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I just got this great dress shirt from Collar and Cuffs London - www.CollarAndCuffsLondon.com

They offer custom-made shirts in a great choice of fabrics in Luxury 2 Ply 100% Cotton and Sea Island 100% Cotton, choose from checks, stripes and plains.

I ordered a beautiful fabric of Sea Island 100% cotton. Self-measuring was easy and even easier was choosing the myriad of design details you want for your shirt. They say there are millions of combinations from which to choose.

You can customize so many aspects of the shirt including, collar, cuff, fit, sleeve type, back, placket etc. including over a dozen collar types and nine cuffs. A pocket and monogram can also be added at no extra cost.

Some of my choices besides the fabric and pattern were a French fly for a fun clean look and two buttons on the cuff. All the choices make it fun and you have a shirt custom designed by you!

Ready-made shirts are made to high standards too. Shirts are available in Slim Fit and Classic Fit options with a range of plains, stripes and checks from which to choose. Many of the shirts come in non-iron fabrics.

The company has worked tirelessly on their shirt measurements so customers get a great fit. The Collar and Cuffs London fit cannot be found anywhere else!

I really liked the fabric, pattern and all the details I'd chosen (of course) but this shirt has 8 buttons down the front including the collar (one more than usual) - great! Less chance of gapping.

My only disappointment is that the only monogram offer was the shirt cuff - I love monograms but declined that position! When I asked about this (after I got the shirt) they said if a customer emails them with a special request they will always consider it. Good to know.

Collar and Cuffs London is obviously a British menswear company offering a wide range of dress shirts, neckties and accessories (make sure you look at their cufflink selection!).

The founders of Collar and Cuffs London, Wayne Ridgeon and Sayed Hussain, have a passion to deliver sensational quality and exceptional customer service. They are very proud of the customer feedback they receive; the number of customers who come back again and again is testament to their quality and service.

And their customer service is outstanding. If you have any questions just contact them. They actually respond!

Customers will receive a complimentary pair of cufflinks with their first custom-made shirt purchase... simply enter CustomMadeAAAC at the checkout to receive your cufflinks!

Also Collar and Cuffs London do not charge UK VAT for deliveries outside the European Union giving a further saving of over 16% for non-EU customers! So you could get a custom-made shirt for as low as £54 (plus shipping)!

Sign up to their ShirtAlert! Newsletter too (the sign up box is at the top of their website) so you keep up-to-date with their offers.

This is from their website:

Ten reasons why our customers prefer the Collar and Cuffs London experience:
  • You can’t get the Collar and Cuffs London fit anywhere else!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - 60 day money-back guarantee (excluding custom-made shirts)
  • Sensational quality and style
  • Great value for money
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Choose from ready-made and custom-made shirts – Millions of combinations!
  • Fabulous non-iron shirts – Wash... hang... the creases fall out!
  • Recommend a Friend Scheme – Choose your reward
  • We don’t charge UK VAT for deliveries outside the EU
  • We use the UK’s Royal Mail – Quick and convenient



At Collar and Cuffs London we have been working extremely hard over the past few months and are pleased to announce that we have expanded the fabric range available on our Luxury 2 Ply 100% and Sea Island 100% cotton custom-made shirts.

Collar and Cuffs London is a British menswear retailer offering a stunning range of formal business shirts, ties and accessories to customers all over the world. At Collar and Cuffs London, our passion is to bring customers menswear renowned for its sensational quality and style, great value for money and exceptional customer service.

What makes the Collar and Cuffs London experience unique?

  • Sensational quality and style
  • Ready-made shirts with our unique fit
  • Great value for money
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Custom-made shirts with millions of combinations to choose from
  • Our custom-made shirts are based on 10 actual body measurements so you get a great fit.
We have searched specifically for fabrics that blend exquisite style and incredible comfort, meaning that our customers will always get the best of both and need never compromise again. The choice of fabrics has now grown significantly and together with the abundance of design details you truly have millions of combinations to choose from.

To ensure your Collar and Cuffs London custom-made shirt meets your exact requirements, we ask that you provide ten actual body measurements meaning you get a great fit.

Custom-made shirts currently have great savings:

Luxury 2 Ply 100% Cotton range: £79 (previous price £125)
Sea Island 100% Cotton range: £99 (previous price £145)

We are delighted to offer Ask Andy About Clothes customers an additional special £20 discount on custom-made shirts, simply enter AAAC20CustomMade at the checkout before September 30[SUP]th[/SUP], 2012 to get your discounted shirt.

Also at Collar and Cuffs London, we don’t charge UK VAT for deliveries outside the European Union giving a further saving of over 16% for non-EU customers! So you can save over 30% on our previous prices, take £20 off and potentially take off 16% in tax!

Visit us now at [url]www.CollarAndCuffsLondon.com[/URL]


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I have just seen the latest offer from this company/Collar and Cuffs London, useful as I am in the market for a new shirt. I have checked out the website, and it seems simple enough, however I can’t quite make up my mind which fabric to go for. They are offering two types; a sea island and a luxury cotton, the sea island costs slightly more so I assume a better quality, what do you think a bold blue

Or a more conservative one?

I will be wearing it at the office mostly but may use it on a night out too, let me know what you think.
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After the successful expansion of their Luxury 2 Ply 100% Cotton and Sea Island 100% Cotton range for custom-made shirts, Collar and Cuffs London are now pleased to offer an ongoing discount specifically for AAAC members.

Customers will receive an additional £20 discount on their first custom-made shirt purchase, simply enter CustomMadeAAAC at the checkout to get receive your discount!
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