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I'm a long time lurker of this very useful forum, and wanted to try to make a contribution with my first post. I recently needed to expand my wardrobe on a budget, so I decided to take to the internet and look for deals. I wear HSM and HF 40r off the rack, so I focused on these two makes in an effort to pick up one low cost suit and one low-mid-priced suit.

After spending way too much time on this, and making some purchases, here are some things I learned:

- The absolute best deal I could find on Hart Schaffner Marx suits is through their eBay store. Essentially all of their suits are available between $250-300 with free shipping. I never found any Golden Trumpeter stuff and I think it must be discontinued. This was the easy one and I quickly found what I wanted.

- Hickey Freeman was much more difficult. I found various deals offered on Bluefly, Gilt, STP, and a few others. Bluefly and STP seem to have the best selection; Bluefly the best prices; STP the most sizes available. Gilt seems perpetually sold out.

- The HF suits all quoted "retail" prices between $1200 and $1500 leading one to believe that the suits are mainline HF offered at a deep discount. They are not. Regardless of the retail and sale price, and often regardless of what is provided in the description (canvassed, etc.), the HF suits on these discount sites are all HF "Lindsey" models. You can find this occasionally in the item Q&A and reviewer comments, and I can confirm that this is what I received.

- The Lindsey model is half canvassed, and while it's still a nice HF suit, has many downgrades from a mainline. I'm not sure but this may be the replacement for the Ltd line previously available?

- Solid colors are really hard to find through the online discounters. The only place I found solid color HF suits was Bluefly. STP has seemingly every pattern except solid.

- Generally the HF Lindseys were available for around $600-800, but as most know occasionally the discount sites offer email promotions or daily sales. I watched for this and bought a solid blue for just over $400.

- Finally, it does look like Hickey Freeman eBays some mainline suits and coats, but the selection is very minimal and only odd sizes.

So, in the end I purchased two suits. I'm fairly happy with both, but recognize the risks:

- HSM from eBay. $250. Shipped promptly and was packaged fantastic, hanging in a full sized box. Perfect for a travel suit.

- HF from Bluefly. $420. I waited for a "special" discount and grabbed my size in solid blue. Arrived promptly, folded in a box. The suit was listed as "Hickey" suit, but is actually a Hickey Freeman Lindsey (HF provides a good detailed label including the model name). I feel like it is ok for the price and is big step up from the HSM, but no where near a mainline HF. I would definitely not pay the normal "sale" price for one of these Lindsey suits, those prices are really closer to a list price.

It was an interesting experience. Hope someone finds this helpful. Good luck!
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Great insight.
Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

I know there are other readers who often wonder the same thing about discounted HF models.


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Yes it is freaking annoying.

Had the same from some website, can't remember which retailer or HF itself, even if you call customer service they had no clue and yes the descriptions were in error, I sent in a comment but it had not been posted even after a few days.

So I sent some stuff back, I guess I got the last non-fused but the 48R was not quite my fit, so I gave it to a friend.

Like I said, annoying, and misleading, why don't they put their cards on the table? I'm guessing they may not even know any better.
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