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Fading Fast

Based on nothing more than my emails, which now include daily ones from BB, Paul Stuart, Kamakura, J.Peterman, Guideboat and several other middle-to-higher-end retailers highlighting sales on either specific items or across the board, these retailers are, sadly, desperate right now.

And these are companies (for all but one) that did not usually send emails everyday and, more importantly, did not have JAB-like sales all the time. That is, to me, what's stunning - they are basically putting almost everything on sale almost everyday. Paul Stuart, for example, used to be very traditional and have two end-of-season sales a year (that was it) - now, it's 20% off its site all the time, it seems.

Like most of us here, I like a sale, but what we're seeing now is not good as - my guess - several of these companies won't survive the pandemic. In addition to the immediate, but hopefully, short-term pain of the shutdown, the all-but-certain shift to more work-from-home and, probably, more casual clothes being worn (heck, less business conferences - another change - will reduce business-clothing demand too) is going to punish these companies long term too.

Fading Fast

Welp, apparently they may file too.
It feels like the pandemic may be the final nail in the coffin of main-stream-suit demand.

Of course, in the short run, people working from home don't need suits, but I'm afraid the change in habit to working casual can only be advanced by this experience.

Based on my anecdotal observations and from what I've read, it felt like, even pre-pandemic, suit demand collapse over the past five years. I think this WFH/casual attire thing could destroy much of the remaining main-stream suit usage.


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NYT June 5 article said all 3 plants will close in July and about 700 jobs will vanish. Store employees have been furloughed during COVID-19 lockdown. Mr. DelVecchio opined "made in America" is more important to BB staff than it is to MOST customers. Has not ruled out Chapter 11 which would portend death by 1,000 cuts. All Things Must Pass but this will be sad to watch.


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Oh yeah, I knew this thread would bring out all the BB haters. Everyone needs a hobby I guess!
After seeing your post I decided to take another look at BB's website to see what they're selling these days. I just don't understand how customers who shopped at BB in old days can defend the current iteration as being Brooks Brothers. Their website reminds me of the old Montgomery Ward catalogs. One use to go there knowing exactly what you would find, which was just fine, since they were reliable in offering the staples on which their brand was built. Today, if their website is any true representation, they largely sell a dizzying array of garish styles. Yes, if one is patient you can find their no-iron oxford shirts, but there are other options like Mercer and Sons. I understand that dress codes and styles have changed since when I first shopped there, and that merchants need to change with the times to remain in business. I'm just offended that BB's business model is built on something that it isn't.

DD, please don't take this as a criticism, but I'm baffled by your dogged allegiance.

David J. Cooper

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I too am unimpressed by their website. I have had the added frustration of being told that an item I want can’t be shipped to me in Vancouver. This is very odd, because they have 4 stores here.

Saturday we went downtown for a few things, including going to the full line store to get my dad a polo shirt for Father’s Day. Checked online for hours and found they were open. When we arrived the store was completely boarded up.

I have given up on BB a few times but every time I go into our downtown location or the one in Seattle I always find something that gives me hope for their future. I am seriously doubting it now.


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I bought the famous BB oxford a couple years ago, I had to try one due to it's provenance .

It was ok, but for the $140 CAD price, I was not impressed. The dusty red colour was great, but the roll wasn't really present and barely had any volume to it.
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