warm coat!

There is no maker name anywhere, but this appears to be a US Navy contract coat.

A bargain at just $75, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA!

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US Navy brass buttons, made by Waterbury of Conn..

Still in their original (and sealed) Government-approved bag!

Waterbury was founded in 1812 and is still the premier suppliers of stamped brass buttons in the United States. When Grant met Lee at the Appomattox Courthouse, both men were wearing Waterbury buttons on their uniforms!
This traditional continues today, with Waterbury making buttons for use by all branches of the armed services.

This is a set of 7 (6 for use, one spare) 1" US Navy brass buttons for a peacoat of other uniform coat. They are unused and in their original (and sealed) bag.

Asking just $20, or offer, shipped in the USA.



ORIGINAL Vintage Mighty-Mac Suede Chore Coat

PLEASE NOTE: This is an original USA-made Mighty Mac, NOT one of the very faithful reproductions that are currently being made in Japan!


Chest: 22 1/4
Sleeve: 24 5/8
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length (BOC): 32

Mighty Mac was founded in 1909, in Gloucester, Mass.--America's oldest seaport. Like Filson, it specialized in functional and durable workwear, with an emphasis on that used in seawork and sailing.

Like Filson, Mighty Mac's clothing--in which form followed function--was ruggedly handsome and exceptionally durable, and this led to its being adopted first by preppy sailors, and then by the Ivy community as a whole. Alas, like many American "heritage" companies its relatively small and devoted customer base was insufficient to enable it to withstand the move to cheaper off-shore clothing in the 1970s and 1980s, and the firm closed in 1989.

This was a blow not only for the Stateside pretty devotees of Mighty Mac's clothing, but for the Japanese "Trads" who idolized it as an American heritage brand. The Japanese devotion to Might Mac led to its resurrection in 2009 by the Japanese company 35summers, who marketed faithful reproductions of Mighty Mac items to an increasing and loyal Japanese clientele.... who were happy to pay the exceptionally high prices for new "Mighty Mac Out O'Gloucester" items!

This suede chose jacket is NOT one of the expensive Japanese reproductions but an original Mighty Mac garment, likely dating from the 1980s when rugged clothing was being popularized by Ralph Lauren and Timberland, and some "heritage" brands like Mighty Mac were having their last hurrah.

Cut from lovely still soft suede this is a classic American chore coat. It has a three button front, two deep front pockets, and a functional (but clearly never used) throat latch for protection against wind. It has a shallow twin rear vent for ease of movement and American cuffs. It is fully lined, and was made in Gloucester, Mass.--not Japan! Its chain locker loop is intact and present.

It is missing its original zip-in liner, and has the usual scuffs and slightly rumpling to the suede from use--this hasn't been babied, and nor should it have been! This is a wonderful, original piece of Americana that's perfect for wear in the Fall... and will make you the envy of the cooler kids in Tokyo!

Asking just $45, boxed shipped and insured in the USA.



GRAIL! Andover Shop 3/2 sack in Camelhair

Tagged 40L, this lovely jacket measures:

Chest: 21
Sleeve: 26 1/8 (+1 1/4)
Shoulder: 17 3/4
Length: 31

As you'd expect from The Andover Shop this is absolutely beautiful! Cut as a classic 3/2 sack from first-rate camelhair, this has a lovely fluid lapel roll and beautifully narrow lapels--as befits a jacket that likely dates from the 1960s.

It is fully canvassed and half-lined, and features lapped seams across the shoulder and down the center back. It has a single rear hook vent, and two button cuffs. Naturally, it has very natural shoulders. It is a vintage jacket, and has some minor fading from age in the lining of the arms, as shown, and so it is in Very Good/Excellent condition.

This also has a MYSTERY LABEL!

It states that The Andover Shop has four locations: Hyannis, Osterville, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. There is no mention of either Andover, Mass., or Cambridge, Mass.--as far as I know the only locations that The Andover Shop has ever been. And it's very unlikely that this jacket is from another "The Andover Shop". Not only is the logo that of THE Andover Shop, but this jacket is so quintessentially Ivy it really couldn't have been sold anywhere else.

Hyannis, Osterville, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are all Ivy bastions.... So it is quite possible that during the heyday of Ivy Style The Andover Shop had the 1960s equivalent of "pop up" locations in appropriately Ivy stores in those towns--and this jacket was sold in one. And given that this is the first time I have seen a label like this in all my years of enjoying vintage Ivy items I suspect that this was a very short-lived retail experiment.

This might be one of the few chances left to secure an item from The Andover Shop. The Shop is currently for sale, and might well close.

Asking just $59, OR OFFER, boxed and shipped in the USA.




Vintage and recent!

Viyella (a blend of wool and cotton) is one of THE classic Ivy fabrics for Fall and Winter, having long been popular with the Ivy Leaguers' British cousins.

I've written a short history of Viyella for WaterhollowTweed, that appears here:

And now I have several lovely Viyella shirts to pass along--in both the old-school blend of 55/45 wool/cotton that is no longer available, and the newer 80/20 blend.

1) Vintage Viyella shirt from Trimingham's of Bermuda.

Size Large.
Chest: 23 2/4
Sleeve: 34 1/4.

Viyella fabric woven in Scotland.

This is made from the old-school blend of 55/45 wool/cotton--the blend that made Viyella so well-loved and that is, alas, no longer made. And this shirt was sold by Trimingham's of Bermuda--a much-loved Ivy store that is now long gone. Since the fabric of this shirt is no longer made and the retailer has long closed, this is a very rare opportunity to secure a lovely Trad item!

This shirt is in excellent condition. Asking just $29, OR OFFER, shipped in the USA.

2) Vintage Viyella shirt.

Size: Large.
Chest: 22
Sleeve: 34

Fabric woven in Scotland; shirt made in Ireland.

Likely dating from the 1960s or early 1970s, this carries the Royal Warrant indicating that the company that made the fabric--William Hollins & Co. of Derby, England, the developers of Viyella in 1893--was chartered to made this fabric for the Queen.

Made by Leine Eireann Teo of Dublin, Ireland this has the tiniest start of a fray on the collar, as shown--but this currently blends into the pattern! It is thus in Very Good condition, and so is just $25 shipped in the USA.

3) BEAUTIFUL recent Viyella shirt.

Size: M
Chest: 23
Sleeve: 33 1/2

in the current blend of 80/20 cotton/wool, this is a lovely red and green tartan shirt that was Made in Canada. Excellent condition. Asking just $25, or offer, shipped in the USA.

4) LOVELY Viyella shirt in bracken and chestnut check.



Size: L
Chest: 25 1/4
Sleeve: 36

This is absolutely gorgeous! Cut from the current Viyella blend of 80/20 cotton/wool, this shirt is truly beautiful--a wonderful subdued tartan of slate-blue, muted moss green, and berry red. Beautiful and versatile! Made in the USA, and in excellent condition. Asking just $27, shipped in the USA.



LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes, and Bean Boots!

For both men and women!

As always, all prices include shipping in the USA--and offers are very welcome!

1) Maine Hunting Boots. 6-eyelets. Minor creases and scruffs to the leather uppers, as shown, and some minor wear to the heels and soles, as shown. (The leather uppers could use conditioning.) New laces! Very Good condition. The original version--increasingly hard to find! Size 10M. Asking just $45, or offer.

2) Bean Boots. 8-eyelet. Some creasing and scruffs to the leather uppers, which could use conditioning; some minor spattering (paint?) to the rubber uppers. Some wear to the soles. Good/Very Good condition. Size 11 GW. Asking just $35, or offer.



3) Bean Boots. 6-eyelet. CLAIMED!

4) FOR HER! Bean Boots Boat Shoes in a lovely dark navy. Excellent condition. Size 7LM. Just $39, or offer.

5) Maine Hunting Shoe. The original and best! Increasingly hard to find. Minor wear to soles and very minor wear to leather uppers. Very Good/Excellent condition. Size 10CM. Asking just $45, or offer.

6) FOR HER! Maine Hunting Shoe. Increasingly hard to find. The original and best! Minor wear to soles and very minor wear to leather uppers. Very Good/Excellent condition. Size L 10..... I believe this is a Ladies' Size 10. Asking just $39.

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Vintage LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe

Easy Restoration Project.

These are lovely! Vintage--script label--LL Bean Maine Hunting Boots (8-eyelet version) with minor scuffing to the leather uppers and some wear to the chain-link soles, these do need a minor repair--the leather upper on the right-hand boot is coming adrift from the sole at the back and needs to be reattached.

This would be an easy fix for your local cobbler--or else you could send these back to Bean--and then you'd have a wonderful wearable vintage American classic! As such, they're just $20 shipped in the USA.

Size 6EE.



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A few shirts tonight. $20 each.

LE Super-Pinpoint; a heavy pinpoint they offered a few years ago. It is what a Hyde Park is to an average oxford. Pink uni stripe. 15.5x36

Old BB blue oxford, 16x36
Old BB pink pinpoint, 15.5x35

Old BB bengal stripe, 15.5x36

LE Viyella (old 55 wool/45 cotton blend), medium tall

White RL polo, classic fit, small

Not sure if this will fly here or not...
Gant Rugger "slub madras", short sleeve, medium

LE No Iron Twill Highlander twill, 15.5x36

We went casual at work, so there will be more to come. A few suits (38L), slacks and some other items. Stay tuned.
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Brushed cotton, tagged size M

These shirts go great with tweed jackets and the very traditional British tan/multicolored check pattern (see last pic for best representation) is perfect for fall. Must-iron, too. No flaws, clean and ready to wear.

Chest: 22.5"
Sleeve: 33.5"

Orvis retails these at 89 bucks. You can have this one for $25, CONUS shipping included.



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Made for Van Boven of Detroit/Ann Arbor

This fantastic lightweight tweed has lots of Trad hallmarks. Leather buttons, 3/2 roll, natural shoulders, two-button cuffs, swelled edges, single vent, two interior pockets. USA-made. It's also quarter-lined, making it a nice choice for warmer fall days or for those who live in warmer climates and seek a tweed option. Tan with gray/blue striping makes it versatile.

Van Boven remains in business today, just a stone's throw off the Univ. of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.

No flaws, clean and ready to wear.

Shoulders: 17.5”
Chest: 20.5”
Sleeve: 25.5"
Length from bottom of collar: 30"


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USA-made, tagged size L

Made in the days before Woolrich sent production overseas. These shirts are great for wearing over an OCBD, and this one has great fall colors. Two button-flap chest pockets. 85% wool, 15% nylon. Clean and ready to wear with no holes, stains, odors.

Measures 24" chest, 35" sleeve.

Asking $23 CONUS



Vintage Woolrich Shirt-Jacket!

Size L.

Chest: 23
Sleeve: c. 35 1/2
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 29 1/2

This is a wonderful example of a traditional American Fall-Winter shirt-jacket! Made in the USA by Woolrich this has a shallow double vent for ease of wear, two front flapped and button-down pockets, and two handwarmer pockets. It has button cuffs, and is in excellent condition.

Asking just $35, of offer, boxed shipped and insured in the USA.



Schott Belt in Top Grain Saddle Leather

Size 40
Strap length: 44 1/4
Length to middle buckle: 40

Made in Elizabeth, NJ, by the people who brought us the Perfecto biker jacket, this lovely belt is a classic Schott product--sturdy, utterly American, and made to last.

It has a very hefty brass buckle, and is cut from thick top grain saddle leather. It has some minor striping at the end from use, and one or two minor marks, and so is in Very Good condition. Ready to give you decades of wear!

Asking just $29, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.




I'll be posting a LOT of tweeds in the next few days, in sizes from 36 to 54.... So stay tuned!

For previews of Tweedfest 2018 check out my Facebook page, WaterhollowTweed, where the first set of 20 tweeds has already been posted! :)
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Brooks Brothers "Brookslinen" Jacket
3/2, and hook vent, this linen jacket has almost everything you could ask for. There is a bit of padding in the shoulders but it's fairly softy. In very good condition especially considering that it's linen and vintage. I'm not a label expert but, based on the label, I think the jacket is from either the early 80s or late 60s. I've never seen a BB exactly like it. There are a few spots on the jacket that I have photographed, there is also some discoloration inside around the collar. Half lined. Tagged 41R


Chest: 21"
Shoulders: 18.5"
Back Length: 30"
Sleeve: 23.5"

I'd prefer to trade, I'm looking for a quintessential Ivy blazer either 40s or 38. Otherwise $35.00

IMG_20181013_164416.jpg IMG_20181013_164405.jpg IMG_20181013_164356.jpg IMG_20181013_160534.jpg


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Brooks Brothers Sack Suit Black

This is a black two piece, 3/2, sack suit. It is BB Golden Fleece and has the custom order tags in both the jacket and pants. (I am not uploading because the original customer may still be alive). Pants are cuffed, and jacket cuff buttons are functional. It was made in 1992. Preferably traded for 40s/38 jackets and blazers, or $38


Chest: 22"
Shoulders: 19"
Back Length: 32"
Sleeve: 26"

Pants: 33x31

IMG_20181013_165253.jpg IMG_20181013_165122.jpg IMG_20181013_165408.jpg IMG_20181013_165146.jpg IMG_20181013_165211.jpg

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I'll be listing a whole slew of beautiful tweeds over the next few days, starting with at least 20 today! They'll be in sizes from c.36 to c.54, and will include lots of Harris Tweeds, 3/2 sacks (both recent and vintage), an Orvis shooting jacket, some gorgeous custom-made tweeds in Zegna cashmere, English bespoke from the oldest family-owned firm in London, and more!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA; International inquiries are very welcome, with shipping at cost!


Now let the tweedy fun begin!
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1) Orvis Half-Belt Tweed Shooting Jacket.

Tagged 44L. Measurements:

Chest: 22
Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+3)
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length: 32 1/4

Orvis are well-known for their classic, functional sporting clothing, and this jacket is a lovely example of their wares. Cut from a lovely mid-weight tweed in a mossy houndstooth pattern, this is a traditional shooting jacket.

featuring a half-belt back, this has a pleated bi-swing back for ease of movement in the field, especially when tracking quarry with your gun. It has a single center vent, a contemporary two button front, and three button cuffs; all of the buttons are leather-covered and metal-shanked, as is traditional. The jacket is half-canvassed and fully lined. It also features an ornamental throat latch and suede elbow patches on each sleeve.

This lovely jacket was Made in the USA and is in absolutely excellent condition. Ready to give you decades of wear, whether in the field shooting, tramping through the Maine woods, or walking the dogs on a weekend on Boston Common, this is a bargain at

just $49, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA. International inquiries welcome, with shipping at cost!

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