Cheap/Junky shoe clean-out.


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Well, I finally got around to going through my footwear collection and got rid of, actually bagged and ready for GoodWill, a lot of my old shoes and boots that have accumulated over the last 10-15 years. What a bunch of junk. Boy did I spent a fair amount of money on "trendy", "in-fashion" footwear that appears to have been worn only a few times. If I'd saved-up the same money and applied it to a few pair of quality shoes, I'd be ahead of the game. Oh-well, if hind-sight were fore-sight we'd all be millionaires. Gone are the Stacey-Adams loafers, lace-ups and boots in gaudy similated ostrich leathers, designer athletic shoes, PayLess Shoe Source look-a-like Steve Madden "bowling" shoes and a whole variety of athletic shoes in various colors and patterns. Geez, I must have been nuts to but some of this stuff......or......I may have listened to my wife, the ultimate shopper, when she may have urged me to buy them. What a relief. My closet is now ready for new shoes/footwear. I'm down to the following: Sperry khaki colored Bilfish boat shoes, Sperry Authentic Orginal Top-Siders in dark brown with the white soles, one pair each Birkenstock sandals and clogs (for wearing around the house), an old pair of generic white court shoes (no name on them that I can find; maybe Tretorn), duck shoes for the rainy season and one pair of tassel loafers from Stacy Adams which will go when I get a new pair of dress/casual shoes for business or social occasions. My upcoming purchases will be: a good quality lace-up dress/casual shoe for business use; probably Allen-Edmonds or Alden if I can find them on sale. A comfy classic penny loafer. And a new pair of court shoes; maybe Addidas. On the subject of court shoes/sneakers, did anyone see the PF Flyers in the Vermont Country Store catalogue? I used to wear these as a kid. My wife thinks they're ugly but I kinda like them. What do you think? Thanks for letting me share. Thom.
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I think those are a nice alternative to the Tretorns, Jack Purcell's, etc. If you like them, go for it!


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Thom, I got a kick out of reading this. You're not alone. I just did the same thing. And I am kicking myself when I realize that the 10 pairs of crappy shoes that just went to Goodwill could have EASILY been 3 pairs of shell cordovan Aldens.

I took it one step further and tossed a group of Tom James suits and sportcoats. I don't even want to think about the stuff (Southwick, HF, etc.) I could have had without spending the money I spent on that poorly made, over priced crap.

FWIW, take a look at the new Jack Purcells. I have a friend who works for Converse, and he turned me on to them this year. Now that they are owned by Nike, they've significantly improved the cushioning and comfort of the shoes, but the classic old look remains the same. :icon_smile:

I've probably worn mine every day this summer.


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If you're interested in bargains in Allen-Edmonds and live in the southern part of our great state, you might want to visit the A-E outlet in Cabazon during the semi-annual sale that starts on the 26th of this month.


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I have to do a shoe clean-out, as well. My wife tells me I need someone to ask me out on a date so I can have a plausible excuse to decline (see also, rearranging one's sock drawer, etc.).

The PF Flyers are neat. I have a pair of some of the last Converse Chuck Taylors made in the states, before they outsourced. I'll not buy another pair now that the ChiCom are making them, so I hate to use them up and never have them again, but I can't see letting these shoes sit and dry-rot in my closet. I guess it's like a good bottle of wine; if you don't open it eventually it is just going to go all vinegar on you.


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Thanks to all who have responded so far, I appreciate the input. JLibourel, I wasn't aware that there was an A-E store in the Cabazon Outlet mall. I've been there before, maybe 3 years ago, and didn't notice it but, then again, I wasn't as into clothes as I am now. I'll definately check-it out on our next trip to the Palm Springs area; my wife and I live in the San Fernando Valley area of LA so it's not too far but still a trip. Jeremy Grey, I haven't had to do the suit clean-out mainly because I usually wear sports coats (an 18 year old Camel Hair, 10 year old grey blazer) which are still servicable and a dark navy suit that I bought in 1988 which still fits and is in great shape so I won't be getting rid of it soon. I do plan on buying a sack navy blazer in the near future as I now see how versatile it is. Again, great stuff and thanks. Thom. P.S. Think I'll order a pair of the PF's.
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