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I find it odd that people will not set foot in Marshalls or TJMaxx but happily order from Sierra Trading Post... not realizing that they are all owned by the same company.

I used to publish equity research on TJX Companies.....just after Maxx and Marshalls merged. Visited with and spoke to their mangement team regularly. Great people and a very well run company.


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The ones nearby me are (mostly) rubbish...but that's why when I'm traveling outside my home area it's fun to stop see if it's one of the "good ones"

It is funny that the stores in the headquarters area don't seem to get much of the good merchandise. I don't know why.


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Just as a matter of history: Back in the 1970s and 80s the old Brooks would send their remainders to Filene's basement. In early March or so there would be an ad in the Boston Globe advertising the spectacular bargains on clothing "from a famous Madison Avenue clothier".

So true. When I worked in the financial markets in the '90s in Boston, I used to buy most of my suits/shirts/ties at the Basement, and get lots of BB, Oxxford, Chester Barrie, etc. It was wonderful, especially when wearing the same suit shown in the BB store window in our building and knowing I paid a bit less for it!

Well, not every Marshalls is awash in Brooks Brothers clothing. After reading this thread, I traveled to my local Marshalls, despite the fact that I don't exactly live in a neighborhood filled with the Brooks Brothers set. And, unsurprisingly, there was nary a Brooks Brothers article to be found. Nor anything from Bill's Khakis. Oh, well. Given the clientele at my local Marshalls, I thought that a surfeit of BB stuff would be a great boon for me. Instead, the trip was a boon for my wallet.

I will have to check out our local Marshalls to see what they have; I did buy a nice wool pea coat there a few years ago (I forget the label now), but it seems to be a bit hit or miss.

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Not sad when you pick up a nice looking ancient madder for $24.99 when the original tag says $125.

I checked out the local Marshalls today, and I only saw the tie I purchased and another identical one. No other BB merchandise. I was really hoping they had some shoes.

In the latest issue of Forbes, they chronicle the rise, and fall, and rise again of Tommy Hilfiger. Whether the redemption of Tommy is a fact or not is debatable, but the article does mention that severe discounting and the flooding of the marketplace with merchandise was the beginning of Tommy's downfall. They go so far as to say that, during the downfall, shirts were intentionally designed and made to retail for $90 but with the goal of being profitable at any price point above $35. Et tu BB?


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The few times I've been rooked into walking into a TJ's or Marshalls I've felt like I'd fallen into a grey abyss. Never, never. I don't care what people tell me they think is there.

As I recall from my college days, I think it's a logical fallacy to state that "all of x is y." (I'm certain Irving Copi explained it much better.) In other words, just because the majority of items in Marshall's is sub-par, that doesn't mean ALL the items at Marshall's are crap.

I like the ancient madder BB tie I acquired yesterday from Marshall's quite a bit. It was the ONLY tie I liked, but had I not ventured into the store, I wouldn't have had the chance to acquire it $100 off tagged retail.

Another option is Nordstrom CRack. 99% of the items there are sub-par. But I once purchased a JPress Shaggy Dog sweater. A sales associate told me he once found (and purchased) a Barbour waxed cotton jacket. They carry some AE shoes, which I've been told are the same quality as those at the AE store.

Personally, I think if you go into a TJMaxx, Marshalls or N. Crack once in a while to sift around a bit, you may find something of interest worth purchasing. Same with STP. I wouldn't dismiss these options entirely.


I also remember the general law, from journalism classes and others, that perception is reality. So, while it is true that "all of x is not necessarily y," it is true that "some of x" might equal "impression that x is y." Or something like that.

There's also the principle that "time is $" and I'd rather not spend mine gazing around at a lot of crap hoping to spy something great. It's why I never have been nor will I ever become a "thrifter."

While I never dismiss any reasonable option out of hand, I tend not to put much stock or time in the less promising ones.
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I too saw ties tagged with an "original" price of $125, but I think some of them may be artificially inflated.

Most all of their ties are normally $79.50
With some exceptions, such as the ancient madders at $115 and GF 7-Folds at $175

Every tie I've seen at TJM or Marshall's has had the $125 price tag...except for a couple which had the "real" retail tags still attached with more accurate original prices.


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Stopped in today on my way to work. Didn't find anything that tripped my trigger. No ties or trousers. A couple of sport coats but not in my size or tempting had they been. They did have a really interesting PRL tartan sportcoat--lightweight wool, almost unstructured, 3/2 darted. Sizing was a bit odd, as I find PRL sportcoats to be. I'm normally a 40R but the one that fit best was a 42L. Was still $250 though so I left it.


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That's 10 or 20 minutes you'll never get back.

Duvel, for many of us there is a time/cost relationship which often factors out favorably in the end. I'm sure many can attest to countless hours spent thrifting, finding nary a tie or shirt, but then when you do come across something amazing, the time invested in the hunt becomes worth it. Whether or not one can gain significant economic advantage overall by dabbling in these particular stores may be up to the individuals needs and desires, but based on what I've heard, there's enough "good" stuff out there to make it worth the effort, on occasion anyways.

The biggest savings come from when these discount stores start discounting their own merchandise. Picking up a NWT pair of polo chinos for under $10 is always a good feeling!


Okay, I can see that point. Maybe for me I would also need to add patience as a factor. I probably don't have enough!


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Okay, I can see that point. Maybe for me I would also need to add patience as a factor. I probably don't have enough!

It's beyond cliché at this point, but Good, Fast, Cheap: pick two. If one's thrill at finding a buried gem in a thrift/discount store is sufficient, "Fast" may not be much of a sacrifice. It's a matter of priorities.
I have visited TJMaxx and Marshalls stores all over the southeast. I can tell you that demographics play a large role in determining the merchandise that each store carries. A store in neighborhood A will carry Brooks Brothers, Corneliani, Rag and Bone, and RLBL. Whereas, a store in neighborhood B will carry PRL, Platinum Fubu, Coogi, and Timberland.


I also have to take into account where I have to go to get to one of these places. In my neck of the woods, it means going to mega-mall land, also known as Hell.
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