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Hope this is the right forum for this post.
Had some free time in the City today so headed up to Barneys Madison Ave today.

In need of a sportcoat so checked out tailored clothing.
Very limited selection of Zegna and Isaia and even Brioni.
Just 10% off.
Told salesman half in jest that for liquidation sale I was expecting to pay ten cents on the dollar rather than 10% off. He said well it’s 15%.
Told him I would try on a few pieces to scope out what I want when they offer real discounts.
Confirms what I’ve been hearing about meager discounts.


Off topic but Barney’s is basically going out of business.
Though you’re buying from the store and it appears as a regular Barney’s sale, the liquidation of inventory is being managed and overseen (to include establishing the discounts) by a third party with expertise in this area.


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Yes. Run by a liquidation company whose judgment I question based upon today’s observation.