American Trad men (photos)...

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Doctor Damage - Really good pictures, thank you very much.

Chris - I envy you such London Ivy credentials! Good to have the real G9 back isn't it? I was worried that the quality might have been lost, but not a bit of it. The price is very different to what it used to be though (!), then again look at what you're getting for it. Well worth the money.
I heard that the shop assistants at Austins were all middle-aged men who were slightly bemused by the ever younger and fashionable customers who were visiting them. They couldn't quite understand why people wanted their trousers to break in the Trad way and not to flop all over their shoes in the European way. That was a story I heard anyway.

Regards, Russell


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Originally posted by Chris H . . . Russell Street

. . . and also Village Gate which opened a year or two later in Old Compton Street. .


'The Village Gate' that brings back memories. There was a chain of them with a variety of names. They sold shirts under the name 'Cassidy', not exactly Jermyn Street but much better than 'Canda' of Oxford Street. They were probably my introduction to sartorial pleasures. I owe them a lot.


Doctor Damage

More photos of GHWB, the Congress years. The sack he's wearing in the first photo makes up for the one he's wearing in the earlier photos.

GWHB with brood. Love those loafers he's wearing on the elephant.


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Great photos of welldressed and respectable people. I like it.

Short and stout/heavyweight busdriver in Bergen, Norway. My favorite clothes are polywool trousers.


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I expected to see a current pic of someone whose style is a good example of trad (besides Prince Charles)- I'm just trying to get a better sense of who you all think pulls the trad look off well today - Jude Law perhaps?

Doctor Damage

quote:Originally posted by brass4321

sorry - not American - my bad - anyone?

I suspect that very few non-Americans are currently doing the 'American trad' style; certainly Prince Charles is not 'trad' in the context we are using here. Even in the US, I suspect most public figures have adopted more anonymous clothing, which means of course boring 2-piece darted suits in dark colours.

Lincoln Chaffee does wear some trad stuff, which I will post photos of soon.



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In addition to those listed above (Cox, GHWB, RFK), all of these men are/were at least somewhat trad:

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

George Plimpton

Lewis Powell

John O'Hara

Ralph Ellison

George Will

Young William F. Buckley

John Paul Stevens

Anthony Williams

Fred Rogers

Fred Barnes

John Bolton

Tucker Carlson

Sam Waterston (as A.D.A. Jack McCoy, Law & Order)

Michael Moriarty (as A.D.A. Ben Stone, Law & Order)

Young William Weld

Edward Brooke

Young Miles Davis


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All this talk of the Ivy Shop, the Squire Shop and Village Gate has brought a tear to my eye! I frequented all these wonderful places from about 1969 to the early 70s. I particularly liked the half-sleeve summer shirts and the 'Royals'. I recall one had to have at least two pairs of Royals - one plain Derby or Bluchers style and one pair of wing-tips with the longwing.

Do I also recall that Quincy in Brewer Street offered a number of Trad items?

I visited John Simons in the early 90s, having lost touch a little over the years, and he dug out some vintage Royals from his stockroom that he was keeping for posterity - just so that I could touch them again:)

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Dear Brideshead,

My Trad Army needs you!

The plan is to march on Savile Row and catch them while they are busy pleating & darting away down there.
I'm going to bring them some old Brooks & Press catalogues to look at.
All we'll do is 're-educate' them.
First London, then we'll have a pop at Paris & Rome.


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More Elliot Richardson, the Nixon years. First with Tricky Dick in happier days...then with Archie Cox...a couple close-ups...finally, a new president.



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Dr. Damage,

In your photos of George Bush, who's the guy with him in the first photo, and with him and Jim Baker in the second?

Alan Greenspan looks a lot younger in the photo with Jerry Ford.



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quote:Originally posted by Wimsey

quote:Originally posted by Harris

Russell, don't fret. That Peck/Finch look is as "Yankee" as it "Southern." In fact, here's a guess I'll wager: while you see (relatively) quite a bit of that particular style of frame around NYC and in New England, you probably see little of it below the Mason Dixon. Can't be sure. Just a guess.

As for the seersucker and/or pincord: again, not necessarily "Southern." In fact, I believe I'm correct that Brooks brought seersucker to the U.S. So, it could be as much a "New York" thing as a "Southern" thing. Both Southerners and Yankees can agree that it's an "East Coast" thing.

But then you have to consider that one of the better trad shops is located in San Francisco. Now I'm really confused.


I think Peck looks more Yankee than southern in that picture. Remember, this is not a photo of an actual person; this is a photo of Hollywood in 1962 dressing a man to look like a southerner in 1932 *but* trying to make him look good *and* enlightened *and* smart.

So they gave him contemporary (for the time) frames, which have "New England" written all over them, and which also say "intellectual", a white suit (which does suggest the south), and a vest plus pocketwatch, which suggests "old fashioned gentleman". (I do have to wonder how many men in non-airconditioned southern alabama actually wore vests in the 30's, particularly when they were in crowded and presumably very hot courtrooms.)

I do think that Atticus looked great in the movie, but I don't think he's a good example of "southern trad" (whatever that is).

(For people who have seen the movie, there is an earlier scene where the judge comes and asks Atticus to defend Tom Robinson. The judge is wearing a baggy white suit, *I think* poplin or linen, very wrinkled, very loose fitting - this is probably accurate for that time, place, and season. Unfortunately, to modern eyes it looks sort of ... slovenly.)

I'll disgree that seersucker is an east coast thing - when I was growing up (and before), it was very common in Kentucky, which is not at all on the east coast. I suspect it was also pretty common in TN, MS, and AL, although I'm not certain of that. Maybe it's an east coast and southeastern thing...


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quote:Originally posted by WisBadger77

Dr. Damage,

In your photos of George Bush, who's the guy with him in the first photo, and with him and Jim Baker in the second?

Alan Greenspan looks a lot younger in the photo with Jerry Ford.


The first photo is from 1988 and the man is not identified; the second photo is from 1980 and the man with GHWB and Baker is "US Senator Paul Laxalt (R-Nev)".

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