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Looking to change Colloquy to something else today.

Here are the options:
Ask Andy's Style Discussion
Ask Andy's Style Talk
Ask Andy's Style Round Table
Ask Andy's Style Banter
Ask Andy's Style Townhall

@delicious_scent voted for Ask Andy's Style Round Table

Any seconds? Or votes for others?

@Peak and Pine
@Charles Dana

@Lucido - the issue with the website should be fixed. @Todo10 worked on it a good part of yesterday.
I like both Round Table and Discussion.


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Ok, let's go with Discussion. Changing it now :)
I like "discussion," or maybe "discussions." Self explanatory, unpretentious, simple and to the point. Thanks for allowing us to provide input. BTW, I started this thread just for fun, but I'm glad it resulted in a productive discussion.

As for ways to reach a broader audience, I'm not sure about Tik Tok since I'm a nearly-44-year-old man who's never explored it. But AAAC's Instagram account seems underused. Perhaps more frequent posting, with pictures submitted by members asking questions, sharing their outfits, product endorsement, using more hashtags etc. would be helpful to attract folks to these "discussions" via Instagram.
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But AAAC's Instagram account seems underused.
We're a bit limited in our bandwidth, so it's a bit hard for us to dedicate the resource-time to regularly curate content from the site, and share on IG. I've managed our IG mostly, but I'm rather busy running/optimizing the site -- which is our primary revenue source.

If you're interested in helping us out and want to post on our IG on our behalf, we would welcome the assistance.

I'm not sure about Tik Tok since I'm a nearly-44-year-old man
Two things about TikTok:

1. Waiting to see if an American company buys them. If not, they (the app) will likely be banned from being used in the U.S. I suspect there's a good chance it will be purchased, but we'll have to see what happens.

2. We don't really have a person who can run our TikTok. I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kinda guy and Andy likes to golf a lot :) So, we'd need one or more people, who like to be on camera, to run our TikTok and provide helpful information to the TikTok audience.

I'm glad it resulted in a productive discussion.
I'm a big fan of hearing other people's pov, and getting constructive criticism. Sometimes hearing negative (or critical) feedback can uncover something obvious that was missed/overlooked.

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here, so sometimes it's not clear why we might be making the changes we are. But, they're all done with 100% good intentions, and done in way to make our overall site ecosystem a more pleasant place to visit.

Thanks again for all your feedback/support. If you have any additional thoughts, I would welcome them.


A question: Why isn't the term "forum" "current"? Styleforum seems FAR more active and engaged than AAAC and pretty clearly has a demographic that skews younger than AAAC, and yet... it's still a Forum!

I don't object to the removal of this term--I'm rarely here now in any case--but I'm puzzled by it. I don't see how it's supposed to be "current" at all.

And "colloquy" is simply pretentious.


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Why isn't the term "forum" "current"?
Well, everything is subjective honestly. But, if you look at this in a macro sense, "forum" is the software used to host an online community. There are online communities everywhere -- they just use different software.

Xenforo is the forum software we use to host our online community. Again, terminology is subjective for sure. People can call it whatever they like, but our site terminology has switched over to using community.

One data-point: If you visit Xenforo.com (the forum software we use), you'll see they themselves use Community instead of /forum/.

And "colloquy" is simply pretentious.
Appreciate the feedback. Yes, we changed it to "Discussion" on Sunday. We definitely do not want to give off a pretentious vibe at all.

Styleforum seems FAR more active and engaged than AAAC and pretty clearly has a demographic that skews younger than AAAC, and yet... it's still a Forum!
I don't think terminologies determine activity or engagement levels.

You're right. StyleForum is far more active than our community, but it isn't because they're calling their platform a forum. It's because they've done something different/better than we have in the past.

Maybe their members have been more welcoming then ours have been in past years (not now). Maybe it's because they have incorporated more casual discussion boards, like Streetwear and Denim. Maybe they just ran their online community better than we did in the past.

Our site's traffic has been declining for several years, and we've been negatively hit by several Google algorithm updates over the course of the last few.

Some of that is outlined here:

Not that we need to be competitive with Style Forum, but we've been working hard over the last couple of years to restructure, reframe, and optimize our entire site's eco-system. It's been a TON of work, and there's still so much more to do.

Maybe the changes will help, maybe they won't. We're doing the best we can.

Of course, I'm always open to hear suggestions on ways we can improve. I can promise you that I will always seriously consider any/all feedback & suggestions.
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