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Made in England, these are fabulous opera pumps in 9D. There is some kind of fading/damage on the toe and side (see picture #4), but honestly not noticeable when one is wearing them with your tuxedo. Really only shows up noticeably in my opinion with flash photography/bright light. There is also some stickiness on the inside where I tried to use a tongue pad (I’m a 9B and tried to make these awesome shoes work...this is why I’m selling them) but that will wear off soon. Also has heel slip pads, but you could pull those out if you wanted.

I'm pretty bummed to get rid of them, but tongue pads didn't work on shoes with such a low vamp (I think that is the right term). So they slipped and slid everywhere.

The ebay seller I bought them from said the were from the late 60s, but I don’t know how he knew that. If you are a Brooks aficionado you might be able to tell from the logo or the fact they were made in England.

$100 shipped.

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